02 August 2018 - New York Red Bulls

MATCHDAY: New York Red Bulls vs. Columbus Crew SC

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coach another Saturday here at Red Bull

Arena and the same theme that we've had the last couple of games another Eastern Conference team the team that's trailing you in the standings and an opportunity for big three points at home to keep pace with Atlanta to keep pace with NYC it seems like we're talking about the same thing week in and week out game in and game out it's the Eastern Conference which right now is just a one big logjam but a lot of fun to keep an eye on kind of team you expect them tonight to come in to Red Bull Arena well listen we watched him closely me the results haven't always been there this year although they have a fair share you know but they haven't given up a lot this year 27 of those I think big they're pretty stingy an organized and regular staff there's a lot to his team and maybe more than anyone in the league they're difficult to play against when they have the ball because they move you around and they they learn to manipulate and control games with position and have great attackers egg Williams always tough to find and tough to do within the field and defensively they have a backline that's that's tough they have

speed in the backline and they don't give up much behind think they're 22nd and off side of this so that means you know what's going on there they drop off baby not a lot of space to get behind it'll be tough [Music] poki help each other [Applause] plenty of players to provide him service he's that terrific getting towards goal can he be better finishing Santos we'll take it back posted her death from Mullins chicks and and a gold here for Columbus in the seventh bit over the top [Applause] served it by Schakowsky header down saved stop sticking to its left excellent saved what's the athleticism [Applause] dick time goalkeeping stay down Pulitzer's pass sauce [Applause] yeah we know Columbus is a good passing team you know they probably leave the league in possession if I had to guess

and you know you give them a little bit of time they're gonna play out so if we were a step late like we were then they're gonna expose this so on the day we need to do a better job at that and you know they showed very good passing team they really are head to the area serves it in Mensa test back office the centerpiece of the Senate takes this one [Applause] Vinson was just this idea of that okay well at this point we're not gonna lose this quarter for a fourth goal so be it but we also felt like if we can get to if we can get a goal early and put them on their heels and that's exactly what happened and open the game up I don't think they have [Applause] sit in front and that's perfection by Cocoon we've seen him do it spectacular boy [Applause] sumit dose go slow near posts airborne and punched away by robots [Applause]

here's Kaku serves it in white milk stretching down [Applause] challenged gets by Santos Kaku makes his move oops klutz bicycle check that stanford's there to get to potentially back the prettiest thing of the world look at the move by Kaku straining night this is going to be in Tinseltown [Applause] beam's like that show a lot about our team I swear to you I believe that I swear to you I knew we could get 101 every 15 minutes and after the first one in you come so that's the other part of it it says a lot about you guys it does I told you before the game which team I want to be linked to a team that yes courageous that goes after it and that was us guys I mean but still we're on our way to becoming a complete team but it's still more to do it is and nights like this show that it's not my words I think you believe that but we just can't let it slip you

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