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Fallout 4 Mods - Sierra Petrovita - Photorealistic Commonwealth

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seen anything with some the ordinary

around here have you maybe something hidden she like a bottle cap I thought we told you to keep your ass at the market if you're looking for something you can find it there like everyone else I'm not here for the market I didn't travel hundreds of miles to go shopping I don't suppose you came here for a bullet in the brain either so if you want to live I suggest you stay where you belong oh you guys are real friendly aren't you sure world I've always dreamed up coming here we made it this place is amazing don't you think yeah I guess it is pretty impressive it sure is you can just imagine the children smiling and happy all drinking nuka-cola and having the time of their lives it must have been magical the name Sarah patrovita I traveled all the way from the capital wasteland to visit this place maybe you've heard about my nuka-cola Museum oh yeah the nuka-cola Museum everyone's heard of that really that's great I'm so glad word is catching on maybe I'll get more visitors soon you just made my day here let me return the favor it's not

really cold anymore but I'm sure it still tastes great well I'd stay and chat some more but I've gotta get back to my search if you're searching for a more ridiculous pair of sunglasses don't bother I doubt such a thing exists sunglasses oh you mean the Cappy glasses sorry sometimes I forget I'm even wearing them aren't they great it was pretty clever making them part of the oh I shouldn't have said that you know what never mind I'll just keep looking what are you searching for I don't really want to say it's nothing personal like I just don't know you well enough to trust you sorry I'll keep your secret you can trust me okay to be honest I'm so excited I can barely keep it in it'll be a relief to finally tell someone I guess you could think of me as the world's biggest nuka-cola fan I've been obsessed with the stuff since the first time I tasted it I collect all the merchandise I can find like these awesome Cappy glasses I'm wearing but these aren't just ordinary sunglasses they are part of a really cool contest that started just before the war and the winner of the contest would get to meet

the famous John Kaleb drag burden himself oh boy John Kaleb Brad Burton how exciting I know that's exactly how I felt when I first learned about the contest it's so nice to meet someone who really understands so to win the contest you had to find ten images of Cappy the nuka-cola mascot hidden throughout the park each image has part of a code or something and only these special glasses can reveal it now I know what you're thinking Brad Burton is long gone who cares about the contest anymore well I'm betting that somewhere in his office is the original nuka-cola formula that formula was one of the great mysteries of the soft-drink world and it would be the crown jewel of my collection if you can help me get it I promise it'll be worth your while what's in it for me I was just getting to that part Brad Burton didn't just create soda formulas he was a genius who invented all kinds of fantastic things all I really care about is getting my hands on the nuka-cola formula any other inventions we fine or yours to keep so what do you think yeah sure why not might learn more about the park while I'm at it good point

you're new here after all you should learn everything you can I'll give you my Cappy glasses in this old contest holotape it's got hints about where to find the hidden copies just track down the clues then come back to me once you've found them all I'm an expert on all things nuka-cola so I'm sure I'll be able to decipher it happy hunting

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