25 February 2011 - jas0573

JL&T Layout Tour for MRH

hi everyone this is jason from jl and

tra lai now i just thought what i do is I'm give you guys a little bit of a video of the layout today and we are up to so let's get started okay we're going to walk in here and as you can see this is the first one the return bobs on the top deck with my plaster backdrop which I've had in one of the hell two bugs in raleigh you can see the first set of track coming here that a return bob this is actually is where it comes up from the middle deck and what we're coming into now is going to be my intermodal yard area or intermodal terminal all the track is Pico code 83 and all Pico turnouts this area is going to be a container storage area and also another little unloading track to heavy loads on heavy flats and flipped cars and stuff or up and coming up to a first set of turnout t I'll have two sightings on the container terminal basically this is to a well a 10-foot train to be able to board in split in half on those tracks as you can see we hang up the back is the two loading unloading trucks and these are about six foot in length each so when doubled up I'll be able to hold one full train length as you can see at the back is the plaster backdrop or

drywall backdrop that's approximately 500 ml high and you can also see at the top here is the start of where I've started to do the top fascia for the top deck okay so there'll be some mason like plywood hanging down from that and that will hide the lighting which at the moment just a couple of flurries up there and coming around and we have another turn out down here which is off to a siding for passing siding on the main and also another sighting from a passenger terminal and as you can see out there is the wall thurs base for the the city station kit I'm coming back there's just a little rep track here or storage track for any passenger cars that are sitting there waiting for another train to come free and coming up we have the unloading waiting tracks again or the intermodal terminal or the right and left-hand turn that's rule number eight obviously working with the 89 foot flat cars coming up coming up on the station area once again say siding for the station for the passenger terminal and in a passing siding for the main is the middle one right next to the tape measure is the actual main itself and

that's how much I've weighed so far to date of the main line up to there alright so looking back we have the number 82 Nets again the intermodal tunnel so the idea is I've actually made this so I can actually switch your training so I'll have to split it in half and then actually back each half down the loading unloading trucks just adds a little bit of writing a little bit of operations so working your back up along and this is the unfinished portion of the layout to date see where the mains coming in up the top here and also the two intermodal intermodal sidings where they join up and at the end of the way s and then go to show you one other little click thing another recent thing for a shed you actually have all cusub mezzanine level so that will actually be across the whole of the layout which will help keep dust and stuff down you're going to use it as storage for stuff in the house and also for stuffing Mia in the shed as well so that's it at it so there it is a bit of clutter underneath here more storage bins across my workbench with the journal module which a lot of you probably are quite familiar with some of

the work that I've been doing on that there it is in the flesh just down here is the little brass tube scale fence that I've been working on as you can see it's an old computer desk that I've got set up for on the gear spit mess at the moment my wiring harness and looms for all the wiring give you a bit of a look at the wiring is the control panel for the catbus for the NCAA power pro 5m system I've purchased and then underneath the deck here we have the power bus some of the wiring up here this is where I'm up to at the moment well there's a actual diagram of the layout which is posted up on my blog and it's immoral wiring underneath here alright so that's about it so I hope you've all enjoyed this first video and um hopefully there be many more to come alright thanks for that and now I'll see you on the bog bye

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