02 October 2018 - TAE LOGICS

Kiss Or Slap Coin Flip| Public Interview |PRANK

Tae Logics video Going around asking females to kiss or hit me in a game of heads or tails. Heads is a kiss and tails they get to hit me.. Go check out ...


what's up what's a logics man and said day way back but another banger man got my boy big dirty Maxwell's I'll be funny if you hit your head on the fan man but anyways today was pretty late with my boy will go down rolling it's like we'll be down in the description down below you already know my anyways we always have a keyboard just playing a game so basically we had a coin and we flipped it his hotel if they get heads I'm sure I have to kiss me on my cheek and land on tails dirty is such a biscuit anyway he lands on tails they need to punch me as hard as they can so stay tuned and let's get it all right hey [Music] DeSilva take a lot of holes like Santa to a birthday party so what's the name [Music] [Applause] I'm gonna play a little game it's gonna be real quick you're already ready all right if I get hurt doc you may kiss on my cheek if naka tells dr. punch as hard as I can okay [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] jazzmin nice to meet y'all alright here's the game if it lands on heads you give me a kiss on my cheek if it lands on tails you get to punch me as hard as you can Oh Oh hi what's her name Gabriella Emily so if it lands on heads y'all get to kiss me on my cheek if it lands on tails y'all get to punch me as hard as you can I know damn well I wasn't the only one I heard that [Music] I'll flick the coin and if it lets on heads you have to give me a kiss on my cheek if it lands on tails get the punch me out as hard as you can are you ready [Music] come on talking to that like a cheater on high what Sonny kailia okay Kayla Coriana Oreo special names all right we gonna play a little game y'all ready all right if the coin hit lands on tails y'all get to punch me as hard as you can if it lands on heads you get to kiss me

on my cheese I'm in a straight re let's see let me see that bitch yeah I want to do that say it's on thumb now - no in there you know it's Coriana beavers or KB and Leah both of our man shoutout to these guys man even though there wasn't a Nvidia Tunde video you know subscribe so we all appreciate that they subscribe to my boy Godot Nolan he's just driving right now you see so what's our name such a sound my name is Dave your minds queasy cute shots of the game bro we got a fucking bro subscribe to the game watch a game lots of games oh you're high like subscribe follow them pages share all that come on let's get it hi Anna okay okay if I get heads then you got to give me a kiss on the cheek if I get tails you can punch me as hard as you want come on it's not rigged it's not rigged all right oh my face I do see a good punch me just watch his art player I'm used to it these guards go all right come on you got redo that hi first of all you got redo that like your boyfriend cheated on you you mean it's a game you already what's the name Alicia precious nice to

meet y'all here's the gang I got a quarter right here if I flick it on heads if I flip it on tails y'all get the punch me y'all ready fuck me with it back in the kitchen kiss me all right what's the name Shila Emma Catherine all right we're gonna play a little game you guys ready all right so basically this is how it goes I got a coin here if it goes on heads give me a kiss on my cheek if it goes on tails you can punch it as far as you can [Music] [Music] you ready yeah [Music] my logic game man he really thought was one of those sleep but we reach home from Ybor I hope you guys enjoyed this video and this video well this part of the video is for all those who stay put in another video I'm not gonna mention in my Instagram another day so this is for my all your logic game family and if you know welcome to make sure you match the subscribe button and the like button is sure you already know so yeah I'm gonna

prank Abdul because he fell asleep earlier like I was talking to him and then I turned back cuz I was like he'd not replied and listening asleep so I'm praying to do real quick so I said well tell us is Eva's ok so guys basically what I'm gonna do this oh and I'm a just suck his mouth back I don't know if it's gonna we're gonna try it so yeah the Viking right there that's gonna get that baby star breath breath breath it's about damn time [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Laughter] now our logic game man I hope you enjoyed this video jet knife out on nothing won't wake him up but anyways sorry for the noise in the background a fan but he supports hair logics hope you enjoyed this video and let's get it hey friends thanks Chris puppet down which way to go [Music]

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