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Make this fun Key Fob Wristlet with fabric scraps and a bit of hardware. These make great gifts. For more on this tutorial, see its post here: ...

friends its Christy from I should be

mopping the floor calm this key fob wristlet project is great for using scraps especially jellyroll fabrics they're the perfect size for each key fob you'll need two coordinating fabrics fusible fleece key fob hardware and thread like I said jellyroll fabrics are the jam for these there are two and a half inch width is perfect just use your ruler and cut them into twelve inch increments and they're perfect even if you don't use jelly rolls you'll just need to use twelve inches by two and a half inches for each of your pieces of your key fob fabric for each wristlet you'll need two pieces of the coordinating fabric both tete and 12 inch by two and a half inch increments you will also need one piece of fusible fleece and eleven and a half inches by one inches per keyfob your first piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise and head to your sewing machine using a basic stitch as well as the small backstitch on the end and beginning go ahead and sew an entire stitch all the way down connecting the two long sides together remember that your pretty side is on the inside snip your excess thread at the end then head to your ironing

board and open up that seam and press it really well you can use a safety pin to help turn this piece right-side out now after you get it right setup remove the safety pin and go ahead and press it neatly try to keep your seam in the middle of your piece repeat the same process with your other piece of fabric for your key fob go ahead and cut out your fusible fleece into the dimensions we mentioned earlier to go ahead and turn over one of your pieces and place your fusible fleece on top of that seam on that piece my particular brand a fusible fleece requires a press cloth and steam from my iron to adhere it go ahead and follow your package directions to adhere your fusible fleece to your fabric grab your other piece of fabric and place it seem side down on top of that he's the bull fleece making a little sandwich take this little sandwich over to your sewing machine I like to use one color of thread in my bobbin and another color in my spool so it's different thread on both sides and my finished key fabrice legs as strange as it sounds I also like to use a zipper foot because

it gives me more control over where I place my seen but this is just my own preference I line the larger part of the zipper foot up against the side of this fabric and I get exactly where I need to so that seam is your basic stitch with about an eighth of an inch seam allowance up next to the edge use a small backstitch at the beginning in the end and go ahead and sew all the way down the side of your little sandwich you're going to repeat the process on the other side sewing it together on both of the edges after you've stoned both of your edges be sure to give it a nice press for a really nice finish the very last part seems the trickiest to me and it doesn't even involve sewing need that key fob hardware which you can find on Amazon or even Etsy flyers in either Neil knows our regular whichever you prefer a scrap piece of spelt as well and of course your sown little wristlet piece fold your wristlet in half with two of the short ends together you're gonna go ahead and take the piece end of the hardware that has kind of the little teeth inside of it and clamp it on to that side

it won't clamp unless you use the pliers which is why you'll need the scrap piece of felt so you don't scuff up or mark your hardware in any way place the felts over that little piece and use your pliers to close these little teeth sets it takes a little bit of finesse but after you get used to it it'll work I promise after you're done give it a good tag to make sure it is secure you don't want it to come falling off and any time when you're using it then go ahead and attach the little ring on to it I found it was easier to attach the ring after the clamp was already secured and there you have it a really fun little key fob wristlet and two cute coordinating fabrics these make excellent gifts perfect for new homeowners teachers friends whoever I partnered with Habitat for Humanity to bring you this really fun project today for more details head to ice cream mopping the floor calm [Music]

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