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Livewire:Franklin Bett speaks out about TJRC report

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now we have to take that money to

consolidate were some taxpayers money if you have detectable to Griselda these documents was mutilated the f-18 I may go to this document here looking at with their about me ugc 129 went well drain is exactly what was written in the Kennedy Airport it was a memorable Franklin bad memory palamon great planning in his ID and financing violence during 20 years ago that is go to a sale that report there is no extra information that is being put in by keeping a great commission so we and Al's not have been able to be asked by the government in an honest I'll concede BBC reports a disguise tick a horrible time using taxpayers money and emigrated the day to a hospital extension and the give us what was already in position Alaska's only given a la escucho wicket with the MC debate will cadet they are saved is in icc william ruto he is the nicest gracious on tablets also they have some the st. implement the km/h see a report and changes are sorry as where the LCC army where we translate anything against him on the independent 11-day color so this kind of things which are being done in a manner that is not complete one we were to ask why I unit

say in Italian Army on this page that he has already been cleared by ITC henrico scale the same implement energy a report him to Coach K has already been cleared by a tsetse and in still talk know these things when another quote internationally has said no case for hundra qashqai no case for Ali and so unappreciative we meet on this personalized things on the preselection violence issue though we do know that these people have a few of them at the ICC originally six but the argument that it's not only the six of them would have financed or perpetrated you know these valence possibly you know if they are found guilty they're not possibly crawl down that you know just the six of them and they're mainly address and that's why the conversation of countries country finally put together a legal mechanism so that everyone who has been mentioned can go before this commission or the codes and clear the name like yourselves I ready to be on baby I'm ready and I've been waiting for this to happen for the last four years because the agonist where the burglar say investigate further into the allegations against

friendly bet I have been waiting for the last four years and it is being repeated now I am ready and willing and available to be investigated because I am clear in my mind if there is anything I did if there is anything I did I worked with the police to quell the mess out in the Rift Valley and I have got evidence and I'm ready I don't know how the keeper malign in people's names without giving evidence nothing to collaborate nothing to no chance to these people to be to defend themselves and they keep on seemed of floating people's lives with allegations and malicious and I find it to be extremely ridiculous irritating and obnoxious right that is one part and part of the motivation of me fishing out for a hideout was that this report also implicates the kinetic government the Murray government and the Kabaka government he worked for the boy government has a been a long time and it's been implicated for atrocities these the narrow chambers issues and all these bad things that happened within 24 years and you're part of puzzle you know I tell you know who James chance don't talk if it is investigate state and say friendly debate is guilty

or not guilty the issue is yes or no mud procrastination as to to frustrate a person and bar as a person humiliate a person that's what they are doing in all this look at those things I just ridiculous now when you say you want reconciliation look at this report what it returns on anybody attitude is just another recipe for animosity for suspicion according to me that is what it may be I saw the real Jack Avenger a big over what is that energy I see let me say that with businessmen for hate speech stories here saying whether this Bay would be true this may not be this may be true and at some stage I am seeing with the report here that if you did appear before us when to POTUS alleged against you to be the truth please oh goodness sake common natural justice allows a person to defend himself and you must confirm I've received your invitation Let Go coming around like they did one time and they they invited the past noon to me late in the night to grab discuss about to me and i will say whoa i was available how would I been cold and i would have discussed however disclosed what I saw what I didn't see I only disclosed so

according to me all these things going all the way back I think the judge had just become stories intended to humiliate to embarrass because we are not coming to an end they think it was at the veneto that one in the end my name the forever Bella comedy and that's not a good thing for this country no one fact about is no do you think you will get to a place where by in this country will get to know what really happened in the past so that because the truth must come out fast before we consign take for example this team Evancho it has gone into the into coats it has come out it has gone into codes it has come out now he's gotta work in this other version when shall we end up this thing some Goethe said the runner will be wet is not guilty and this government but again investigate be what now I'm asking myself when shall we coordinate ourselves as to be able to convince some issues to clay order to some issues to closure because we are not putting anything to closure the issue of run somebody's kept on saying it is a motive yes it is a motive but we are not ready other people to follow that law that governs land so we are our

enemies all of us let us pretend let us see ourselves must ask you this so you say this report and the way Adam has been put in this report is out to my line you pussied bad light what are you going to do about it I will not go to court I saw some parliamentarians yesterday reasonable say I'm going to court I learned this investigation which is being recommended to be undertaken and I Franklin bit will present myself to those investigators and they can use me where as much as they want so long as they are doing so will be the meaning and the spirit of the law in your mind what is the better way that you think can dance can be reconciled since you say this report cannot reconcile aliens let me tell you the Bible is very clear let us then each other what we want each other and let us forgive each other so can I can you tell this country where you wonders I have learned this country at all never ever anything I have worked so hard for this country and in fact in the last ministry I I think I worked so hard and canyons are aware i want to live if i had normal for this country how they been working so hard in a diversity against the people i

