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Governor's Cup Elim Post Draw - November 14, 2017

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non winners of two races in a year condition hello friends welcome back to the meadowlands post position draw show I'm Justin Horowitz here in the Meadowlands Race office joined by Meadowlands race secretary Pete Koch and presiding judge John Tomasello and Pete after last week we had no steaks on the car this coming Saturday nights chock-full of eliminations and good quality horses give us an overview of the card when you opened the Box this morning well this is the fall Final Four and it's for two-year-olds called Pacers Philly Pacers Philly trotters and culture otters and all the races actually ended up having between 11 and 13 entries and with the rules to the steak if if that ends up being the number entered then you just have one elimination and the horses with the highest seasonal earnings which would be their only year of earnings as two-year-olds are offered to buy and sometimes trainers take the buy and sometimes they don't but in the we're gonna draw the Governor's Cup which is the two-year-old called Pacers and is gonna go for north of 400,000 for 11 for 11 700 will be the final on

November 25th the elimination goes for 20,000 breeders crowned champions stay hungry we'll take the BAI as the highest money earner so explain the risk I guess you take then of taking a bye well the these buys they started I don't know 10 15 years ago and it really was for the betting public so that they didn't have to bet on five horse elimination races because nobody wants those and so although will only be eliminating one horse the winner of this elimination race is guaranteed to draw no worse in the six post position in the final so that that's a pretty big thing you know considering that you know if you get the 10 hole going for four hundred thousands very difficult so whoever wins this race you know will draw one through six so people can bet on the races with you know they not they want to ensure that they're gonna get a good post so and I worry about that in the elimination so and also these races this race is going to go for more money than any of the sire stakes finals in the country and it's it's an open stake and the Meadowlands is committed to maintaining these open stakes and these

stakes have a big impact on seasonal champions and just like in Hollywood where you know the movies that are in December they're they're the ones that probably get the most play as far as Oscars are concerned these later races in the year have a huge impact on on the divisional champion so Tony Alana's called stay hungry being a winner in the Breeders crown and if he was able to win this race he would really have a big leg up into being the two-year-old kopazar of the year but he will face perhaps the horse that was the favorite going into the Breeders crown as two-year-old pace earlier that'd be lost in time who won his Breeders crown elimination and then came up flat at three to five and now is entered for a new trainer remember Jim Mullenix had the horse in Ohio now he will be trained by some guy named actor for the first time that was kind of interesting absolutely and then there's you know there's always horses that are coming getting good at the at the end of the season and Tony Tony actually has a couple of ones that have race here the last couple of weeks who have looked very good American history there we go the button the most talented Colts since

captain treacherous according to myron bell for the brittany farms while so far he hasn't finished back of winning so he's win all three of his races and he's really looked good he kind of ran off on them last Saturday night and so it's it's it's really kind of a compelling race so we'll draw this a limb and we'll see where we go okay just a heads up to those watching a couple other names you might want to know and watch for Springsteen who just won the matron last week at Dover Downs that's another horse in here grand teton who was in the kindergarten final finished fourth fashion on the beach finished second in the kindergarten final closing statement was third in the breeders crowns second in the May Trin so a pretty good group there endorsed adoro Hanover for Ron Burke also in the breeders County of seven so these are pretty much big names at the end of the year absolutely and as we've been saying you know I mean for a couple of weeks on the show here that there is a lot of money involved at the end of the season here so it it's an important race and we're happy to host it here okay so let's uh let's draw these

entries here so all horses will be uncoupled in the elimination we will put all ten pills in the bottle no one will have any post position advantages to straight draw here for ten post positions this is the Governor's Cup elimination Saturday night ten entered in the elimination nine will advance to the final which would be the following week post six will go to Springsteen post ten lost in time the beaten favorite in the breeders crown who goes for Jim eat actor on Saturday night post one most one will go to the Ron Burt trained or sad or Oh Hannover seventh in the breeders crown final post three captain deo post three one of the Tony Alanya trained post eight closing statement will have post eight this one will go for joe holloway third in the breeders crown post five will go to fashion on the beach who is winless in his career but he was second in the kindergarten final for Jim Campbell post seven goes to grand teton the half-brother to readers crown champion pure country post nine will go to the undefeated American history who will try steaks company for the first time in his brief but brilliant career to post to

post two goes to rock lights who is a maiden but raced through the New York sire stakes this summer and post four will go to nutcracker suite' another one of the Jim eat after train this one's a half to sweet Lou he was fourth in the matron so those are the ten in the Governor's Cup eliminate and just quickly looking at the numbers here I think a big story would be that lost in time was looking to bounce back from that disappointing breeders crown final draws post 10 first start for Jimmy Tac Toe that's pretty well-documented story trainer Jim Mullenix going down to Florida for the winter and he personally dropped off the horse at Jimmy tacklers place and he will race him so in looking at this field and looking at the rest of the stakes and on Saturday I know we had the other eliminations and some TVG legs that we may see in advance of the big TVG finals which will go next week do you remember some big names that you might have seen dropped into the box that the people watching may be excited to see race this Saturday the TVG mare pace will have seven in there and it's a great field I saw up your country the

