25 April 2016 - Etac

Interview with Bengt Engström - Movement and postural health for wheelchair users

Ability Based Seating. https://www.etac.com/products/wheelchairs/etac-cross-5.

can you explain what you mean with

movement and postural heads one movement it's always healthy it means that if you can move you can change you can change your muscles you can change pressure but if you cannot know you have a problem so what role does the back support adjustment play what the back support is what you have behind you and it dictates your trunk so if it's well adapted for you it's more healthy so if you would adjust the cross fire back support where would you start I will probably start at seed level where the pelvis is and then my I work myself up to the top to where the chest is I open up so we can see what happens talking about support I need the support the pelvis very low I need to open up also for the chest to come back a bit and I know that I need room I need room or corner even directly forward always risks when it doesn't fit so well I open up a bit how do you feel I'm sinking down oh you're sinking down closer to the floor closer okay now I would tighten the straps okay I start with tightening lower how is that for you that feels much okay hmm I cited one more okay

in the evaluation you say that crossfire has an effective method for positioning the users lower and on the trunk can you show us how if I open up the bottom part do not then angulate the bottom part here that will move the whole trunk path including the person's if you look at look at where I did now I opened up in the middle and that means I can open up the top part Oh to move only the chest in space and that means I have two parts the whole and the top and together it will be a combination can you see any risks if the back support is too high or too low yes the to higher backrest means that something is worried maybe you are pushed forward and you slide if it's too low same thing then it's not enough support so you slide again what about the clients with a symmetry in the pelvis or trunk can they sit properly in the crossfire well I show you because you can change the side separately if you for instance move this hip forward and then lean then we can see that it's a need for more this and I can give you a little more more visor and that means I can

accommodate to a certain degree for asymmetry so what is your conclusion regarding the 3a back support I should say the design makes it possible to make it I have the backers for many people so would you agree with our statement that cross five offers ability based seating for activity and mobility absolutely I would thank you Bank for sharing your expertise with us and applying it on the cross five thanks you're welcome thank you thank you

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