20 July 2016 - Emmanuel Leslie Addae

Is Africa Truly Rising? | Princess Umul Hatiyya Ibrahim Mahama

With the aim of being the First African to visit every country in the world by 2020, Princess Umul Hatiyya Ibrahim Mahama has been to 100 cities and 62 countries ...

when I was a child my favorite subject

was geography my geography teacher mrs. odarka in the secondary school I attended right here in a craft was a passionate teacher she taught us about rivers about mountains about countries and its people now she also taught us about explorers such as Marco Polo Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus I was hooked I decided that just like Marco Polo when I grow up I want to explore new lands unfortunately for me I was born in the 1970s where there were no more lands to be discovered but I didn't give up I was curious to know how people lived in other countries what foods they ate and to also enjoy nature so 9 years ago I began this Odyssey now when I started traveling around the world I realized that my interests had expanded I wasn't only keen in seeing spectacular architecture like the Sydney Opera House of visiting historical sites like the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt or enjoying nature but I was keen and understanding how nations are built how nations developed I wanted to know how a small country like Singapore being a third world could be transformed into a first world I wanted to understand how a country like Japan could rise up out of

the ashes after the Second World War this quest to date has taken me to 100 cities in 62 countries now very recently we've been hearing the term Africa is rising a part of me wants to believe in this new buzz phrase of Africa rising however after visiting 20 countries in Africa the questions I keep asking ah if Africa is truly rising why would acquiring a simple document like a passport be such a hassle if Africa is truly rising why is corruption on the rise now according to Transparency International's 2015 corruption perception index 40 countries out of the 46 countries in sub-saharan Africa have corruption as a major talent if Africa is truly rising why are many of our cities and countries characterized by chaos dysfunction and disorder if Africa is really rising why are 650 million Africans without electricity if Africa is truly rising why are power cuts aka Dhoom song in 25 African countries Ghana Nigeria South Africa Zambia Malawi just to name a few now I read a report by the African

Development Bank which said that the total power capacity installed indent on the entire continent of Africa is a hundred and forty-seven megawatts and that is an equivalent to the power installed in one country Belgium can we say Africa is rising if Africa is really rising why are cities littered with rubbish wh oh and UNICEF in 2015 published a progress report on how the world is achieving its Millennium Development Goals now in that report only three African countries Tunisia Morocco and Egypt were on target for their Millennium Development Goals on sanitation it's Africa really rising now I've been privileged to visit countries such as Namibia and Rwanda countries that give me a glimmer of hope but one thing I have come to realize is that unless every individual in all the 54 countries in Africa rallies around Africa was still lag behind now in my books and on my blog I share stories of my trips around the world but I also talk about plausible solutions of how we can make Africa rise now to a large extent I understand that our challenges are twofold we've had

mismanagement but leadership the absence of rule of law corruption however I know that they're things you and I can do to make our continent rise and today I'm just going to share eight of those number one let's move away from tribalism let's move away from political divisions if you employed anyone employ them based on their knowledge their competence and their skill don't employ them because of their ports the party colors or because of the tribe that they belong number two let's see the grand vision the big picture of what our nations can truly become let's move away from short-term thinking understand that if you do a shoddy job today the next generation will be affected number three let's make learning a priority our homes should have libraries let's learn let's share knowledge let's focus on learning personal development should be our individual focus number four you can stop corruption yes you truly can don't give a bribe and don't ask for one either don't solicit for a bribe directly or indirectly phrases such as or got something for water today boss what do

you have for me boss oh the weather is hot our boss today is Friday these phrases should be a thing of the past number 5 let's take responsibility for actions let's not blame superstition and negative forces for every mishap let's take ownership and responsibility for our actions number 6 let's stop littering let's stop littering because you know what littering our cities not only makes us sick but littering drives tourists away I have made a personal pledge never to litter and under some circumstances I'll have to put the rubbish in my handbag and dispose of it when I find a bin but yes that's okay there's nothing wrong with that let's stop littering number 7 let's respect time let's be punctual to work let's value time our weddings our weddings funeral and social engagements should not be full-day events when we have a program left start and finish on time let's go to church on time as well as to our mosques let's be on time number eight let's use our brains and stop relegating you know

everything to religion let's understand that God gave us brains brains to solve the problems we are facing as a people let's use them let's make God proud by employing our brains now today I entreat you I entreat every African in all the 54 countries on our continent I entreat every African in the Diaspora let's get involved in developing our countries together you and I can make Africa rise thank you you

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