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How To Change The Oil In Your Ariens Snowblower

This video will show you how to change the oil in your Ariens snowblower. This should be the same on the Deluxe 24, Deluxe 28, Deluxe 28 SHO, Deluxe 30, ...

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appear in this video we're gonna show you how to change your oil on the air and snow bar so the machine that we're gonna change the oil on is an Aaron's 20 deluxe 28 so in the owners manual that came with my snowblower I recommended that we use 5w30 so you can use 5w30 available I like you're out of pot store something like that my local home depot happen to have the Aaron's 5w30 in stock so we go over there I picks them up you can also pick this up at Aaron's deal so inside your own this manual before we get started we wanted to show you this it'll kind of give you recommended oil weights at those safety 5w30 and looks like you probably used 1032 ok so before you change your oil on your snowblower what you want to do is you want to take it outside and let it run for a couple minutes and I'll get the oil all nice and warm and it'll be easier to drain all the oil out of the motor alright so the pipe to drain the oil out is on the back of the motor right near here wheels and you see like this a flat no I tried it so what you want to do this you want to use either so vice grips or a couple of wrenches you gotta put one wrench in between the

notch and the other wrench on the end so basically what you want to do is you don't want this pipe to turn so you're gonna hold that in place you're gonna loosen the cap of the oil you can use this vice grip so the one thing you need to work you need to be careful of is if you use vice grips you do not want to squash this pipe so if you don't have a wrench that fits it and you've gotta use a set like vice grips something to keep the pipe from moving make them really like loose I just snug enough to keep the pipe from and make sure you don't squash that pipe so that's basically all you need to do remove the cap once you break it we should be able to take it off the fingers and you should be wearing gloves when you're doing any kind of an oil change I ran out of them so before everybody yells at me wear your gloves right now make sure you got an oil pan and once this that's the slow down you can tip the machine so you can get all the oil out of it but this slowly can see it's getting kind of dark may only get a few hours on this machine handle it we're on the dipstick but that's what

happens get this all out of here so just tilt the Machine backwards you know make sure you keep a hand on it until all the oils out and it doesn't take too long there's not a whole lot of wheel in there all right so once the oil is all the way out reinstall it your drain plug thing good tight grab your wrenches then just make sure it's on there so now you don't have to crank down in your mana crazy down on these you just want to basically snug it up make sure though it's not gonna leak on you should be good all right so now let's add oil back into the machine so we gonna want to do is if you have a funnel grab yourself a funnel make sure that there's nothing inside of it wipe it out with a paper towel because you don't want any debris and contaminants inside the motor if you don't have a funnel the mouth on the filler neck is pretty wide so you can pry just be careful and pull your oil back in so if you have a funnel put the funnel on there let make your life a little bit easier and a little less messy to go you dipstick put on the side like that and grab you oil and you're probably gonna

want to use let's see about 3/4 have this added in and then it'll check to see where we're at so put this in let's to it all right so I have about 3/4 of a court into the motor of new oil so let's check it out that dipstick and on the dipstick you're gonna see two little holes and the oil should be like right between these holes the top one is full all the way the bottom one is if that's like the key low point so you kind of wanted in the middle I mean the way to check the oil on these is you want to put the dipstick in kind of let it rest on the top you don't want to screw it down and then bring it up and then we are at exactly it's had the seen on camera because it's such clean oil but exactly right here so you can see it right there that was pretty good so you got it right on the money should be all set and that's pretty much all there is to changing the oil and putting new oil and see Ariens snowblower so hope you liked the video if you have any questions definitely leave a comment and I'll reply back to ya you know it if you have any tips of tricks with the Aaron's Shem what that

view is like to see would you know tips and tricks you might have so hope you like the channel and definitely subscribe

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