06 October 2018 - Double Trouble


Ignoring my boyfriend revenge prank. Eric decided to pull out the boxing gloves and square up!! BE SURE TO HIT THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON & TURN ON ...

what's up you guys my name is Heather

and I'm here to prank my boyfriend and get revenge you guys haven't seen our last video he pretended to throw my phone out of the car and he really got me good so I'm here to get him back so he's in the shower right now and I'm going to do the ignore my boyfriend prank I'm not exactly sure how he's going to react but we're gonna see how it goes so let's go set up the camera and let's get his reaction this could be us so back to it [Music] maybe a one-girl water you want hey honey no okay make sure you subscribe and hit that like button oh please No you battery where'd you you wanna watch Netflix enough girl Heather you ignore me right now though you watch Netflix you want to go to bed are you watching on YouTube it's Netflix you wanna watch anything really thanks from do you want to mention ting this

like that the office it is it's a paper company now it's not gonna church so what's your poem hmm we're gonna make you laugh we're gonna throw some hands with you right now [Music] oh come on that was funny that was funny that was funny now I'm gonna make you laugh because you have a case of the non lackeys right now huh hello hello I know can you hear me excuse me do you have a mint hello hey hey hey hey hey man you probably agree throw these hands on Billy's hands throw these hands already pretty wide you three one you it's not a video so I get out is it or nickel feet deny you tickling you right now with the Heckscher problem yeah she's a wild one crickey it's a big one one two three miss over the sofa hmm we're all right now socks me thanks your problem offer those go let's go Heather come on that was funny Heather seriously what's up hello you win some you lose which live to fight another day how much can they afford to pay a delivery guy came and

sit next to you now the heck what'd I do why do you minute huh hello cheetah voila disturb you our prices what I just pranked you that whole thing was a prank you're kidding me that was oh my that was your prank who's your comeback Frank I thought I was a gay one what I guess I feel like I got you pretty good honestly that was good are you I actually thought you're gonna get a little bit mad but you didn't so I try to I try to make you laugh but I didn't work for you why do you take why did you tickle my feet because I know that you do tickle a spot if you guys liked the video give it a like hit the subscribe button and turn that notification belt on and please do this

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