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Hey Sassy Ones! You're welcome to watch my very first YouTube video! Feel free to watch to the end and I'd love to have you as a Subbie and give it a thumbs ...

you guys how to eat the chili first

we're gonna do like this and that's it don't forget to get oh hi guys welcome to my channel it has been so long since I've been getting persons telling me that I need to do a channel and so here I am my very first video and very excited about this and you know I just want for this journey to be something that everyone can appreciate it's not going to be you know perfect and this was actually why I took so long to start the whole YouTube thing in kids how all that everything to a perfect but I know it cannot be that way and so I'm just gonna start I've just charted and here too so this video is I get ready everyone get ready don't worry I'll be doing something like that but it's not that get ready with me I'm gonna start to with you know just kind of getting my subscribers oh by the way need to subscribe subscribe and give this a thumbs up you know after you finish watching the video and if you like it so far but pretty much this is just a video to let you kind of get to know me you know before I start to you know introduce you to what the channel is going to be a both so I had asked some questions on Instagram and I had

some persons you know asked some questions along with some question that I saw online so here girl hey for the first question is what is your full name my full name is shafa'a Shoshanna Hilton okay it's it absolutely alright what does your name mean well my I only know about my first name really my first name well means I need you to run clean that's what my dad told me or my mom but everyone told me at ease they told me that shovel Shabba Ranks give their need my name today cuz you know they're very good friends so yeah pretty much an Egyptian queen thanks Appa you'll appreciate all these ears yeah where were you born I am a Jamaican so yes I addy am i Yadier was born here in Jamaica Kingston see not true hmm yes which of your parents are you closest to mama yeah we're just gonna leave that there my yeah which off your parents are you more like both I have some ways of my dad I'm some ways of my mom yeah yeah we're just gonna leave that there as well right what is your favorite snack

my favorite snack is so Danzo I don't know if anybody knows that chip it's I think it's from st. Mary's yeah I don't remember what it's the name of it it's organza here in Jamaica there is this it's a plantain chip so it's sweet and it's fresh and it's like yeah I know I don't really see our own anymore but back then it's the Jumbo no I love chickens like chippies is one of the rarest banana chips can ever find on fine anywhere in Jamaica but it's our own there's specific gas stations are having really a finding is really the best compliments you have ever received jeez on crime poverty just last night a friend of mine say all he had just admired my teeth and I'm like seriously I to be honest I don't know Mikey yeah I wish the cutting person I see they look nice but I think they look ok but on camera them look weird so fast if I if I come on and turn sideways by no I don't like them I don't have my teeth but that's just like the best compliment I've ever heard oh and that people look my boy is that my voice is like you know like a radio personality type of thing like I'm going me do ya

what is your favorite type of clothing a lot my favorite type of clothing is something that is trending and something that people won't hardly ever see you in yeah I just like to stand out and I like to be different and a lot of people always tease me about you know like something that I might have on growing up but I kind of got that but I just really never I was just that type of person who are reading about here so screw you oh yeah do you prefer kissing or cuddling you know I like I like food what was the first concert you ever attended oh my god listen to me I would commit it with high school and I almost listen to me oh that was such I mean it's my mother's a Christian and she wanted me to wear this long piece of skirt got onto my knee to the people there were high hope concert and I was like when we I'm not feeling this job right now I'm not finna go to this concert you have been wearing me flung himself ah no so I never get to go it's just a bug on behind so you know I once that was gonna be the phrase that was the first one cuz we drove in and

everything you know but then when we see everybody totes another bus ride on and then yeah I just I felt no I was not going to wear that long skirts I was yes I was a very I was ashamed I couldn't step out into its you're mad boy that what was your first job I think my first job was at American here like oh my first job was as being 26 that was our restaurant a wine restaurant that was at Devon most a very popular ice cream location tourist attraction in Jamaica and yeah I love these but I couldn't stay there no no no no when was the last time you cried but listen to me the last time I cried was when I was eating Galveston and I was leaving a friend man Josh it was because as much as home I never liked people they want some other people that wanted I work it up there in Galveston I love mushrooms they made experience so good for me I just like I was Erlang you know I'm fan so that was really the last time I cried and yeah let's not talk about you I miss you guys I hope you're watching by the way that was so cool [Music]

