22 September 2018 - Josh Stone

King Kong's Fossil :)

Mudfossils are a very helpful SubJect ;) An a-mazing clue to re-versing the spells put up-on-us by His-STORY :) Our EYES Don't Lie to us only our words do ...


so I wanted to revisit one of my favorite mud fossils [Music] first one I found [Music] giant King Kong see they were they were real these things really existed there was something that happened and you know fossilized them the remains are everywhere they're on state parks government owned land [Music] they're preserving them they're hiding them messes with evolution and proves a lot of other stuff [Music] I've done a video on the sky or girl before but I wanted to revisit [Music] see they like to mock us with the truth they know these existed so what they do is [Music] with the truth out there in plain sight [Music] they named all the sports teams after them they named fans after um products you know stores movies teams

[Music] there's the neverending story [Music] yes so they they put it out there they mock us they make fun of us that they know and they take all these really cool stories our true history the stuff that really happened is really cool and they sell it to us as fantasy so we would never think to look at this as being something that existed in real were were subjected with this stuff and subject is to inject something into the subconscious we're told how to perceive things and they knock us because they know they have us under a spell but so like you know waking up to this truth reality one of the things that helped me break the spell she is awesome or he I don't know [Music] there's the look people give you when you tell them the stuff

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