14 June 2011 - TheHipHopShopONLINE

HHS Weekly Callouts: Rashaad, B-Boy Chief, & Lil' Goon Vs. Raven & Cassandra of The Sandlot

Rashaad, B-Boy Chief, Lil' Goon, Raven, and Cassandra Galindez of The Sandlot duke it out in another one of The Hip-Hop Shop's Weekly Callouts hosted by ...

was the amateur boy Kwame aka the boy

genius let's get straight to it weekly call-out Twitter you guys been harassing us on Twitter man we did the Mortal Kombat thing now you want to go to the movies really go to the theaters okay so we got Karate Kid yes we have kids let's hear it for the kids yeah okay so on this Irish are come out real quick Rashad Rashad this kid is known for his energy he goes really crazy go back go back okay on this side we have a raven it's the are at arias who's gonna be the better our raven please go back don't let the innocent fool you these ace these please practice will be different today i want you to forget that I'm your master and use all the I taught you Oh boom we get out of the way it's the better whores r'ragh okay see cuz while you play the music the longer you blade at me the he just goes keep on going whoo whoo oh hey man what it's oh what a what a segment oh my goodness Oh on the boys knees that's what they

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