am said to have attacked how will they been going round the world country irrespective of party irrespective of tried to hit the road for economic development and III I want things to be looked at so let us go the way south african way of reconciliation year to change to land a captcha Koenji Amell I decide sec let us be sincere I went to another mr. one another the truth in our world I say hello you say OMG i want this investigator to come can tell me frankly bit we are seen as it was written in galicia report sitting lht and the caltex petrol station in creative visual money please give me concrete evidence that indeed i was sitting there on that day 38 of december 2007 whether they be said when is the same day I was at KLCC they are could have been another friend lil bit sitting at caltex and another friend in bed sitting at KCC watching the Italian the timing at the data at KGC I killed up into people i was in the one from the big one seeing today so I'll keep the bill at caltech spiritual paralysis to transit from there when I asked one of the commissioners of galaxies are called

forbidden enemy I asked him really made me very well why didn't do you ask me what really happened you know what the man told me how wouldn't have told you because you didn't I walked away because deep inside me I need the truth and the truth was I was at least in sea or the material time that is right to me I was disallowed money at caltech schedule and I'm challenging you living today bring out a person who can give complete evidence including pictures and including human beings that they receive money from me mr. Franklin military or on the benefit of hindsight one on this ICC issue though we've gone back and forth we've talked about it investigated or not and the cases are now before I CC as he sees going-to-the-sun legal process that will continue in the benefit the benefit of hindsight do you think the post-election violence was financed I don't think I don't think was given it was fine that for example my my party that who could organize financing at a time he will financially fatigued after a very complex and the pass home campaign do you think it was authorized I don't think it was organized and i can tell you on a bible that it was

spontaneous they keep on saying there are some coming in various all this stuff oh that is just nonsense that i can say on a bike would you say that on the both sides both sides of the side of odm entire set of pyridine would he say that is true by the national sayin livadia our saying that issue on the part of the Canadian people I cannot imagine them setting down to plan what is being discussed this plan to top it with that you know the spontaneous spontaneity when the election was announced that it has been taken like this and my king there was a special time when all the screams were no longer announcing the results and at that time Raila was leading by 1 million and by the time it came on the only who had been wiped out you remember that now then people said why did the screams co debt and then now here we are I resent you spontaneity is that when I her so many things being said that the william booth at the following that this that is I just cannot I cannot imagine it that was a man was sitting before give me to feeling at give it why would he be bloody lips really I don't know where who was but I am asked already me the

two men for being tolerant for being patient for being committed to what they have said we will go to me the ICC process I must congratulate them for out of it we hope the truth will come out but fabrication stories which were just commuted it cannot be magic do you think that after going through this election process ICC was a key issue coming out of the post-election violence obviously do you think we'll ever work out of this animosity that was created all these stories as you call it of the post-election violence do you think he'll ever walk out of it really ever know the truth I want to appreciate the former president a lil more every time he made one thing when there was comedians amongst people he took the time to call in elders discuss with elders and one on the opposite side opposite side so he will discuss on that side and we discuss on that side and eventually he would bring the two parties together and they would say we have sinned against ourselves let us forgive each other and generally there was peace all the time that is what we must we must make ours humility if you are again to

go back to the Bible second chronicles chapter seven verse 14 are very valid fast for me if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves we are calling for humility in this country let us humble ourselves what are you can go have got the moon you are under year kubo money minus Romus ad yukon denali mink watchin and I you let us be humble and talk to each other Jamie smart I am your brother I have wrote you forgive me that will save this country but my letters forget the issue of a Makhubela he unique ability again I want the bracelet Verma president muy he worked so hard and I think you was brought Kenyans Swiss Kenyan speaking about former president again this report really does not paint him in the best of light if you like his regime is being accused of most of the nurses master city's most of economic sabotage that this country has ever suffered will you ever know that truth knowing that now he's a retired means at home East some of you worked in the administration now you're also out of quality realized that it would be do you think 11 well we have ebony the truth those are best at singing about my please he says they are

taught people who live in what two people called and yourselves God and yourself there are two people who made the truth about what happened to people God and yourself what I am simply saying is let us be four trait let us be sincere let us be truthful and let us say so wait a min general but let us say so that's what I'm saying this investigation must come on me and I can I am asking the 88 g and the data plan to work quickly and start investigating one Franklin bet so let me move exactly what really happened already it has been crushed a blazing c4 in 3 qashqai planning financing and inside it has been thrown out the same thing for commissioner olli it has been thrown out so every day it the world is cracking that this thing is just some phantom stories some stories as allegations which are not corroborated by these reports out of Qibla got how to attain edge here after all this I bet you are so going to be discussing with my good friend Amanda Naga really really what was causing why can somebody collaborate these things but my final question for you we've talked about the post-election violence talked about the planning

inciting of that violence if it happened didn't happen before the codes ICC International Criminal Code what about the victims what are we telling them tonight why we tell in many Kenyans who suffered you know in the successive regimes and they look at your local service and those dreams listen don't say listen this you want the perpetrators to go scot-free what would he tell the victim ambivalence idioms and let them speak the truth let them say the truth simple the truth and support that to TSA simple if you meet say the truth and yes I am a victim i'm suffering oh yeah w my friend say the truth and the truth shall set you free rock LaVette shall set you free yes where she heard you right thank you very much for making me thank you thank you very much right we're talking to permeability MP Franklin bet speaking his truth a thing is ready for the DPP and the attorney general to investigate him so the truth can finally come out don't go too far when I come back I'll be talking

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