24 January 2018 - Ka Chai

KACHAI - Hon. Anna Adeke, A Legislator Without Limits


welcome to cachet but today's episode is honorable in taking a charming young lady fighting for the rights of both youth and women in Parliament's that's what many people don't know that you are actually a motto and you've appeared in some of the top in magazines such as rodent alia tell us more about this side of your life I wouldn't call myself a professional model really but yes I have done a cover shoot for Vogue Italia it just happened that I met an American woman who was looking for an African girl who was not so tiny not so big so she asked me to to do photoshoot with her and also tell her my story so just to show her I'm a professional you know I have employment I'm employed elsewhere modeling is not my profession but still I can't pull off a good photo shoot so that's really how I appear don't forget Talia interesting yeah now you're on the Parliament legal committee at a time when the touchy subject of age related what impact has this experience hydrogen as a person it's been enriching for me as a person especially when when it when you speak about parliamentary practice but also most importantly it's very Awakening about our democratic

processes as a country the rule of law as as a country and our constitutionalism as a country so I think those are things that every legislator needs to hold dear and this this experience this period scrutinizing the age limits the Majestic bill has been an eye-opener on many of the political processes in our country and how credible they are practicing advocate national women's youth MP model for Magglio president of Marian University and you're only 25 years old then you're your dream do you haven't achieved yet a lot more I think there's a lot more I'd like to do more with women and girls I want to dedicate most of my legal career to providing legal aid to women who are not able to afford it women and girls who are not able to afford it I would like to leave a mark on the lives of many children because I'm very passionate about them being a vulnerable group so I raised a lot more I had to also build a family there's a lot more yeah so maybe someday you add mom to that yes what advice would you give unemployed graduates watching this interview wow wow wow I wonder one to every Ugandan who has graduated and is

unemployed to know that I understand the impact I understand the situation and the crisis in the current scenario I think it's important for them to get into entrepreneurship I think it's it's important because there is no space for people looking for jobs in our country it's difficult that there are no jobs anywhere our industries have not gone to a level where we can count on them to silver unemployment crisis production in our country is still very low we are still consuming we are consuming more than we produce our balance of trade is in negative is really negative so as young people they need to realize that the economy does not favor people that are going to look for jobs so it's good to be enterprising and to get handy so honorable which again and personality that you've not met would you like to meet anyway oh wow I greatly admire Miriam a timber I met her yes I met her I can meet her over and over again I greatly admire her leadership to the women movements in Uganda and also what she was able to accomplish as as a leader as an MP and

as a minister I like how fearless she has been with expressing herself and she's also she doesn't live out of the ordinary so her life is very relatable yes I spoken with her I add my heart I don't think these days are an icon I have not made oh I cannot meet on a lighter note what's your favorite dream I take a lot of tea yes yes yes yes this is perfect yeah I take a lot of tea I'd like to I also very much like to take cocktail yeah Jessa is one of the most thank you this way what would you say this place is turned out well I think the people I think the people of Josiah the best heritage because they're extremely hospitable they are loving they are very hopeful people just so have been through turmoil we've had the insurgency the insurgency where so many poor killed in 86 we had the cattle rustling where most of our heritage our culture were taken and as a result people just so have been forced to go into farming was not original economic activity but also we've been faced with flooding extreme famine even this year but I mean the people of tents are very kind you wouldn't tell that they have been through so much that they struggle

as a people to educate their children because the standards of Education now I really low their education is very expensive but when you meet them you wouldn't tell that they don't even have a meal for the next day okay we've heard about some gruesome experiences that candidates go through during campaigns what is the most extreme thing you did to secure the border of the people my my constituency is the whole country and I had to travel the whole country in a specific time I had deadlines so most of the time I found myself on the road at around 11 p.m. midnight on two areas that had never been to before so I have this specific incident when I was in western Uganda I was in Amanda and I had to meet people in Casa say so it was about 11:30 p.m. and I left Rwanda I decided to take a shortcut through a certain forest I didn't want to use foot boat oh it was terrible that shortcut took me about five hours I got to cousin said about 7:00 a.m. I have never ever been so so frightened because I would go over a bridge in that forest and you hear the wood on the bridge dropping after the car has passed

what are some of the most discouraging remarks you've heard from people and how did you go on to disprove them people in political circles many times they don't expect women to advance because of their potential as individuals they think there is someone they are betting to get a favor so you get you pick up so much of this when you sit with colleagues and they're telling you or look that one was here with this one that's why she's in this position she didn't get it out of marriage she doesn't deserve it so from that that's been tough that's been very tough because I feel like it objectifies women it does and also it doesn't help our struggle for equality because every time they see a woman at the top they are looking around for who she slept with to get there they're not saying she convinced people she's actually a hard worker whose walk is going to speak for her and give her mileage with the people to water so that's the challenge what advice one piece of advice you you got you must be watchful with how you spend your twenties make sure you don't lose the clutches because of what you do in the 20s it's very important to also to

start to invest as a young person so that you can go with your investment I hope to to to to see a country where people in their younger age are more productive than in their older age but right now it's the reverse you understand so I think everyone in their twenties should actually start to aim at the day they are going to retire and start to put in all their efforts to doing everything they can to make after retirement a happy period for them yeah well it was lovely having you it was a pleasure thank you for coming over catch I [Music]

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