23 September 2010 - deatheven13

Let's Play Alien Vs Predator (Marine) Ch 6-2 - BOOM! Headshot!

Well that wraps up everything all nice and neat in a little package doesn't it then. Humanity wins again and nothing bad ever happens at the end of Alien movies.

private glad to meet you finally Jenny

monitoring your progress I know you'd make it this chain you're a survivor like the hunter is that since planet like the Xenomorphs they stalk like me oh it's just that I've had a lot more practice we look like hell I'll take that uh-oh but have you ever asked yourself with the Marines source their weapons we're all friends the coroner in fact they might say I own that means I own you oh not good and when a corporate asset is no longer of use i disposed of it deal with them spark good yeah there was a guy right in front of me yeah this is us going to get the crap kicked out of us really bad once or twice there we go oh that's a pulse rifle I'll take it shotgun yeah I don't like you you're ours where's no I want my smart gun back he didn't take it away the idiot bitch is come on I got plenty left there they are anyone else just you two huh flying I can't see now it's time to get a new gun oh that music this is it guys this is gonna be the whole enchilada shotgun sweet ha and you come with me my darling stims are good more shotgun ammo please oh my god a fresh one you're kidding me hell yeah

we'll take that yeah we'll definitely take some of this yeah yeah whatever where's my little one damn it pick up the shotgun get the rifle the rifle there we go as handy Xandra roids are tough was that other stem tag this is so cool let's go get that asshole ah waypoint where am I going you're here here we go grenades idiot you're kind of stupid you know they're right oh that was close I thought I got it should I not get it I thought I saw a symbol for a data pad huh crusty old bastard still at my smart guy cut him into data pad oh it's up there nice oh god what the hell the the data pad you idiot he dropped it shoot him that's not good it's ridiculous cut scene type with thingies I gotta swear I shot him in the head whatever don't shoot man that was a sháá together anything come on come on already lost my chance to be in a pass oh dude by waylon we threw that makes me happy thumbs up come on rookie let's get the hell out of

here give up can I read this real quick I possess knowledge and experience spanning centuries but I lacked the single causal bleep that defines me in that instant Charles Bishop Whalen saw them both for the first time two creatures each of them perfect in their own way each of them unimaginably valuable at that moment my ancestor my predecessor my template he saw my future cool I always wondered what the hell was up with waylon cuz he was in three and a BP and kind of wonder where the hell so he's just been constantly downloaded with his personality which also explains why such a dick oh he'll there we go that's better oh damn it wrong way time for this nonsense Joe passing year sweet made it I think so far we've made it Wow on I did not come this far to die hell yeah bad man is that Oh Waylon shuttle pilot what's he doing we have the data pet sir no

complications yes the live specimen is secure son of transmitting day contents now you kidding me we got suckered this has been a high-cost operation let us hold my predecessors faith in it was justified it's everything we hoped worth waiting centuries for the coordinates to the xenomorph homework you miserable bastard makes me wonder if the other Android was in on it oh we got suckered bad guys got captain though that's cool game over man 103 that's the marine guys I mean I guess all we have to do now is I mean I don't see what happens when I get the other PDAs and whatnot but there you go marine done time to see what happens when six of not 696 of many ah man that son of a bitch that's brutal way back later with the alien campaign and you guys enjoy watching this and I'll see in the next video the 713 as the rookie signing off I don't think we're going to be in the sequel guys see you later

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