10 May 2017 - Life With NiKesha

Hair Care Essentials: Natural Hair Care Products l NiKesha Harden

In this episode, I share my favorite natural hair care products. This video is 3 of 4 videos that I share the items I use to take care of my face, body, hair and oral ...

hello everyone and thank you so much for

joining me as I share with you video 3 of 4 where I'm sharing with you my favorite skincare products if you have not had the opportunity to watch video 1 where I share what I use on my face in video 2 where I share with you my body care products make sure you check those out I'll have them linked below in this particular video I'll be sharing with you my favorite haircare products is you may say well why would you do a hair care if you're talking about skincare oh just because I want to alright in this video I'll be sharing with you the products that I use while I use them and how I use them this is probably going to be one of the shortest videos of the four videos I'm doing this week because I really don't use but two products so I'm going to throw in some little extra things that I may use to take care of my hair just to give the video a little bit more lit than just talking about two products I started wearing my hair in its natural state back in September October of 2014 and it took me a while to really just figure out what products my hair light and I got a product junkie but I was buying stuff trying to figure it out but

finally in November 2015 I figured it out I found two but really three products that I use in my hair and I've been sticking with it ever since I probably will stick with these as long as I'm natural unless something changes in the formula of the products that I use so the first product that I use I pretty much uses for everything which is the Trader Joe's tea tree tingle conditioner I use this to cleanse deep condition as well as use it as a leave-in conditioner some people will argue that you should have a separate cleanser separately that may work for you but this works for me and I just use this it keeps my hair super soft um it is no I love the product and I love the scent of the product I love how it feels on my hair especially when I use it as a deep conditioner so this is what I use after I apply it is a leave-in conditioner then I go in and set my curls or set my hair with the second product and the second product is this kinky curly curling custard now you remember I told you about that year a little bit over a year that it took me to figure out what my hair liked and I try certain products I tried this

product during that period and I hated it but what I realized is that all the other products that I was using was not allowing this to do what it needed to do so now this is my go-to holy grill product that I use to set my curls so basically after I put the conditioner in there's a leave-in conditioner I take this rub it in my hand and rake it through my hair and then I sit under the hair dryer and my hair is set and that's it at nighttime I just put on a silk scarf to protect my hair and then in the morning time of course my hair is smushed flat to my scalp so to revive my hair I simply use water h2o when I'm in the shower I just spray this all over my hair all over my hair and my hair is drenched like not dripping with but it's pretty wet and then once I get out of the shower I'll go ahead and try to style it now what happens when the water is in there my hair loves this water and it allows it from it allows it to go from my being flat and it just starts expanding and waking up but to help it sometimes I have to use like this so I use the tail of the comb and I just sort of push my hair up and maneuver it how I want it and that's how I start my hair

speaking of combs I have not combed my hair like used actual comb in my hair the I don't call my hair basically so when I'm washing my hair with that conditioner I just basically finger combing my hair in and then I'm good to go so that's my detangling process I don't use a comb or approach to detangle my hair I mentioned that I occasionally use a third product and I use this product if I feel like I need extra cleansing to my hair so I may use this once to twice a month and it is the indian healing clay so i'll just take some water boil it in a tea kettle then mix this with the powder like then rake it through my hair let it sit for about 15 minutes wash it out and then proceed with the rest of you know the styling with the leave-in conditioner and the kinky curly curling custard and this works perfectly fine for the cleansing aspect if I feel like my hair needs it so that is all that I use on my hair as I mentioned it's two to three products I believe in simplicity I did not want all that stuff those products cluttering my bathroom I did not want to spend hours upon hours on wash day trying to wash my hair I did not want to spend an hour

trying to style my hair every morning having to you know put different products in it once again I just wanted it to be very simple and for me right now it is very very simple so I thank you so much for joining me as I share with you video three or four of my skin care products where I introduce to you my haircare products if you have not had the opportunity make sure you go ahead and check out videos one and two if you're new here make sure you go ahead and subscribe and I thank you all so much for all your positive comments and your thumbs up make sure you come back tomorrow to check out the last video of the series where I will share with you my oral care routine I'll see you tomorrow bye

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