14 July 2017 - KTN News Kenya

Former TJRC Chairman Bethuel Kiplagat dies after long illness

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prominent Kenyan ambassador Bethel Kip

Leggett who was the chair former truth justice and Reconciliation Commission teacher a teacher see he died this morning now Kip legate who's Korea and the public service was dogged with controversy in his sunset days past on a Friday morning at the Nairobi hospital where he had been hospitalized the late ambassador Kapila got served in retired President Daniel to reteach Arab moist government as a top diplomat for 13 straight years in commissions from 1978 to 1991 when he served as Kenya's ambassador to France High Commissioner to Britain and prominent sector in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 2003 and 2005 he was Kenya's special envoy to the then vote on Somalia in its delicate peace process in his condolence message retired president Daniel Moy described ambassador Kip Leggett as a patooty Kenyan who gave the best of his abilities to the service of his nation he father says it is his humility and love for this country that enabled the late ambassador to rise to the highest levels of civil service and diplomacy Villette ambassador Bethel Kip legate a seasoned diplomat had a long career in public service whose climax came when he

served as a chairman for the truth justice and Reconciliation Commission the TGR see a commission whose tenure was dotted with controversy and whose report despite being tabled in parliament is yet to be implemented his appointment to chair the Commission kicked off his term from the word go as he came and attack over his alleged past human rights abuses ostensibly for his role in the 1994 horrendous Rogalla massacre in Wazir some of the commissioners appointed to serve with him in the Commission resigned as a matter of principle after Kip Leggett retained the chair position kitten MSA money gwampa mimi tina Hachiya controversy did not end there even as the commission of submitting its report the team was sup Lee / claims that names of powerful individuals had been left out of the final report forcing those with dissenting views to decline to sign in support of the final report a never-ending controversy that has followed the report he thought ro despite its handing over to the president and subsequent tabling in

Parliament it's yet to be debated with the blame being directed to the 11th Parliament he reports to Lopakhin a Kibaki to kassadin and oka ostracod Salima cucamonga me a commune a modern a similar to Java Kafka Bungay generally the first thing is just prioritized in the order or the pepper of the house so that this report it at least debated so the House Business Committee is the one that you know schedules business for the house and who chairs the House Business Committee is a speaker for the National Assembly so you can you can roughly guess where the blame lies until the majority leader is the one who is responsible in terms of advancing the government agenda if the government is not committed is not interested he'll be lopping he'll be lobbying to make sure that you frustrated that's agenda does not see the flow of the house so really in this case you've got in their hands I don't have to tell you every committee of the house has not less than 13 members of the opposition what is their business in the house we believe is that it was a bit of politicized now they're currently game thought like maybe these things going to open a lot of problems

on land issues on all those issues so we feel that the government was scared you know of this report it is debate or maybe it is an implementation what is now remaining is for the exertive led by the attorney general as a chief legal advisor to create the committee the standing committee that will oversee the implementation of the compensation programs for these canyons in one way or the other who are affected under as per the report of the TRC best person out to be asked why he's not formulating the committee and I'm sure the fiber we cornices is the the chief legal advisor the T GRC Act mandated the Commission to establish historical abuses on human rights between 12 December 1963 and February 28 2008 which was the end of the 2007 2008 post-election violence when the national Accord was signed bringing to an end the chaos of the then disputed presidential election results in the light of what had happened and maybe even before a team exposed look very carefully where are the witnesses we we try and amend and change those weaknesses that are there are 8-1 years ambassador Kip Lagarde becomes the

fourth prominent kenyan to take a final bow in a period of two weeks after senator gg karaoke CS Joseph from Kayseri and from a powerful Minister Nicholas B ward Duncan Himba kt news of course the let kipler get solved in various other portfolios he was a peace ambassador he led several peace missions among them at this mission in Somalia as well as one in South Sudan so we've compiled some pictorial just to give you some sort of a remembrance of Kipling Oh Hey [Music] Oh the same [Music] now President or kanata is a dismal

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