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Kitestorm [SIV 117]

PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! 2/21/09: Snowboarders, skiers and skaters all harnessed the power of the wind this weekend at the 6th annual Kitestorm ...

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you by seven days my name is ava soul burger and we're here on Lake Champlain that's right I am standing on it because it's frozen over we're at the sandbar state park and milton vermont storm 2000 and the pack people are writing snowboards and skis and they are heading on to case and the kites are pulling them all over this frozen ah i don't see that happen very often 114 miles in today both road closed 250-mile a free festival promoting and introducing the sport of snow kiting we're from maine and we make this 220 mile trip every year we run into some of the same people every year we have people from all over we have Boston New York Delaware Washington and Philadelphia area well represented I'm a snowboarder into this gear you can really pick your level of excitement we came to try something new and have an adventure together we have a great location here this place an bar is one of the best probably the best in the Northeast for expansive space and clean breeze this wide open area it's excellent so snowkiting is using a power kite to propel yourself over any snow covered surface at campbell and it can be ice you can use snowboards tally ski

the alpine skis it has to have a metal edge use the power and go back and forth and upwind and downwind and have lots of smiles on our face you don't do it with your arms because your arms are really good tired oh you got this harness oh the bar is just for staring if you want to go left go left you pull this way once I go right pull out way consistent wins all day you can learn the sport in four days I think I've heard that it's the fastest growing water sport dno here a blue sky and white snow and the sunshine it gives you a good excuse to be out here I love to do it because I love to sail and I love to ski and this really is bringing together my favorite sports I just love the freedom of being able to put my kite and a backpack my board on my back and I could walk two miles down a skinny trail to a beach all by myself yeah just to be in the water and to be free and get out there and get in touch really you know it doesn't take very long it's something about you know being out there to find that guy that's real addictive and we're addicted to the pool we get off our body and feeling it as it pulls our body weight in the water and I'm just kind of

leaning back one hand on the bar and one hit in the water it's just like chilling out you know it's so powerful it's so aggressive but it is so graceful all at the same time the speed the jumping and you you'll love these cold winter days I mean it's too bad we couldn't have 12 months of it surfing gravity and this is surfing when instead once you're airborne you're able to actually get 30 feet of air and and fly for eight to ten second the flying of it tonight a lot of pre win not file a ticket a max feet are averaged me 50.3 miles an hour 59 some of the guys I do this with their up around 67 68 69 a guy Minnesota did 70s on last year tak like a sailboat and then when we're in our TAC we start to let the kite eat more wind and we do like an arch down and really set that edge and hold it when you start getting the high 50s and going in six easy you know that you're moving power definitely if you're out on a kite in the wind changes on you it comes up it can get scary it was a little scary because you have the kind of of you and I spoil you a nice is a little rough but didn't land on my face so that was good i like to play sit tight we're all cutters whether

you have skis ice skates a buggy or snowboard for all the spiders the camaraderie of the sport we're all like a family you know and it's sort of like a solo sport but at the same time we're all here together and we're here to take care of each other sing a spirit fly I can't believe I'm standing on the lake I can't wait till spring okay sex talk to you again you get out there the wind comes up beyond the depower goalie of you kite and you're not able to tack up wind because winds too powerful then you have to kill the kite fold it up and walk back in and that's the walk of shame super fighter that must be ultimo it's embarrassment yeah

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