28 July 2010 - J Davis

Great Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann talks trailers with Jabba.

In 2008 MySpace Australia asked Jabba to track down their most extraordinary user. One of the challenges along the way involved collecting a few tips from ...


hey you know enjoy these is Jabbar here we do for the final challenge of the road to it now while we've been traveling around this great country documenting our epic adventure there's been another crew hard at work making their very own little story of course I'm talking about Baz Luhrmann's latest flick Australia I'm meeting up with the man himself to chat about the film and also grab some tips for making our own cinematic trailer for road tour the movie Baz Luhrmann thanks so much for appearing here on the myspace road to obviously we want to talk about your movie Australia what's coming out November 26 can you describe it what's it about it's that between the wars Lady Sarah Ashley who is played by nicole kidman is this sort of aristocrat woman and her husband's gone out to Australia with it to sell a cattle station which is the size of Belgium and they were that certain they are today she of course thinks he's having an affair and he is terrorism go out there awesome you know so she rushes out buster Asia gets there and when she arrives in Darwin which is it is exotic port the husband has sent a rough repugnant revolting

very unattractive drover Hugh Jackman sobering yeah right so we do a lot of work in making him very unattractive that wasn't her that was months of it was good right can they have to do this epic drove across the country of course she falls in love with the land and the drover and a mixed-race Aboriginal child and now her she's reborn again and her life is perfect except the war is coming and and and society says they shouldn't be together and they're trying to pull them apart and then they get lost as an argument and the child is actually put out on a mission of course at that time yeah of the stolen generation and will they find each other and then the Japanese come and Darwin is bombed and what's an epic Wow oh now spellin publicity for Australia we've sent this incredible trailer everywhere we go and I'm wondering we're making a trailer for the myspace road so how important is a good trailer to get people into a project avoid boy there very very important they like the flag of the film you put the flag up and say this is who we really are my advice to you is to convey the truth what is the truth of your shows a traitor for your

show on this trailer for the myspace road so what's the truth okay we've made a bunch of freaks they're competing to be the most extraordinary myspace user in Australia we've got a drag queen Speedway racer comedians car wait awaken your I can drive a car very far okay that's good yep can you design clothes will you mrs. can say that's okay that's to my help sometimes your father which is the we have a goddess who teaches wrapping it and as a dad um can you box actually yeah okay we got ten people we need to make a trailer to represent us having four girls at the Tempe yep well that speaks for itself because in the end right depending on how would their storytelling is there are just going to be what you would call trailer moments I guess our stories that we've traveled around the country to find the most interesting people here are the people who found so our stories the journey and their story is to your queen story no no wait on a quest here's the interesting thing has the journey changed you what is the journey in finding these people done for you got some good frequent flyer points out of it I knew he'd just have it a one-liner hana I've gone to

bronze now so yeah infocus Bowman that seriously have you ever been anything but justify my job not opening absolutely I mean particularly this one goes if I had a rapper kids on Isis up making this movie same thing I when they're going here I want to get me a little did you transform me I'm gonna be out in that country with working with indigenous people in this country and telling the story you can't not be changed by that 19-yard I've got to be you go out in this country and you really go out in it and you find the real people out there with that real but you can't not be changed by yeah to come with us on that journey or whatever you have to do and show them what you found but maybe you need to include your own experiences didn't okay well that's my only advice so I told you to one line answer tell the truth in an epic adventure one man will embark upon a journey to find what makes us all extraordinary to stand out from the crowd you need love Priscilla strength unnecessary and a bright blue combi featuring award-winning costumes stunning special effects we did that and show-stopping

musical numbers myspace pictures presents wrote or the movie however can't have dances of pasta shooting editing and uploading episodes from the road is bloody hard work but an intel centrino to powered notebook makes short work of it now's your chance to get the best computing experience for the road by winning one of ten intel centrino two powered notebooks to enter all you have to do is vote for your favourite extraordinary road to a contestant voting opens october first so stay tuned to the myspace road tour

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