24 February 2013 - Bhagavati Kanta Dasa

IPBYS Prison Seva - Presentation by Ananga Mohini D D

This video presentation is about IPBYS Prison Seva given by Ananga Mohini D D on Feb 22, 2013.

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yo-yo really Hare Krishna my name is Rhonda moaning and today I've been given with the great pleasure in sharing a special and unique project with you by the name of i believe is risen salem so what is chris's Ava it stands for it's under the organization I could be Laius which stands for international pure bhakti yoga society its founder is the South unity but it was found under she'll agree date it's only a national project now but it's planning to be international so many people are hearing about this project on becoming interested in it the idea behind the project is to help prison inmates and give them a second chance by teaching them about Krishna they're getting punishment for the sins they have done but now we're trying to give them a second chance so they can transform themselves and we're doing this in three ways by signing them up n tell by sending them books by sending the monthly courses and end of the sort asaduddin penpal six assists them by providing them with essentially a Shiksha guru ashik sugar that will help them answer questions learn about Krishna and then read on from that point

sending them books helps them because we mail these books and they're based upon the level of understanding the prison inmate currently has monthly courses are ready that understand that make the prison inmates understand the basics of Krishna consciousness starting from whispering age Lewis Krishna who is shipping approval and things of the story we've also created a new website to help take these processes the most important thing to remember is that Krishna himself was born in a prison so we do have a good strong start because it shows us the speciality and uniqueness that this project has now this is the first version of our website and its subjected to some change but here are some basic things on how to utilize the website first of all there's three kinds of users the public the pen pal and the administrators the public can utilize the website to access news interviews reports and a special feature called voice from prison voice from prison incorporates many quotes from the inmates and helps you see the kind of sounding situation that these inmates are living in and also you can keep up

with the monthly courses and the updates on the project itself the pen pal can utilize this website for sending the letters to the inmates the most important thing to remember is that what sending these letters it's all secure your address your information nothing goes through other than what you say to that inmate and the administrators of course can utilize his website to keep track of the inmates keep track of prisons and so forth so last week last Sunday actually we work together to prepare these flyers and these letters for printing and these would all go to the hundred and twenty four present persons that are incorporated in this project and it took a while but in the end we finished all of it but while this was happening simultaneously and joy get up free something else very special was occurring his room actually faces directly to the ocean or sri chaitanya mahaprabhu performed various pastimes and all the pastimes reformed by lord caitanya are given in vivid details the sheets of the nature Dahmer death and shooting the harmonica the 18 years that lord sri chaitanya spanked great is what main display so famous and

especially foreigners but going back to what was happening on that day simultaneously shreemati xiamen uni and she went the ascent DVD are essentially the basic leaders of this program that's occurring and what they did is they went to that room we and they are offering Garland's and announcing the new prison saver program they read the contents of the flyer going to various prisons in the United States to make sure this program works and but something to eat as you can see is enough show man who names a website and how to navigate it she also offer the lessons of the correspondence course for the inmates as well to him but now looking at where we are there a hundred and twenty for Chris's that I've been incorporated in this program twenty five inmates that were tech we're technically talking to you right now ten have house 45 letters received 49 letter said we're going on from that point so now you can also help you don't have to be a pen pal to help us you could also donate to iwi s every donation you make is tax deductible but if you become a pen pal there's so many joys in it because you're essentially bringing someone to the right path and

helping them proved me wrong instead of them being addressed the community there now a devotee thank you so much for listening and keep up with your updates by going to her site korean geisha

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