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FUNalysis Ep 010 2018 IRI Q93

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I think right now I think what most of

you want to do is let's jump in to fact to 2018 and talk about the IRI that just happened so Dan you picked an interesting qualifying match for us before we get to finals number three tell us what you got all right so and I arrived we saw a lot of close matches and Nick will be talking about finals three which is probably the match you guys are everyone's most familiar with but I wanted to talk about another match match 93 that had a really close score and it's thanks to the blue Alliance that they were able to come out ahead just barely buy some good strategy all around so before the Imagine starts it looks like the red side has the advantage 33:57 their world finalists they have six blue banners to spear and they are just amazing I love 33:57 and they really knocked out of the park this year 6:24 is also on the red alliance and they've had their first successful season since 2015 I think to blue banner victories and doing very well at champs and then finally to round it out 133 is easily a top team in the New England district so the red alliance seems to be incredibly strong here and the blue

mines they weren't they weren't bad by any means they were very quality teams it's so being the match were in Auto ok and Auto was fairly uneventful it was fairly even 624 and 23:37 both play in that first cube and then 23:37 misses the second cube while 624 grabs it but it misses the scale at the end of ATO but I won't want a pause right at the very end about it right now so on the red side there are four cubes in the switch if you can tell 33:57 ran a 2 cube with switch auto and so did 133 so there are four cubes in that switch right now and at the very end of autonomous 133 has one cube in their robot and during tele op let's unpause it and see what they do with it okay alright and pause again so 133 decides to drop that last cube that they had and theirs into their switch before grabbing another to go onto the scale now just keep that in mind cuz it's gonna be important later alright so 469 is over on the blue side and they're just picking up one final cube and keep an eye on 469 this entire match they're gonna stay around that area and completely zone out the red alliance from scoring cubes and we see

23:37 instead of picking up that cube that they missed in autonomous they decide to go over and grab some of the cubes from the opponents switch area so let's unpause it 624 and 33:57 are both loading cubes up and onto their switch now something small here is 33 57 and 624 can we pause so at the very beginning of tele op 624 goes over to the red side to pick up a cube and so does 3357 where as at the end of tele op on the blue side 302 picks up a cube from their cube stack and 23:37 picks up a cube from there from the opponent's switch side so already they're staying there going from two different piles or areas while 3357 into 624 getting in each other's way trying to draw from the same pile so now we're moving on a bit and 469 6 or 133 rather tries to go for the cubes on the blue side but 469 completely boxes them outs and they go over to grey grab some from the exchange zone so 469 is not letting them get any of the cubes on that side and 302 and it's feeding them to 302 302 is trying to take all them and put them on their scale so what else can they do besides start drawing from their cube stack because there's no cubes left

skinny paws are here so already at 80 seconds the red alliance has no cubes left on their Cube stack that is that's huge for still being not even for being so much left so much time left in the match over half the time left in the match and there's no keeps on the red side now 624 put three cubes in four in the vaults for levitate but all the other ones were used either on the switch or on the scale and meanwhile the blue Alliance has almost a full stack still and they're owning the scale right now so they've been remaining even by just having 469 guard the cubes and having 23:37 charge at it keeps on the red side in order to almost starve the red alliance of cubes for the match and for 69s not even letting them get any from the opponent's or from the human player station they're not laying them get them easily so if we can just keep resuming the match now at 70 seconds we see 624 planks of Defense on 23:37 and it doesn't really make a big difference considering blue owns the scale right now so their efforts might be better off scoring but doesn't make prints and cubes drop on the red side and it's not

a big deal again because it just gives them more cubes but had they had those on the scale the entire time things might have gone differently so at 45 seconds 469 abandons their post from guarding and 3357 was able to grab the final cube on the blue stack so they do that and now 469 302 are both focusing on the vaults and that's really important because the vaults that the red Alliance doesn't have only has three cubes rather in the vaults for levitate and the blue Alliance has so many cubes left over that they can use for power-ups and just the vault having points or halving cubes in the vaults so they're doing that and a 37 seconds look at the score it's almost identical it's going up and the scale is even and 178 to 180 so the scores are so close every little point is going to make the difference in this match so if we can keep going alright at 30 seconds we can pause one more time so 6 24 33 57 go up to climb and same thing with 469 and 302 so what's significant about this is the six twenty four and thirty three fifty seven are the two best scorers on the Alliance climber Lee is risky considering the scores are so close but

