18 December 2015 - Taffi Laing

Jacqueline Kroft Musician/Singer/Writer

Jacqueline Kroft is a UK based Musician, Singer, Songwriter. Her extraordinary work can be seen every where. This is the IN THE MIND OF 8 minute interview ...

I'm Jacqueline Croft and i was born in

Liverpool England and I'm a musician my idea of perfect happiness is to see other people really happy my greatest fear is to see people being hurt and especially by other people for no reason the people I most admire living at the moment our old people I think they're totally neglected in our society and they have so much wisdom and so much to offer and we're short changing ourselves a characteristic I just like the most and myself is my forgetfulness and it's really bad I tell you and I would like to change that the characteristic I most disliked in other people and I hate to see it as unkindness it's so unnecessary and I think most unkindness comes today from people being too busy I think there's much more time in a day to relax and pay attention to each other because we are what counts not just human beings with the whole so a living force I think the most excessive thing I have in my life is that I try to squeeze out every second of every day I just think I I don't want to lose these moments and and I am sort of obsessive about trying to do that what I consider the most overrated virtue is it seems to be that when somebody successful they'd make a

certain amount of money it's not about money it's about like who you are if you love your work then the works going to be the best everyone wants so much money you don't need that much money so i think that's overrated money what challenges me the most professionally is that I need in myself to be the best I can be at all times and I try to pay attention to every moment of my professional career to give most honest representation of the music that I'm playing or recording at that time right oh that's challenging because I'm constantly drawn back to finding out who I am and making sure that I'm always at one with myself I feel safe and secure when we're making dinner at our house and my husband Jeffrey 2,000 years ago some beautiful classical station and we're listening to sometimes it's the Proms which is really fun to listen to and it's loud we haven't in all the radio it's really loud and Jeffrey's cooking some exotic dish because he's a really good cook and participative shame and my son is sort of on the floor doing his homework and the dogs doing and it's just kind of such a comfort zone that I love that my most treasured possession

believe it or not is a seed it's a little seed it's about that big and you can open the top it's like the top has a little elephant made out of ivory and you pull the other fan out and inside there's a thousand little ivory elephants and so I wrote a song about that the lowest depth of despair in the world for me is this constant warfare situation I mean how can we rationalize blowing the arms and legs and killing children I just breaks my heart like how can we stop it we have to be working together on this the lowest despair for me in my personal life is when I'm not attentive to my family my friends if I missed something that they need then I feel bad about that too that it gives me despair I mean I just wish I could do everything because I love dancing I love photography I love painting that's why I want to have more time in a day to everything but I think the thing I really need the most is organizational skills and a good memory my favorite distraction is nature because i live in england at the moment in the country most of the time and i have a tendency to walk from the house to the studio

answer to get lost on the way the studio just for a quick walk through the garden in England you do have fairies in the garden I I have to tell you these because it's part of the magic of the English countryside and nature just as such a relief I perceived that my most obvious characteristic is that people don't take me very seriously when they first meet me they think I'm a bit of a dipstick but then I fool them later I am the happiest when I'm with my friends and family and it's so so nice to meet people who on the same wavelength as you and that you can spend time with them I really like that if i was to choose anyone able to live with it's a very hard questions because there are so many wonderful places to live in the world like I Love New York I love Toronto I love London I love Paris but I would like to live in its Alypius make great food there were lots of fun to speak to they never get a job done the scenery is gorgeous and they have lovely architecture in lovely art and this sort of ambience in Italy I think there's a sirens in the ocean that it all sort of adds up to a nice place to live I was very lucky as a child because

my mother had a beautiful voice she'd sing in the kitchen all the time and she found an opportune the offer teacher fell in love with my mother because she did have the most natural voice and she was singing Puccini in the kitchen and Gershwin and it was such a nice thing to come in with a basic idea of food and voice and she was my first inspiration and her office teacher had a great friend who was a concert pianist and he taught me piano so it was just a nice start I'm very funny about if I was to receive an urn a ward and why I'm i have to say awesome i read or believing awards because every time somebody wins an award there's like the equal amount of people 10 people 100 people who have done a better job than that person who wins the award and like for example hollywood movies that win oscar awards in history is the ones that didn't win me words that are the real winners that everyone listens to him watches later if I could change the world I think I would ask what I think a lot of people on this planet would like to ask well first of all if you could listen to your public if the parliaments and governments would listen to what the people democratic

society would listen to the people and not have any wars why can't we get along why do we have to mutilate each other like where is this coming from I know we're sort of a lot of people descended from the genghis kong try but like we could sort of relearn couldn't we I have to say that my present state of mind is euphoric I can't believe that life has so much to offer and it can be so much fun just doing what I've always wanted to do and that's play music and meet other musicians to play with that's fun I've got a couple of mottos one is do unto others as you haven't been to do that it's like a really big thing for me another is that if I think it I must do it

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