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Going to the human Minecraft world

I don't know how but I'm building a portal to go to the Minecraft human world it's going to be hard but I think it might work.

yeah if you don't know well my name is

Liam hey this is my channel I got a cat roaming around and my dog's going around - and my ferret is right here yes I have for any animals the dogs apparent up but I have cute animals all to myself pretty much and you know so this is the minecraft edition times if you didn't see the title which since you already said that the city I saw the tile I mean yeah well you would see it's going to the Minecraft human world and they mean by that is we're doing yep so basically I made a portal just now and it's to go through the Minecraft world but also it's like in human form and it's dry I just painted it but this it's me I'm box but it's supposed to take you to remind that you mean Minecraft world because you would have powers of Minecraft but you would be it would be inhuman but real world so this is it very nice and that's the button that's the button that I am supposed to activate it and then we'll see where it sets but oh yeah I had let's do something oh so we can I go outside to look around okay I just gotta see you know this is if you haven't seen it then a up okay so we're going to get my shoes on

me that's it yes to the bark and um so Mike this is might not be the video because parents like college but still does it really matter to me so just gotta get some strips flying to my shoes and I'm fine do I shoes okay can I get no matter they might be stuck let's go okay don't know I am a master at building portals and I just built one and now I am totally don't see me it's very break step dang I do it to the car there's a car that so by the way if you don't know this I'm eight but I've been on starting the truth being have allowed to go to places everybody myself water gun fight alone with no pants and there's two eight and ten so usually people like kids stay out write this out and they're like a lemon but no but I can't go around not that far though just like to this park because yeah hello dangerous because I don't know anyway so I don't really know how to get back home there's some click through some places except for my school into this park with just out there see that house it's my house and we're already at my heart which is why I'm allowed to go missing yeah longer yeah okay so since we're

letting that portal drive to the human minecraft work we got a seat walk around this park and do some laps and time myself and see if I can go very fast I can't really gonna let that like I can go pretty fast so let's see you ready okay three two one come on twenty seconds but pretty fast to go around yeah but whoa that's hard so what do it again ha my time to be is 20 seconds but 20 seconds is very hard to beat but I'm trying to go my think I want to go to 15 seconds by the way yeah if you haven't succeeded we want you to see you can subscribe trying to post notifications and like the video and 10 second so yeah ready ten nine eight seven six five four three two one jump if you could do that stuff comment down below fan of the week I know you're famous a week and you will be very appreciated and if you're the fan of the week for five four weeks we're probably what we do back then you will get you will be on one of my videos only if I know you though and it was in Washington very hard to do that still you'll be very appreciated so let's see if I can do this beat go to 15

seconds 3 2 1 yeah 17 18 19 what thank you second suckiness yeah Laurie you tired whoo-hoo just fit okay and the final round then I'm gonna go back see strike if not we're gonna do something with my cat a new cat yep and then know if it'll probably be dried by then we'll start the amazingness later this is actually a corny crouch I don't know what that is try to stay up all night but not really gonna do that till like almost 12:00 so pretty much kiss Monday but many more are they so and Humphrey day and I don't you know this happened but also if you're watching this this is 2018 and if you're in the future in 2019 hello future hope it's good there and I wouldn't know so yeah this is going pretty long and it's going to be actually awesome though do a bunch of Minecraft theme things so let's walk around in Minecraft yeah and I'm gonna try a get some stuff for mandatory broad survival it'll really start once they actually good in Minecraft and they rope then I'll probably be good I found pine cone I got to get a bunch of pine cones again and you dig through

this brick wood so let's do this I just got up a brick this way and I got wood in my even play literally quick so let's go back up you go once it'll be the guy yo Mac Oh barely but well it's time to make it very bright ah okay drink okay so let's go to the Minecraft world I stopped we're back home okay it's hot yep okay check for the post okay to go to the line okay ah yeah thanks a portal light we dried let's check yep it's dried so go into it as you can see that charging yeah whoa that actually worked you can see there are bricks everywhere it looked human just what should it look like though peat bogs and so forth and this is usually what it looks like um very very Minecraft II let me see if I can even do it oh wow I actually have an exact quarry and now I got some torches I got put them around there though hmm she charges off and Wow I'm gonna see in my inventory I actually have a little snowball like a little snowball in my inventory I think this is

creative mode let's see if this snowball works guys it actually worked and I have another one it just appeared in my hand I don't know what happened but um I don't know if I can do this but I feel like I don't know how I have all these in like my pocket okay let me go back into my inventory okay I for some reason have a mop the amazing cool mop so no idea what this is about no idea how I got here though it's very weird like no idea like I don't even know how I have the camera in here like I don't know how I have this camera in here and it's not it's probably like part of my inventory so I really hope it is because that would be weird if it isn't okay don't worry I can't open this lock like those minecraft things that you can feel like carrots those all make dude like you can hang a bunny I've came to wolfing a real night but I don't know how this happened like burrito let me see if I have any one that spawned it it's fine okay uglies okay I'll even have a spawn dog I have a spawn cat and for some reason there's one carrot spawn ferret I don't know how I have these like these

are all the animals that have in my house that's probably right so I'm gonna click on spline fun dog okay it's loading what the heck there's literally my dog right here I think since they have all these in the real world they just popped up on the inventory and stuff because they probably like or colored captives in the real world that can bring them in easier so I have to G have nice my dog Saturn right with me this is a very weird I actually don't know how we're gonna get out of here but we're gonna try it's actually very early in today let me check what time it it is it it is I actually probably can't so I just gotta get oh I think I know I can get my mom just okay so my dog should leave loader okay my dog is gone wow this is amazing I don't know how I'm here in this minecraft e world but I am oh my gosh I'm glad I am this is actually a really good thing that just worked or else you guys may be probably disappointed take heart get into my inventory get my snowball this okay so once I got my snowball I can get I can change this thing to change that back into this you

know well cuz they're saying they're the only two things on my head and since they're the only things I've used and the squander but very weird but I'm gonna get out through this ice chest okay go through sorry snowball but I'm putting you away drop out drop out and drop out okay so let's charge to yeah well I actually got back here and I'm home glad that I am apparently this could not be a 24 hour challenge because it's actually playing a while you see the time and okay so that was awesome very awesome thanks for watching okay I hope you liked it and number again Stubbs feed like it like turn on the post notifications and goodbye yeah

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