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Family Guy Best Moments HD 2

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now this is interminable I demand to

know why you insist on taking me everywhere you go I mean really what could possibly happen if you left me home by myself [Music] great party Grif skills you know Jimmy calm Jimmy make yourself at home hey thanks I mean to have a cheese doodle but whatever it's a party yeah please Cleveland that must just set you back huh what'd you do sell your body to science cuz you know I thought I'd doing that alright uh Jenny would you come up here and show us where the femur is [Applause] right damn you ice cream come to my mouth how dare you disobey me what are you looking at you you infantile stupid that's right damn you and such you can [Music] doc doc I see does any wonder how the practice ended last night had oozed authoring the verdict oh dear it seems you're still it oh you can't swim with your shirt on but wait a second what are you hiding under your shirt you have bruises did somebody hit you Lois what did you do to my son well you keep your voice down you're embarrassing him are

you talking about if I wanted to embarrass him I'd do something like this everybody Hey look what Chris Griffin's father Peter Griffin's doing it's not part of Quahog no you're talking about I've been living at 31 Spooner Street for 12 years sorry but according to this map you're not even part of these United States which would make you usually my malcontents sir skinnier would you come back in a week when my fat malcontents trap door will be completed I love you see Oh all right son I'm gonna need those two hams back I don't have any shirts son you're not a shoplifter you're just a fat kid sorry about that fatty Betty Betty hey dumb he's just a fat kid aren't you fatty it's a big old fat kid here's some chocolate fat self Thanks I spent my refund on a digital TV with surround sound it's got headphones so I can watch my Steven Seagal movies without waking Bonnie I spent my refund on a plug-in playmate so let's cool teacher okay that must be interesting what's that oh that's my son crash he can't come in he's fat well let

me tell you something buddy if my son can't come in and I'll just come in see at home but Dad trust me Chris sometimes it's better not to fit in you're all stupid see they're gonna be looking for army guys even when I move them great I'm going to feel the way I do today because [Music] Chris why don't you want to take your shirt off cuz I'm fat oh honey no one thinks you're fat I'm sorry sir you can't park your van on the diving board this is my son oh my apologies hey Tom he's not a van he's just a fat kid tell us a little bit about your country well we're a clean industrious people mostly white my son Chris is in charge of our space program we hope to get to the moon very shortly almost should really use monkeys for this oh no Brian that's it time's up doggie together way of early yella ol Yeller did I get a call from Tony oh yeah he left a message I forgot to tell you is it on the machine I erased it all right I'll back no ma yellers my dog I'll do it oh come on he'll call back everybody my tax refund is here I'm

gonna buy us something we've always wanted okay a stereo I pull oh I'm sorry it is a pool oh my god it's better than I thought an Audi I'm getting the car up Peter there's a tea in there that says audit Oh what happened the Horsham fall down I don't want to hit it well serves you right you spent all that time trying to make Chris jealous now you have an eating disorder just help me up well you know I would but my doctor advised me against heavy lifting whoo hobby huh huh okay can anybody tell me what the square root of a hypotenuse is when Chris is that a note no yes it is would you like to read it for the rest of the class no just read it lardo I think mrs. Griffin's hot go to your room why don't you do what the supermodels do stick your finger down your throat and throw up till you're skinny first don't listen to your sister sticking your finger down your throat does it make you throw up Pete are you okay hey that's against the law you're coming with me can't touch me can't touch me

judge judge yeah just like the bad guy from lethal weapon 2 I've got diplomatic immunity so Hema you can't sue I can write graffiti even jaywalk in the street we got a 602 at 31 Spooner Street look let's go I can't I I just can't what's with you Logan you look like hell flirty he just watched his wife and kid get carried away by 7 million fire ants I don't want to meet the man who looks good after that uh I'm not sure which one to cut here the red one or the blue one okay okay just relax just relax let's see first why don't you attach that green one to that purple one okay here goes oh god that'd kill me uh huh yeah I was afraid of that all right try two green one in the blue one gorgeous guys like us don't have to wait in line haven't you noticed people will do anything for a beautiful person hi I'm on a scavenger hunt and I need a human foot well as a rule I would say no but okay come in so so this is what is for like a school project ah forget it we're a real country and we deserve all the rights and privileges that everyone else gets but we have to think about the

welfare of our children Stewie is that you look my mind I'm not giving up an inch of petoria enjoy it's not a sign of weakness to compromise I just think you should Peter stop staring at my chest oh yeah sorry Lois the sound of my thighs scraping together hurts my ears hey Twinkie come on you can do it feel the burn Chris feel the burn the situation is very tense and extremely dangerous it's only a matter of time before oh my god they've opened fire things are getting very heated here and now sports [Music] my god they're everywhere [Music] [Music] what are you talking about it's my yard I'm sorry but your house is too close to the curb oh yeah well your eyes are too close to your nose let me be you know what I only have to wear one goggle when I go swimming in my pool hey wait come back here what I have to draw you sure why cavemen painted on walls you know I like Hillary Clinton I don't care what anyone says [Music]

[Music] lipsmack god she's unappealing who said that hmm who's got the big diapers huh yeah she's gone good well I'm off little dupe uh defaced Apple John I will not be made a fool of that's a great idea Brian it'll be like a little vacation well you might want to bring some cash with you cuz you know some places don't take credit cards oh I see cash only yeah hey no paper trail hey what are you selling reefer crack smack horse X shrooms dust meth in my neighborhood I don't think so

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