08 February 2016 - Fateuser

🇫🇮 MATKUSTAMINEN | A Journey through Lapland

Ahoy! From the 1st - 7th of December 2015 I had the amazing opportunity to join a trip organised by Student Destinations B.V. to Lapland. We visited Tallin ...

our journey i started in conus we took a

bus around 11pm and then we drove all the way to riga where there are more people work on agenda then in the same price we want all the way to talent and we arrived around seven in the morning then we cut the whole day took storytelling good morning travel offers after nine hours or 10 hours in a bus in this 11 hours in a bus we finally made it to tell him we are right now in the port of Tallinn and we're going to spend the day here and later on we're gonna take one ferry that's going to bring us to Helsinki and then from healthy people to take when I bus but let's explore some coming today cook the biggest hour of the fortification yesterday I stylist highest and if anything is that kicking the cook mins in the kitchen and the funny thing is that it's called like this because through these windows the soldiers were actually crapping through the windows and they were sitting on the kitchen that were done welcome to Finland to the bus that's gonna bring us to London which is the city of the names of the Arctic Circle I'm really excited actually because we started this journey yesterday at 1am so basic living like 24 hours traveling a

lot so basically we had to go from Helsinki to Rovaniemi but the bass probe somewhere in the middle of Finland here in a place called p people does it's seven in the morning we are in the middle of nowhere in Finland and our bus just broke okay so let me update you we are not in Rovaniemi why because the bus that wonder it broke halfway so basically we spend from seven fifteen in the morning til 1015 just stopped in the middle of Finland today we're supposed to go to Rovaniemi and then we're supposed to go to eval oh but in the end we're not gonna go to Rovaniemi because if not we're gonna have time to go to develop so we're gonna go straight to develop which is like eight hours or something it's so instead of going to ravenna me we want all the way straight to Ebola where we were going to spend three nights yvala which is right here kit morning travel lovers and welcome to Ravello 950 in the morning you see still there's no sunlight we got yesterday at one and I was really really good evening attire to basically went to a shower after two days of maturing and then to sleep so I've just arrived to sorry

silica we're gonna do a ski track here like ski country here I'm just alone because I couldn't find anywhere Jay can you tell us where we are just so you remember we were here in evil and we were going over here there it was Norway and it was a place called going it's not so Vader I mean I can barely feel it but it's okay good morning travel lovers it's our last day in Lapland we are right now in ahoskie farm and we're gonna go play with your huskies my god we took a picture with Santa ola together are you happy it's snowing that degrees and is princess so it's perfect in just one my phone numbers we are in a sense that we were trying for the whole night solicitor just after the escapar we were to do the Santa Claus village and then we just spend the whole night drive it we finally left back panels and now we're walking around Helsinki as you can see it's a little rainy and cloudy day and we are here again right now is 715 in the morning seventh of this ember to this for just a rental promise we just director kodos Meghan tired after the whole night sleep in the bus love sleeping get some proper sleep

in the shower because it's been two days like I didn't have a shower and I think it's think you be the dogs are following me in this room ok see you in the next adventure

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