who never cafe Matt Burd lob can't buy any other islands I'm mmm Macau fights all right that's his first thing messed up one thing I didn't I'm not a fighter I'm all over all right so no yeah I catch the scallop a bitch gyaku Oh who was your favorite celebrity crush oh sure like oh sure I'm Krista martini okay so if we're speaking you know international Oscar I always loved oh sure oh sure has been my husband so all the girly from TLC my face was always in front of her if you could give your younger self an advice what would it mean oh my gosh girl don't worry you're going to look good article in a future so just Dobies naquadah Nikita Boyer who would never like you know the first please I used to be bullied believe it or not I really used to be bullied in because I'm a TV channel I used to be bullied because I'm a tease and it wasn't really by people who were in a school I mean yes in school but not as much as when I was in church I know it's kind of hard to believe but guess by people who were in church I was a sad human being cuz I used to feel isolated and was not about

feeling you know he needs it me and even when I tried it I was such a nice girl people are not bad Merriman one thing you don't know that you wish you had known as a kid I wish I know is going to be a makeup artist and a you to go because I would have started earlier I feel as though when you start early you retire early I think that makes so much sense and you should do it to like do what you love do what you want to do and start early so you'll be good at it early and you will retire early I mean I don't even feel like I'd ever retire but at least I'll have a bit I'll have a head start in the game more than some people who are unsure say no before and know a long time I would enter poverty you take and do hospitality and tourism management a medium crusty journey stressed me out and never I want to go to Paris that make up for Amari Harry if I had know only 500 say are some of your bad habits I bite my nails and I kinda would tell people [Music] not a lobotomy right what countries have you visited I have visited Galveston New

York Miami those are other countries I have visited you do a party can imagine that don't scale of the other with what countries have you visited as you say fun Ohio so I plan to bits to visit Dominican Republic though I really want to that's my dream hey taxi boo what do you consider unforgivable you doing that right um somebody step in a macho after I just yeah what do you do for a living well Corinth Lee I do microbe lady lash extensions and makeup proudly wearing the sash of mace so sassy makeup artist [Laughter] [Laughter] protectable right in fact I don't think about what all other have you ever suffered a fracture yes were we fractured to pneumonia I remember one time let me tell you a story so one time we felt height very high turned out he decided we live on a pea second and we decided that we're going to do racing it was Christmas this charity and we decided that you were going to Greystone even to bicycle so me and my sister was

not one bicycle and my older sister was on the other so midair right we put under I gained three can you see this right here this and this that one right here people saw us that would probably fell off the bike that way that way I don't know how it went but I just know that we were crying all crying going walking back up here I don't know how it happened but tell me why did you start doing me go I'm so tired pelvis sorry yeah so let me tell ya how I thought it and why it starts to do me hope so the reason why I started to do makeup way laughing I'm not a bad person you know I'm G ba wishing you anyway we do not care is why I started to do makeup was because of a friend of my sister she wants I have done her makeup before and she loved it you know at that time I was not a profession or anything at attack so you get makeup my kids and she was it for me to do her makeup on I did her makeup on she lovely she wanted it on the line for me to do her pairing to her mother's makeup for her wedding and I was like huh okay sure no problem you know it would it be much money because I'm no

profession I don't have any product so I said to her just give me a second I let me find out from my other makeup artist for you so much the charge and then come back see I told her like three thousand something that time but then three thousand dollars to this three thousand dollars is like two grand for do somebody fee anyway that's not money right it's cuz I would I plan to buy a black a black black opal foundation or something which would I be like less than granny so you know session I really paid so I told her the price and she was like she was like are you serious like is it permanent makeup and then she went on to ask is it going to be done professionally seriously why would you ask that office is not good we don't professionally because I'm not a professional that's why you're not getting professional price girlfriend yeah pretty much I think the last thing I ended up saying to her was let's hope we can actually afford me when I do become a makeup artist and I must say I really appreciate that young girl for pushing me because it has made me realize that certain things genomic but

I oh you don't let that allow you to be negative all the way through a life using negative things and let them I love you to make positive decisions you know so pretty much use the negativity to push forward positivity y'all understand what I'm saying I'm so excited for the next video don't forget to subscribe and like my video and I will definitely look forward to you guys telling me as well what kind of videos you want to see from me like what kind of makeup looks obvious I'm gonna be doing makeup on my videos I might I'm a turd um so yeah let me know what makes you'd love to see all I do are you hi guys welcome to my channel thank you so much for tuning in I don't think we're gonna go hi guys welcome to my channel official from one bye Felicia

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