20 February 2018 - Sorbitar

Lets Play Minecraft: After Humans 🌳 - DIY Minecraft: The Big Building Site [S1E27]

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hello and welcome back to a new

recording session of let's blame minecraft after humans we're back in our little bunker in our little underground base for back with some lag as well just as to the game finishes some buffering and when we last left off we had just finished building our little entrance to what will be our basement sooner or later because we have to discovered some marble hairston raw marble which will of course be coming in quite handy at some point when we pretty fire hour a little while at the moment but looks better like a concrete dungeon in all honesty and up here we still have the remnants of our former shelter abode humble abode our shelter which got destroyed when an August suddenly attacked the plan for now is hope oh hello sheep the plan for now is to still continue fleshing out the I guess bunkers probably the best way to describe it I think and ultimately restore some balance to up our game to our session is we have some open I think it's picked up baby carrots yes I did that was not intentional I'm not quite sure why that current popped up with our whole yes yes I know some of your citrate they're sitting there snickering away

now cuz I said oh um so we've got some carrots growing area we've got some potatoes growing here we do also have some broccoli a year but I am I have a feeling that this is not growing whatsoever or at least if it is no nope see we just have broccoli seeds I need to look into how to actually use those properly seeds because at the moment I have absolutely no idea let's say this is our ruin house but we are making the best about the situation and of course can't forget our future access to our tree house brach the tree house which will come here or which will exist here at some point but I'll warm up nice but for now that is not one of our key priorities it still is I guess very much food and expanding our house here in terms of food I do think we should swing by our friendly neighbors from the village of despair just to see what they've been up to we haven't seen them for a while yes yes we have some death markers they all seem to figure out how to get rid of the death markers not so much because I don't want people to see that I've died yeah usually it's been really

embarrassing circumstances it just because I figured I will be dying a lot more often as well and I guess really would be best to just tidy the place up a bit fantastic so they have some carrots already that finished growing what's this green Cyprus see ever feeling these sets from the plant megapack don't actually do anything for us these carrots already what's this more carrots more carrots down here perfect okay it was just one of the villages moaning a little bit about life it's a hard life being a villager tato so these potatoes look finished fantastic even better so you happen to know that these villages don't eat there are they they live off air so they don't mind and I think that they have one more field here being very vocal again tonight what do we have here what's this onion craft of nights corn on the cob lovely but do we have pear bell pepper mature bell pepper lovely another metal bell pepper say could pick up all of these or all of the weeds but we do already have some wheat over an hour and in our shelter which we don't really have any need for right now

it'll just make some paper with the sugar cane but again we don't really have one to need for that just right now I think I've already been over here haven't I yes I have okay what's this stalk garden brush Department okay and there is Betsy the cow doesn't mine over there we did find a another mine as well nearby the house I think it was is there the pit of doom and richest it certainly looked like it was full of some good or plentiful resources down there and it was literally just a bravas a kind of a pit that came out of nowhere so the name seemed quite fitting at the time once we actually explore it we might change our mind on that front but again for now that's not really a priority for us I do believe we did find some copper or I think we found some iron ore last time as well is anyone here no right now have you already opted back into I've got two different types of copper over here maybe already popped it back into the boxes up there which I need to move down here somewhere as well as at some point that really what's this awkward so the question it is how do I want to continue so this is our bed

and went on go to bed quickly while it's nighttime hello knowing our luck we will wake up with plenty of rain will we know while we actually have some well vaguely blue skies for now it's a first so I was planning on extending the bunker out to sides just essentially if we can section off some rooms maybe create a storage room down here and maybe like workbench room over there ultimately we could also work our way down to the bottom as we unearth more Marvel and potentially more resources down there more most but really there is still plenty of work and it's redundant so we also started masking out the walls of the bunker with the site which I realize I'm probably now just taking apart again or maybe this is already some the previously existent ossified down here but I do think we would benefit from extending this out and just creating some more room and you never know what we might find over here just gonna keep an eye on our food levels see there we go we found some and fused stone after mill I still don't know what the air infused stolen is for but we also have not had an use for that yet what happens if I oh I got some air

shard interesting sure while we're at it let's mix was facing here just pop our food bits and bobs into the bag it could just create some space I really found some bone fossils early on as well so that just continued excavating these walls I think we are how half-bird underground aren't we with these one two three three layers deep that's okay so there's very minimal risk of breaking through to the surface which is good so we don't really want to be anywhere near the surface but at the same time we don't so don't want to be too far down what's this gravel silt stone granites of Granite's maybe we go also break the look of the silt stop on I think we found the fossil in the silt stone actually not entirely sure what the fossils are good for if they have any particular uses where's our there's some oxides there's more die sites there we go myself lifting this out again yes I had some steps as well didn't I one two three four five there we go we're just going to build one level deeper just as a couple we go one two three and one two three oh you can go up as well yep don't really need to pass up there

there we go make it look all nice and Purdy and that's actually I think we may needs we have another stone axe yeah yeah but that one still almost shot bits as well not a good start is it Granite's grenades Graham it's one of those if you happen to be I don't know swayed one way or the other on pronunciation of Granite's or granites popped into the comments I'm all ears a little bit of a step down into a lower level another perhaps might actually look quite decent and I guess it just adds another layer of protection of its to certain extent will also be happening the siltstone into the ceiling just have another stone layer between us and our not so friendly neighbors at the openness all of which will happen at some point and I guess once we are vaguely finished with the bunker I needed a better name than a bunker have any suggestions do feel free to pop them into the comments but there we go what's this quartz yeah if you do happen to have a better name for our shelter than bunker I do feel free to pop into the comments I'm all ears and as I said equally with

any tinsel and tips on pronunciations of Granite's granites send them my way do we want to build them one more [Music] maybe yeah we'll do one more I'm also planning on building a father all right now but in near future build a gates into the nether which will of course require a suitable place just looking at our health situation we're still okay we're still okay

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