Breeders Crown winner Oh darlin on the beach Nike Franco bedroom confessions bedroom confessions a fast closing second in the Breeders crown the other legs did those what are we going to do with those they'll wait till next week some of them may qualify this week but the finals of the rich finals will be the week after and then we're just waiting on Jimmy T actor to decide if he's going to take the BAI with say mo different day in the valley victory Chuck Sylvester has taken a bi with hey blondie and the goldsmith made and then there's three fillies that get buys in the Philly pace the three diamonds - of ROM Berks and was the other one there was there's a lot of horses you gotta clink at all ones I just put you on the spot that was that was not very nice to me to put you on the spot this Saturday so we have those eliminations then the overnights how did those look Joe Holloway's filly it's the other one okay you are my Candy Girl so I think that's perks horse no the daughter of rainbow blue Rainbow Room there you go you're my candy girls Burke's a breeders crowned champion so she's getting the buy two of Ronnie's in

one of okay all right that's perfect now looking ahead to the 25th that's when we'll have the finals of these fall final for the TBG free-for-all finals and did you know we'll have the TVG money back specials on the 40 VG finals so that's a added benefit for the betters that night that's that's an unbelievable deal you know I mean the you could maybe you aren't a win better or something but you could become a win better there and if your horse finishes second or third you got the money back so you can take a shot on a horse who might be a decent price and if you feel like they have a good chance to win but maybe they just get beat and then you get your money back on your first $10 yeah tbg money back specials that's coming up in two Saturdays looking ahead to this Saturday I thought was interesting last week the survivor picked n got hit by one person and I'm told it was ticket purchased through twin spires dot-com and only cost $72 which was I thought was pretty cool because they took down more than 13,000 well whoever hit that was an excellent handicapper because they had the first

seven winners some that there there was a couple of free spaces as they say in gambling lingo but but there were some horses that were difficult to have but it's really kind of an exciting bad I've really kind of enjoyed following it it was it was kind of amazing that the first leg there was 16 over $16,000 in the pool and the horse paid for 40 in the first race and then after the first race there was 40 $400 left worth of people that were alive so there could clearly be a night that you might be able to hit this thing in three races if you know long shots come in so I think the pool is just gonna keep getting better and better and and the one thing great about this bet is that a lot of these other beds you know you're waiting for that mandatory payout and I well every night's a mandatory payout night so somebody's gonna get the green at the end of the night I think it's interesting the first week we did the bet two weeks ago would handled like eleven thousand six hundred last week it went up to like 16 thousand so that's a pretty good increase I'd like to see it take a huge jump for it I think I think the whole idea is to see 30 40 50 60 70

thousand you know even more in a perfect world where there's the chance for that one person who handicaps like this person did last week to get you know that kind of gigantic score on a 20 cent base wager well I I work for a general manager and he said to me one time that people want a better toothpick and win a lumberyard now so anyway an original or is that come from someone else because I like that well it wasn't my line was somebody I worked for in the past but they're really I mean everybody come to the track at night I mean that their hope is to make a big score well listen I think this bet is going to ensure at least somebody is gonna make the score so stay tuned for a few traditions ok that sounds good let's take a look at the full field now for the Governor's Cup elimination that we just drew again interesting to note lost in time the beat in favor in the breeders crown first time Jim eat actor this Saturday draws post 10 which will make things pretty interesting the matron winner Springsteen draws post six doors adoro Hanover Ferran Burke draws the rail and you can see their captain Deo and

American history to Tony Alanya trained horses will draw a post three and nine and then of course remembers stay hungry the breeders Crown champion gets a buy into the final so he will be waiting but he goes into the open draw for the final so that's the one risk he takes and remember the elimination winner will draw for posts one through six in the final so that is a look at the Governor's Cup elimination one of four fall Final Four eliminations that we will see on the Saturday night card for the two-year-olds plus the usual diet of interesting and compelling overnights which as soon as we're done here you will go back to your dungeon and put together for us how the box look today relative to pass well each each week is getting better so people are finding out that we're open and you know we do those little series so stash for the Chino series so they'll be the final four that I can't believe I didn't mention that already well it's a fan favorite so uh we want you to be on top of that I'll do better next time so that goes for seventeen five that we get a consolation also absolutely fantastic so - for the G notes fall final four limbs that's like

six races right there so that's pretty much half your job you just got to go find a couple more yeah we're gonna be okay we're gonna have 13 wagering events for your betting pleasure and there should be some interesting races there's there's good cults and good fillies and a little preview for the big night a week from Saturday all right well we thank Pete Koch the race secretary John Tomasello and you for watching us here on our Facebook live post position draw show I'll see you Thursday for the Jaeho show right here on Facebook live at four o'clock and then you can catch us this weekend live racing Saturday night at the Meadowlands 715 post time will bring it all to you coming up stay with us thanks for watching and we'll see you later see ya [Music]

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