16 February 2018 - Globe Theatre

Kelley Jo Burke and Jeffery Straker Discuss the Cast of Their Musical Us

Jeffery Straker and Kelley Jo Burke discuss the cast and characters appearing in their award-winning musical Us. #SeeUsLive.

my name is Kelly Jo Burke and I wrote

the script for the musical us my name is Jeffrey striker and I've written all the music for our new play us so us is a play where almost every actor plays more than one part because one of the unique things about the show is that we're exploring the idea that identity is something that is fluid and chosen and so we have cast really talented cast who are able to shift between some very diverse characters there's only one part which is sort of the lead of the show this that is a solo part and that's going to be played by David light who is a a hugely successful musical theatre artist who's currently in Toronto but is you know the pride and joy of Prince Albert Saskatchewan originally from the provinces so excited yeah come on back and who went from PA to doing the TV show triple sensation which was a CBC show where musical theater kids competed to be the best kind of thing and went from that to like working big Mirvish productions like cabaret and Billy Elliot and stuff like that it's a David story is amazing so that's David light and he plays Cardin who is our protagonist next not next enlisting but next because I want

to talk to about her is Kate simple who everybody in Regina knows I think as an actual triple sensation she dances she sings she does her own she produces her own shows as well she's an amazing actor and musical theater star and she was with David Light in triple sensation in the second season they competed together so they know each other and they're coming together again pretty much for the first time to be in this show and then we have a and Caitlyn plays two characters one of whom is a fairly burly football player barely barely football Dave yeah so a cheap old she pulls it off she does she does then we have Angela Kemp of Saskatoon beautiful beautiful actor who's also had carrying two very diverse characters and we have Daniel Fong from Calgary who plays a young man strangely similar to the fella sitting next to me which took me forever to realize so it's a very diverse set of characters and we have really really skilled actors who are taking it on so I'm excited to see what they can do and so then in relation to the two how Kelly do would describe the the talent who is taking on these characters that they're the flip flop

between the characters because literally you'll see one actor switching from character to character that's the part of the design of the play is that that will happen often happens in plain sight on the stage through through through various theatrical yeah means and it's really it's a it's a it's a really fascinating interesting aspect of the show musically as I created the the songs and the arrangements what I started to realize was of course male voices in female voices sing in different ranges so there's I had to incorporate a lot of key changes and be aware of a vocal changes so that kept me on my toes but I think it's really lent to a really interesting score for the furthest for the show because every once in a while we'd have somebody wait and I'd be going football player Wow yeah so it was tricky but but luckily through the music and through the costume changes it guides the audience through you know due to through a really a really clear through light of the story I think it really helps to make it really impactful you

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