it seems like 23:37 is going over to do the vault so they're not gonna put any more cubes up leaving one 33 with a good opportunity to get the scale in their favor it is pretty early but at the same time 624 is ramp you got to make sure you line it up correctly so it makes sense and 302 and 469 are doing the exact same thing trying to do a double climb so at the very in the last 25 30 seconds of the match we're just gonna see 133 versus 223 37 and let's see what they each choose to do 133 goes over to their vaults and realizes that they have no cubes left so in the last 18 seconds the blue Alliance plays okay so they made a mistake here the blue Alliance plays boost on their scale with two cubes when they probably meant to do a force on their scale with two cubes so that was a bit of a mistake there but I mean it's gonna be significant at the same time but the red Alliance let's see if they do anything to capitalize on it so the red Alliance grabs one cube left one cube from their vault and with eight seconds left they try to score it now if they had grabbed that cube that's sitting right by the scale that the head

ref is currently covering right now if they had grabbed that one cube and put it in the vault and done a single powerup that might have changed the course of the match and again the blue Alliance played the force on their swing edge instead of the scale by accident that's okay because that's still 15 points in the vaults that red alliance didn't get at the end of the match so if we can if we want to keep the video plain to see the final score and that's the unofficial come on final score and if you remember back to the beginning of telly op I bet 133 really wishes that they had that extra cube right now they could have put that in the vault and just done one boost on the switch and could have changed the entire course of the match so that was match 93 and it didn't have any effect really on eliminations or the rankings none of the teams were really going to be in the captain position or anything like that but it was just a very well-played match by the blue Alliance who were a little bit they were they were the underdogs in that match in 469 played some great defense that allowed them to keep up with a three red scale

Alliance strategy all right yeah do you have any thoughts I mean it's kind of crazy where this year yeah the bulk of the match is what kind of done after sixty seconds but when you get into these matches that were so close then it's just like you flip a coin like you know it's like one thing here a couple seconds early on a cube a couple seconds late on the cube makes all the difference and I mean we're gonna you know we keep talking about finals three without talking about it like yeah we're gonna get into here like you know like Dan said you know like one extra cube in the vault and then any power up is gonna get you an extra you know there you go red you got this here or blue could have done a multitude of things to expand their lead and so yeah athlete I mean I don't know what else to say other than close matches are close like yeah at IRI it just seemed like there are so many keeps going in the scale on each side that it was so important to not overdo it with anything else if you put too many cubes in the switch those were cubes that you didn't have in the vault or on the scale and that came back to bite people sometimes yeah I think it's

interesting um things shifted because I I know early on the year people start to talk to us cube scarcity and they kind of said okay well at some point teams are gonna start you know making portal runs and the portals are gonna get exhausted but truly the portals never really did get exhausted it's just because the portal runs were so long that you have to make teams were pulling from from their dequeue pile teams were fight those six cubes in the set the twelve cubes in the center were so important but the length of the portal run it just was like it just was never worth it and so teams actually started scoring less on the switch and that's to the point where the switches became irrelevant and sisters matches where teams would just get there one or two in each and they were leaving it and they were daring he good as your opponent didn't want to waste their scale cubes on the switch first which they may never end up controlling so I if that's something and truly there's rarely things that really surprised me over the long haul the game that's one that I just didn't see coming that people were just gonna this the switch

though the one the one nothing stalemate from the two switches I was just kind of thought that was gonna be three different battles going it was gonna be tactical yeah - like everything just jumping on the scale and the portal runs not even happening and you know to the point where Nick's in the show as a match where like he wasn't even bothered to levitate right interesting question from the chat from oh man 15:06 is I wonder why they didn't have 133 Klein thoughts I mean it was just you got to pick one to climb and it really having 6:24 had to be the you know the first climber and when it came down to 33 57 versus 133 to be the last people standing it kind of makes sense because 3350 said score the cubes in a unique way they do score it how do you how would you say it's unlike on their side essentially on their side and they try to stack them in yeah and when the scales up that high and it's not really this cubes aren't packed in super nicely I think it makes more sense for 133 to be at the final one if they were trying to keep going on the scale yeah but they own the scale at the end of the match so

what they really needed was a cube in the vault and then you know doesn't really matter who it is whoever both um can do it frailer yeah just looking as we watched that replay there there was no way they were gonna get that portal cube down to the vault I don't think but you're right that cube that was sitting in front of the rep there they tossed that over at the vault yeah I mean close matches are close yeah they might have gotten scared off by how close it was to being under the scale plate and worried if they could reach it but we certainly have a much better view from the side of the field and they do it and maybe they thought was a little bit closer to being under the under the plate into difficulty and Nick actually brings up a really good point if you look at Burt's robot it is very tall yeah if they drive under the scale to try and get back to you they could make contact with the scale cubes could start falling and bad I saw that happen a couple times this weekend whether I was watching matches and teams went under the scale at the try and get a cube and they're like I'm trying to swear less on this show but everything went to poop City oh there's

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