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Kleinhau Let's Play #49 - Claas 1511 Torion

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hello and welcome to farming simulator

17 I'm Andy and this is let's play on the client home app so today we're gonna take a look at we loader which is I think pretty much identical to this one the Libra of 5:30 last her in 1511 I think it's the same but they do look pretty much the same in real life not exactly but like not like each other in real life to you so that's again so this comes in two engine variants 156 and 256 and that front of you twin we also standard we're gonna leave the high powered one so we're just gonna try this out see if it's from something for us or if it's not this is supposed to be there Torian 15 alone which it mm I guess it resembles it that's actually somebody love should have like a step here and the guard didn't he really could hold on to between here everything else looks pretty much like it should be doesn't I see so it's basic I think this is basically just the default Lieber maybe it's bigger though not sure it could be bigger I'm not sure give a bigger other lights nothing much to say about that I'm going to try and get this in with you fine I'm gonna try and use it for a little bit of stuff so this order just trying out

leasing it to you see if it's something for us or not if one changed Jace be we have or if you want to stick with this one looks like we're there coloring of there I think that should be a recognition is this many lights in here under to the very top so it should have more of rear view mirrors I think and think the inside cab look slightly different on the real I'm not an expert but English is slightly different for instance nothing to joystick is closely would be it's a part of the chair rating circle moves up and down wheelchair so the idea why I wanted to try this is because well it sort of a lot of classes on my farm maybe I should have a complete class selection even this skid loader also will be loader but I haven't decided when I'm trying to see this probably works just as finest all the rest but I think in the game the vanilla and Libra in danila JCB is basically other this B is bigger so we interesting to put these next this one next to you the JSP you see if there's a size difference or not nice view though I think this is pretty accurately the

real thing doesn't think there is no no no lights in the side no I see no lights so we'll try it out by killing some manure with our greenhouses and see if that works shovel and manure which is up here can't remember what the JCB is power wise if this is bigger let's take a look at these makes each other look sort of the same maybe class is slightly less not a lot this is nice inside you it looks I don't know looks pretty much the same size I think there may be slightly a little smaller there is just the standard size of Lieber I'll try this out see if we can fill this up into going give this to her cheap horrid greenhouses and see that works if it works I don't know we'll see booms next one here something needed to be really filled so that's good but I don't know sure Eustace should I use that all don't want is nice to you no problem this works too I guess didn't have any problems with this one close is a cool one get a little bit from for selling

the other one to GSB so they will guess the O'Leary's pretty much the only reason why I would get this is because it would mean I have this thing where everything is class well all the vehicles are Clause the influence and stuff aren't always close but some of them are you know I don't think that's what you would do you realize you would implements would last long longer time than deals with dealers and service points now there was one there the bill I forgot missed how Timor and then we're done this is gonna be short up so the reason why he's short is because I have nothing else to show you and because I feel very sick if you remove the last is that I did I was talking about having I was sick being sick and we caught this this morning that this morning and now I'm recording the forry ackerman winter hein you've all the signature so but my kids my son suddenly went like I want to build this thing and I'm so bad it's building into what we have you to practice them oh I'm so bad it's not that bad actually it's quite good just sometimes these are there that age where they start to come very conscience of

conscious of themselves and so he goes I don't know how to do things which of course isn't true at all and this one last one that's a pretty nice one maybe I should actually go one get this so we'll have all classes there linked to this is in the description as always so if you want this you can get it there so I'm gonna go and leave my little bucket bucket up here and then we're gonna take this one back because we need to return it and then we need to sell the other one je suis if want to have this one instead don't know if I should have a weight to keep the weight or not I don't think I should it does look nice around back back here I like this one I think I don't know if when I look at the videos of the Torian I think it is powered by John Deere and and but I read somewhere that it could be powered by labor and into you so slightly I'm sure which it is sorry and then we need to go and with this one this is nice too but uh I think I'm gonna win the class I think that that's pretty cool so that's been only is like one and a half hours so haven't used it a lot but

then I guess you don't use this implement these tools too much you use some money into you nice time there I need to continue your Maui moving your stuff but do that later was looking if I have all the implements I need patchwork feel word you should get like some sort of a shovel I don't have a healthy crush this is max okay so we have a powerful work for that this be the thing I was wondering if we should get don't have that one yes we don't have a long silence do we need that no we don't need that this is cool but I don't know we'll need that either you buy the solid food so 12 grand we can save that for it for buying this but we had to try it out so that's one way of trying it out I think that's okay because we'll get a little bit money from about the wand which is this 122 so I think that's okay we should be able to buy know what that cost you this 182 you so I'll be right back I need to go check out my kids yeah what's that close to me I'll be right back I'm sorry I'm back has he personalities here we go stop

that well 20 plus some because we'll get a little bit more because we're selling it here that should be all that that's good so goodbye will do 256 should buy something else no we don't use the silage me it's this one in this one I'll buy this one no no I not exactly sure why I have this one in the links I'm sorry about that I it might be that I don't have it in that case I apologize I I'm gonna try to see if I can find it but I'm not a hundred percent sure I will be able to find it I found this somewhere see we go yes changed all that things transport with the back to the farm and try course it's quite smart it does seem to understand which way we want to go so that's good so now we have a class 1511 Toria so we have a lot of classes basically our short so um I'm gonna leave it there I wanna thank you for watching this episode on the Clio map cutting it short because I will feel well and next time we'll see what we'll do maybe feed the animals or something so that's pretty much it have a great day everyone I'm Andy and

this has been let's really climber map episode 49 I think maybe 49 48 50 49 and if you like this channel please subscribe if you liked this episode please hit like button leave a comment share have a great day everyone see you soon bye bye

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