16 May 2017 - Genius is Common Movement

GENIUS IS COMMON - Dr. Phyllis Jackson Hamilton

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listen it's a girl learned a lot

properties he bands as his teacher I'm here yes Lord I'm hearing right calling the day listen somebody asked me to do mr. Bruce George asked me to do al projects for a month and so it's genius is common so he wanted me to talk about geniuses common I want to tell you about the genius in me all right I'm gonna turn on this music so you can really hear from Ojai so you can know how the genius operate all right all right now so listen genius is common amen as I said I'm a prophet as evangelist teacher that's the gift gift given to me by God you know and I'm talented in the way that he held me to display the thing to the word the prophecy the training the teaching by way of the genius the God in me amen I got to put it to the God because it's all because of him and when I finish this you too also will also see how this genius is so great in all of us in it and it is very common but man makes it not comment by allowing you to grab hold to fear let go of fear there's no ceiling God told me to go outside and he said look around when I was on my three-day journey and he said look around he said there's really no silly man he

says no silly he said so you could reach as high as you want to reach it's up to you so you can't let allow anybody to bring fear in your space so you got to understand the genius is common in you so when I begin to do a research and study this word genius and this is what I found out of that the origin of this word the depths of this word is having a position of a guardian or protector of a person place of thing and I thought about that and I said you know what that's what God said he is he watch over us he go on us he protect us in places he takes his people and he protect things then I came around and it talked about the deity this word genius when you really deep dive on it and and you really pull and glean from it it talked about divine character or nature a Supreme Being a divinity that's what I got my doctrine in divinity so I thought about this I'm not Wow I said this is really God and God said yes it is me he said many people won't accept God they won't accept my son Jesus they won't accept a lot of the names that surround me he says so how can I reach them he said I gotta come in and reach them in a

way that makes allows them to see that there is something in them that I am trying to pour out of them that they will search and seek me with a whole heart and they don't tend to lean on what they try to understand but in everything they do they begin take knowledge to God this who is the greatest genius that made everything common in all may I gave everybody a gift and a talent they seek me so when we look at the word common we're talking about belonging equally to an entire community a nation I'll culture genius is common so allow me to let you see how common that genius works in me there are two active kingdoms in the earth one visible one invisible I will show you how they work the genius in me the God in me the gift in me that God gave me and made it to be a genius so listen hard let let me let you know how this works when you're going to book of Genesis and I know people don't stop pump your brakes we talking about the genius you want to see how you moving into earth this genius in me I'm just going to allow you to see it to know

where you're actually seeking from what you think it from the higher genius or the Lord so let's get to this when you think about in the book of Genesis when Joseph and a butler and a banker were thrown into jail they had a dream Joseph interpreted their journey Pharaoh came and released the butler and the banker from the prison but left Joseph and Joseph eggs the butler to remember him so as we know most people won't remember you into something trying to cap it Pharaoh had a dream and Pharaoh had magicians sorcerers child Ian's that work for him that interpreted things for him but this dream they couldn't interpret and the chief Butler says to Pharaoh I know a man they can interpret your dream who defy who did Joseph walk with God Almighty and he knew the greatness was in him that was greater than them that's what a genius is pointing to say deity Supreme Being you are seeking the ultimate goal when you walk with this genius which is God Almighty Joseph interpretive dream he end up being ruler over a lot in Pharaoh's Kingdom let's talk about Moses Moses and Aaron God told Moses I'm going to make

you a God in the face of it Pharaoh he told Aaron walking with him and you will be the Prophet he took Moses aside and he told Moses I need you to throw your rod on the ground it turned into a serpent he said pick it up it turned back to the rod he said put your hand in your bosom take it out it was white as snow he said put it back in he put it back in he said take it out it was flesh again he sent Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh and when they arrived their feral child Dean sorcerers and magicians was there and they had these snakes all running on the ground God told Moses throw your rod down Moses threw down his rod and when Moses threw down his rod it turned to a serpent and ate all their snakes up he said pick it back up he picked it back up and then disease arrived again you go over into the New Testament and Paul and Silas was only way to Macedonia and it was this young lady doing their travel that they ran into Jean was into divination and she was making money for the magistrate of that town she was telling them what Paul and Silas was they're doing and Paul got tired of her telling what they were doing and they went and they healed her

and the magistrate's of that town got so angry they beat them and ran them out so here's the point I'm driving to you there's two forces two competing forces for the God in you that's the greater genius that God has given you it's a seed in you and that seed need to be watered what water or you drink it to cause it to live the greater way I like the fact that this genius speaks about the truest measure of a genius is whether a person works their work resonate throughout ages now the word tell you your work is going to be tried in the file by God and if they burn up in what loves him but if it make it to eternity it was of God your work will be tried and when you do your work in the Lord you're not doing it in vain it shall see you in eternity sorry but you know the word genius is common most people say you got it I know I got it because anybody that sit before me and I'll talk with you I can let you know what tools you operate with in the lathe I can take you right in the Word of God to let you see where you stayin genius is common the scene is in everybody got place to see there the

question is the question is have you discover the genius in you and how do you seek to nurture the genius in you as I said earlier there's a visible God and there's a unvisible there's two kingdoms in the earth both of them are here the invisible and the invisible and how you seek to nurture that kingdom that genius that's in you will leave a sound in the earth to know that God made that genius coming and all me and can well I gotta go so I was just here to let you know of genius is common in all so who is the genius in you what is the genius in you how is the genius operating in you well I will show host today prophet is Phyllis and I hope that you learned a lot from what I brought to you today [Music] so reach for the sky incidents instance where you going to see the genius that's where you go see the Supreme Being that's where you're going to see them so I'm your host Providence evangelist teacher Phyllis Jackson Hamilton they came by way of Houston Texas that brings all things from a heavenly perspective amen that's the Supreme Being of it all

you can visit my website evangelist Phil jackson.com and I'm bonafide and authentic so my phone numbers out there give me a call anytime too late 1/8 to 569 hundred if you see the genius is commenting me it's on the move and it's ready to be released right now to share it with the world to let everybody know just as Godsey is a level that's the cross there's no big eyes or little use I didn't make nobody bigger than the love I just gave people different assignments and how they seek that genius is before it is up to them they have a wheel a wheel can be lived by way of God or it can be lived by way a man they have to make that choice of how they will anneal Jesus came people say all girl was known Jesus and I don't want to get all she because he wanted me to tell you geniuses coming but you got to see this genius how it works in me so you can stop making this Bible in this life as a fairy tale and know that you got to go on then deal somewhere else and that genius in you has to be nurtured in a way that when you get there didn't know where a genius a I told you saying say you'll work out a resonate through the ages that means it

got to go on and leave so we promote the genius in you how you gonna go on and live beyond this space you live it amen there's a genius that's in you a man I can't say I got to get ready to go you all but let me let you know G yes it's common in you and just as Jesus walked the earth for all mankind to see how common that genius was he struggled in the Garden of Gethsemane and he said not my will but thine will be done he said look at her I know it's a wheel that I can excel but I'll choose except the wheel that God gave me everybody has been given free wheel up how they going to operate the god genius in them how are they going to operate this god genius in them or they go operated by way of a heaven by the supreme Supreme Being are they gonna operated by way of me you choose that that's your life you choose all I can tell you is I walk with the Most High God the genius just in me they gave me the gift that isn't in you so I love you I gotta go and you all just be blessed in the Lord and just be highly favored I know it genius the God in you that is

the genius genius is common

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