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Flight of the Garuda. Song 4: Initiation Into the Nature of Mind.

This is a commentary on song 4 of Flight of the Garuda. One could say they are pointing out instructions.

well hi everybody it's been a while had

some issues with the computer but found a way to get around them one of the things I'm going to do I got a timer here i'm going to set it to beep at nine minutes so i don't go over the a lot of time by youtube I haven't find creative way to deal with that we're talking about flight of the Garuda this is the signal time because it's the first commentary now Keith dominate a list of you know separating which of these songs is sums or paragraphs is pointing out which was a meditation instruction so without that list on my hands right now I'm going to pick let's see about initiation into the nature of mine that sounds like a fairly of introductory segment and again I will read a little then try to comment based on my own region and experience which is not fast but the text also can be found at clear light videos dotnet clear Olivia's on that in the text section um Emma whole an expression of joy again my beloved sons and daughters gather Ron and listen during the analysis an examination of your minds and the manner described above and that's the V pashana practice of course when you fail to find a mind quote unquote in other words when we

practice a fashion on were instructed to look for something concrete does the mind what's the color of the mind blue red what's the shape of the mind something concrete that we try to find an in fact failure in this case is success you know these things can be taken it's just articles of faith but really every practitioner needs to go into their own mind confirm you couldn't find a mind that you could point and say this is it and when you fail to find so much as an atom that you could call concrete then your failure was a supreme success just mention that firstly mine has no origin mine quote unquote since it is originally emptiness its essence is in substantial secondly that's no location no color and no shape finally it does not move without moving it disappears without a trace its activity is empty activity its emptiness empty appearance this is the paradox of the mind which is empty yet luminous or aware as opposed to every other appearance the voice that you're hearing the image that you're seeing these are appearances that you could be tented to grasp as you know unchanging solid caused by himself not

on cost or on cost get the mind empty yet luminous it doesn't change its not born and therefore doesn't die it's different from appearances not subject because of the conditions in fact in awareness in that emptiness all rights all seemingly concrete things months nature is not created by a cause in the first place and it is not destroyed by an agent or condition at the end it is a constant quantity nothing can be added to or taken from it it is incapable of increase or decrease it cannot be filled or emptied well it's because this is mind is empty this awareness is precedes every experience if you had no awareness there be no experiences for you the world wouldn't exist you know dead corpse has all the organs in the brain function well it doesn't function but you know the corpse doesn't have this empty and luminous mind to perceive so it's not in the organs of the census is not in the brains in this awareness and is being on created it's not moving it may appear like the you know the nature of mine comes and goes when you practice a stretch all but when it comes and goes is the oscar asians and your own unawareness when you drift off into

you know conversations with your cell phone the train of thoughts it's kind of like saying the sun is constant is always there but the clouds appear and disappear sometimes they're thick sometimes they're thin sometimes they move and if I comparison the Sun make you know if the claws are moving in this direction the Sun may seem to move a little bit in that direction but the Sun is ever constant in the clouds are the ones that move so in the same way your Oscar Asians are what moves not are you original mind since mines and nature is all pervasive the ground of both samsara and Nirvana in this case I'm sorry means emptiness stillness nirvana I mean samsara means you know world of appearance pain pleasure and nirvana is emptiness the world of dharmakaya dimension it is without bias or partiality no form demonstrates its actuality more clearly than another and it manifests all and everything equally without obstruction again like we said it's the awareness is where things appear it's like if you were in a movie it would be the movie screen in the light of the light bulb if you're in the computer is the screen of the computer

you don't even see the screen you're not aware of it but you see all kinds of appearances in it and they are impermanent they come together and flowing you know they're made out of electrons and so on the physical analogy but it's mind is like this invisible screen any of you but you can then become by becoming by embodying this immediate mind you can become aware you can see it's kind of steps to call self awareness which is a bad term in English because there's no self in it I might call it auto awareness or something like that mine cannot be established or defined as anything at all specific as it goes beyond the limits of existence and non-existence without coming or going it is without birth and without clarity and obstruction again we talked about the one being empty then it cannot depend on this becomes frustrating when you practice treachery or whatever you want to like nail it down at a concrete thing it will not be nailed down the nature of mine in its periods like a stainless crystal ball its essence is emptiness its nature its clarity and its responsiveness isn't continuum does it energy robot diseases

in no ways whatever is the nature of mine affected by some sorrows negativity from the first it is Buddha trust in this this goes to having our confidence in the realization and there's a very good teaching called the three point of the three nails of God of torture which says you know first you have to have awareness of the mind then you have to be confidence on that awareness and that realization then you have to practice practice practice practice so we do need to believe this we need to it's too good to be believed it's too easy to be thought that it can be realized and a lot of people or people have this realization and move away from it because the seeking mice is not too simple gotta go and seek for this and that and the other they say it's kind of like having your treasure in your backyard going to look for it out in the world so such is my introduction initiating recognition of the original nature of mind the ground of our being part through existential condition again- essential conditions a nice term because it's being it's not thinking it's not unexpected reaches by thinking it or you know grabbing it it's just

when you lay back and you drop all seeking all thinking it's there and it's recognizable well that's it that was song five of flight of the Garuda it took me seven minutes to do that that's pretty good I look forward to doing more of these I'll see you sir

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