13 November 2015 - Wes Greer

Golden Days of Yore and a snowy morning chat.

Reviewing C&D' Golden Days of Yore whilst having a nice chat sitting on the back porch after a snowy night in Colorado.

well good morning YouTube Wes here on

see a fairly snowy nice morning here in Littleton Colorado most of this will probably be melted by the afternoon anyway real quick about five minutes when I head out with my wife kids we're gonna go to the store before I head into work but you know I just wanted to give you guys a quick review of golden days of York this is I saw it on smoking pipes calm and I just thought it was a good looking good looking blend so to bring in the holidays it was different than I expected so anyway my life is simple quick I saw some smoking pipes calm and was interested to try it because um yeah it had the topping notes and all the different stuff and I thought would be pretty interesting I thought it would be more of an aromatic than it is but anyway it's not bad it's not what I was thinking was gonna be I definitely get some of these spices that are in this and they say there's cinnamon some nutmeg I think I definitely get that in this I don't really get sweet of course I am more used to mild aromatics I've drifted away from the English blends and

the Latakia blends recently and now the Christmas season is rolling around on anxious to put some of those on my Christmas list actually put quite a few blends from pipes and cigars on Amazon you can actually tag other websites on your Amazon wish lists so it's pretty awesome because then you can just tag anything from any website just if you're using Chrome you use the there's a button that you can download another little plug-in or a widget and whatever you want to call it an app and then you just as soon as you see something you click the Amazon button in the top corner and it'll add it to your wish list on Amazon and then once you go to Amazon on your wish list it'll say go to site to view item and so you click on that so it's pretty cool because if you share your wish lists with other people they can have access to it and go to the website so I I was a little bummed it's actually fairly cool outside I can barely tell that I mean just breathing I can seep my own breath so I'm wondering if this is actually lit I went on Scott's website on Arista Capcom and then tagged a few things on my

Amazon wishlist some Cobb foolery kits I think I'm gonna jump into a couple of those for the spring arista Cobb sorry cobb foolery kits for that contest the couple early spring contests yeah a some pretty interesting ideas some other pipes that I've seen him like I could probably turn that into a Cobb so anyway yeah so if you want to try this I'd be more than happy sorry I was gonna show this to you the whole time but I wanted to get a nice shot of the yard so you guys could see the weather and kind of the snow on the ground but this is golden days of yore by Grinnell and deal had a nice little rhyme like a poem something that kid it was on the tin and then I just tape I take labels to jars because it I think it looks there but anyway if you want some of this let me know I can send it over to you I know I said that about my Gettysburg but I ended up smoking all of that so to the people that requested some of that I apologized this has significantly dried out since I got it it was fairly dry when I got it but anyway my wife is looking at me from inside so anyway I see her getting the

kids ready anyway this is golden days of yore corn Elam deal it's pretty good not as much of an aromatic as I expected but just wanted to give you guys a quick review of this so anyway I hope you guys have a great Wednesday and who knows hopefully I'll get some tobacco for Christmas and actually my birthday is also in December so um I'm hoping to get some tobacco from family members and whatnot so anyway hope you guys have a great Wednesday we will see you later bye

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