11 August 2016 - Weaver Company

Making a Cabinet Door on a Weaver 12 Shaper System

hi this is the 12 shaper cabinet raised

panel glass and shaker cabinet door system with door edge with this system we have 12 dedicated shapers and it can make for a smile cabinet door last cabinet door shaker cabinet door in your door we have 12 different steps are that we make on this system and what I'm going to we do timming straight panel raising crown panel trimming glaston shaker tin and shaker pail raising style and real sticking crown realistic and crown panel raising last streets Tiffany and now we're gonna start with the tending operation of the of the cabinet doors this is a this is a six this is one of 12 shapers a countess system and this is a cluster of six that are designed to do the cabinet raise pound or just tenant the top rail and now with our air tenon jig regardless and in the bottom of these now top rail is tenon and our bottom rails tenon and now the next step in this with this cluster of machines is to run the styles and so we're going to run your bottom rail and the styles this is going through our sticker machine we're running the spouse for the tamatha once again this this now is a set of twelve species that you get with this twelve

safety systems this sticker set up your sizing that style as it goes through so you don't have to s4s to return and all you have to pick that's when you need it the sizes you just change that sticker board that is on the outside next espouse our machine two sides ready ability than that that's fluorescent yeah ready to be symbol pen with your door now into the crown rail making and so what we're gonna do here is our shape or master this is once again on another shape or one another one of the twelve you're going to get your top round centered and on the air now that jake has air the shape of master has an air quality now the bob and we'll take that shape of mastered and we're going to run it against our red collar can you get that top rail straight out to the exact silence and all shapes with this particular patterns goodfeathers you do not have to dance and now we play in the top level you know the next procedures is going to be putting the profile on the top rep okay so this is done on yet another one of our 12 shakers are coming with this system and so we have a profile that's

on there so the next operation is getting the panel to the proper proof tops we take a rectangular panel there we are self centering it so now we're going to put the blowout block to the right side and tighten it up and now we're going to trim the hair on and error is going to be holding the panel in the shape of master pan and it is coming out of bottom of the shape of master and we go to the back to the trimming shaper or I'll get your panel tape back that's been this is a cloud designer so family to go in there and lazy shape it out present not linked to Senator Lee mini following the template against the dead collar in the next operation we will be actually freezing so there is shape out to match the pattern now take it to the panel Hannah this is once again one of the twelve cases of Pegasus raising the parrot presently this is yet riding that negative continuous fence doing a real good cut and this is the last step of the cabin door part of this 12 shaper systems announce matter of somewhere you raised pal cabinet door the other six machines

we will have to get busy and makes more videos of them Adam to this video but I wanted to this this is our 24 cabinet door system and is what we just showed you a six of the twelve machines the other six machines do the following it's a coping of the blasts rail and the stop and the learning of the class style and with that class setup we also do the mo Lian's we get those babies down to 3/4 live there you can see our setup there of the 1212 setups with the 12th shaper cabinet door system so thank you for watching our YouTube video and we will try to add more to this as time allows so if you need anything order shaping operations give us a call at

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