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Margot Robbie Inspired Smoky Eye + Nude Lip | Tutorial | Liv Judd

I spotted an image of Margot Robbie with mod/60s inspired makeup (dark eyes, nude lips) and I just loved it! So this is my take on her look. My 5-year old ...


my daughter took off with my beauty blender you see how you like my beauty blender everybody its leave here today I'm doing a complete departure I wanted to create something that was completely uncharacteristic for me and I was inspired by something that I saw on the internet close I was inspired by Margot Robbie and hopefully you're looking at it thinking oh yeah she did a decent job I'm not looking at a guy yeah leave nice to try so what do you think of the makeup that's right there do you think mommy can look like her no honesty I love Margot Robbie I think as an actress she's fantastic she really transforms herself and I thought this look is such a transformation in such a departure for me so I thought I would show how to put it together for the real woman that I wanted to reinterpret that for you and I want to show how to put it together this is my interpretation of what she did so first I'm going to prime my skin and this one is from Smashbox and it's a photo finish hydrating under eye primer and I know it's for under-eye but I'm actually gonna use it above my eyes too next I am going to use my blur stick from milk makeup and this I'm just gonna

fill in my pores smooth out my skin pores always look fantastic I said not visible when I use this so I'm just gonna blend it into my skin now I'm going to go in with a tinted moisturizer is from NARS and it's their pure radiant tinted moisturizer I put it all over my skin and the color that I'm using is Greenland I'm just gonna quickly blend just fix his light imperfections I don't like makeup sitting above my upper lip so I often take my Beauty Blender and just buff it out then I'm going in with this from it cosmetics it's a foundation SPF of 50 which is bonus I'm just gonna apply it where I need it which is forehead around my nose and that lovely patch right here and here how much it now if it's going to put light powder on just to dull down some of the shine this is the router this is from glossier just just a little bit of the excess shine so most of what I'm going to be doing will be with this palette from Urban Decay and it's their Naked 3 palette and a first start off with the second from the end and it's called darkside it all over my lid and into the crease so nice concentration of color

[Music] from one end to the other in this photograph it looks pretty quite far down and it doesn't look soft it's actually kind of messy and so I'm not going to be Precious about my application and I'm going to do the other side [Music] the shadow on the lower part of my brow bone notice that she has quite a lovely point and then it's heavy underneath and above and I'm gonna do the same thing so this is from Marcel I'm going to line my eyes I'm really getting into the lashes [Music] now I'm going to take a black liner and this is from Mac and white line the waterline and I'm not being very careful with this it's pretty just like blunt just applying it just to get it on so now I'm going to combine dark side and dark heart be still I'm going back in and smoke a better I'm gonna add a little bit to the corner to dimension [Music] we take my blending brush and half light blend everything that I've just put on that I've smoked it just blend blend

blend blend blend oh if you could only see the amount of drops that I have on my table it's like black splatters hence the reason why it's really important to tap after you put the product on because otherwise sleep explosion now I'm gonna go in with a combination of liar and mugshot here in the corner just to add a little bit of dimension so it doesn't look so one color somebody's talking for a change it's not mine it's like do you really have to point it out I'm just gonna blind all the way below where the black is just a little bit across the bottom here [Music] very happy that's not bad I'm gonna use the mascara I haven't tried this one before this is from stellar and it is color blue it needs a magnifying glass amazing behind well dark horse I'm a nice everyday mascara give a nice definition flush [Music] now I'm gonna take my eyelash glue because I'm gonna put on falsies this is from duo I'm gonna put it on the back of my hand just a little dab of it now I'm gonna be using lashes from Kuo they're individual

eyelash extensions so now the glue has been in the back of my hand for a little bit of time and I'm gonna take my falsies my little singles and I'm just gonna put a few of them on the side of my eye to the center of my eye dabbing it I've done a full video on how to apply singles lashes lashes and you haven't done anything just wake up looking like that you're still dreaming I guess you would say it's called eyelash extensions and when they're small like this people actually don't know you're wearing fake eyelashes while I'm waiting for it to dry I'm gonna go in and do my eyebrows so this is from benefit and it is their goof proof brow pencil I've just started using it I don't know why it's taking me so long to find it but I love it number two it's so natural it looks like it's like the color is good it goes on really smooth it just it's a really lovely application I don't know why I have my favorites for sure now this one's also at the top of my list for favorites I'm not overextending my eyebrows I like my eyebrows to look like they actually could be attached to my face before I over plucked them when

I was in high school I say I'm not going to overextend it look at that this is from Physicians Formula I know I've used it before but I really do love it we use the highlighting pencil corner just underneath just creep now I'm gonna go back in with my black pencil [Music] now I'm gonna go in with my liner I'm just gonna add that corner that she has in that photo so first I'm gonna remove any of the drop down because there will be plenty that stuff that dropped the q-tip with my concealer so the concealer is from it cosmetics bye bye under-eye and putting on medium tan try and open up my inner corner of my eyes I'm gonna try and open up here because her eye mine sinks in here and hers is more flat so I'm gonna do that with an optical illusion it of this color called strange which is kind of like it not white it's like a pinky white don't make it look not so deep just gonna add a little bit of color to my cheekbones and I'm gonna use this from glossy a cloud paint this beam it's a very soft peach now I'm

gonna line my lips but I have pretty rosy lips naturally so in order to not look washed out when you and I should do a separate video on just how to do nude lips but if you have a lot of color in your lips and you completely remove it you have a tendency to wash out it's an interpretation of just going to take my Beauty Blender which has a little bit of foundation still on it [Music] I'm gonna use buff nude from our cell and then I'm gonna take this this is called this is from kiss professional and it's called Celeste and it's their matte liquid lipstick see what this looks like on so this is the finished makeup look do you like do you like and now I'm gonna start with the hair it's pretty effortless but and to be honest my hair is pretty dirty I'm on day three but she has a lot of volume so dirty hair is great when you want to get volume because dry shampoo comes into play I'm gonna undo my hair then I'm gonna add some dry shampoo but the dry shampoo that I'm using is from batiste and Lotus smells great now I'm gonna take my pieces so it's just a

really a low pony you're not doing anything complicated in the back it's the front that has kind of the volume and the ba-ba-boom so I want this to be pretty back combed underneath got a sexy here and then I'm gonna take my curling iron and the bend that is just below her cheekbone is where I'm gonna add my bend I'm gonna curl it in then I'm gonna take the base of it and curl it out nothing too crazy [Music] [Music] so I'm just gonna set it with hairspray and I've got that texture but you can see in her photograph she's very messy on one side and I like that because it looks a bit lived in it looks a bit you know it's not too complicated now the end is I'm going to add a little bit of gloss a little bit of powder and then I'm gonna add highlighter this is from bareMinerals and it is their forbidden gloss and it's brilliant it's very pretty vanilla pink and then I'm gonna have just a little touch of highlighter and this one is from Yves Rocher it's the duo illuminator part of me I'm reading that in French it's the highlighter duo

I'm just gonna add a touch on my cheekbones [Music] [Music] this is the look margot robbie totally inspired by her love the look and this is my interpretation of what she did so if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe if you want to see more from me and comment below if you have any questions or a few thoughts or you want me to do different types of videos please comment below because I'd love to know thank you again for watching and until next time bye so I know isn't makeup fun you show the camera Moll and what are you looking at turn it around no turn it around you okay you're gonna check out the mirror

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