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EXTREME CUSTOM RACE TRACK In Fortnite Playground v2

Welcome to Playground v2! Today we kick it off with an epic racecourse for the new ATK ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ⚡️My ...


ladies and gentlemen its back playground mode that's right playground v2 is finally out and I'm super pumped to make some vids on this new mode now obviously we have a lot of changes to the v2 mode we have team selections which opens up more ideas for more game modes I've got one that I can hopefully record tonight and post tomorrow I think it'll be a really fun video that takes into account the new changes that got added to the game but to kick off playgrounds v2 on this channel we're gonna start things off with something I got added in the season 5 and something that I've wanted to do something with in playground mode right now today myself Victini and Santos went out and made a pretty sick custom race course honestly was impressed for like a first attempt we actually made a pretty lit course and you know honestly it's just got me hyped for playground v2 if you guys go into enjoyed today's video check this down the like rating down below of course if you enjoy the type of content here be sure to subscribe as well and if you happen to have any really cool playground v2 gamer ideas be sure to chuck them in a comment section

down below or of course tweet me as well but for now please do go on to enjoy mario kart in fortnight battery out [Music] [Music] all right oh my god is in session the Sun's up to you oh hey the ends already I will be I'll be there I'll be there race girl everyone else has got the female burnout skin except me I don't know how I feel about this okay oh I know what I'll take it I'll take the worst one it's fine boys it's all right I got a plan so three laps yeah three laps yeah that's it I said get in West's Bob no no will get in will get in and we'll do like another timer as well I will do back the in-game time all right so everyone take your seats here we go all right races get ready Oh going down okay 140 in game three two one go oh that's such an even start with 74 HP back come back again Oh Teddy got the low ground dude I didn't check the health this big drift big drift Norton yes okay we're good I'm gonna take that that's play-doh scuffed boys we scarf now yes or freshy

Road okay yeah better no not the low road start in the middle road oh come on oh it was godly driving on the back of a car oh no didn't see that no guys gonna oh you guys gonna catch up bro Oh drift drift span is losing us catch him we're gonna catch him easy dress why don't where's my boost which ones metal below or I don't know yeah look at that confidence from the spend someone someone's gonna die here Oh someone's dead just letting everyone know big drift big drift big drive Victor room but all jangles Spanish on food my drift Sam boy but they don't lock it no I won't please I'm going the high ground boys oh okay ground confirmed not meta oh I got four very not meta oh my god i clapped myself I'm taking four hell yeah I might screw this one up Oh Ginny there's no way I'm catching him [Music] Gigi catch you later buddy oh I screwed up I actually screwed up bro shortcuts and doing abandoned ruin me I'm trying to picture come on please walk please where are you I took the low road you're crazy oh you swimming if anyone else was close

sure would've lost there we go one minute 20 for a lab oh wait if we got one more left left what's going on here or to spend Lisa's car oh we got them we don't we've done three laps are we done - we don't three we've done three you ha yeah Cole rematch a Cole Reem Acra mais yeah Cole rematch I'm taking a dub this son I'm not letting up you ready all right yeah all right on 20 here we go okay I'm gonna check my mark on this one who won let go whoa Vic taking a cheat you started up shaky shaky still I missed my trip know someone t-bird me is that you spend yeah I'm gonna lower our American firms should hit that drift oh okay at least this is a new-age drift come on I swear my drift loses all the speed like by the time he gets up all right hit that drifted that drift we broke a bloke's patent for the boy oh wait down on avec seems to go down to all the way that driving this is black great coming in watch out for that boys thumbs in the track please all the pain don't put a jump dude crazy I'm coming for that goal dude bro your pink screw P over I hit nothing and a barrel roll

oh you're actually drifting there hey did you see that Laughlin LM sure that it's not okay yeah no I stood I saw that nothing wall no drift I hit no drift feels good taking dogs oh do we got to read boots there uh who took out the arches he's done that well I took one out now come on give it a yelling at me yellow polish leading to the overtake this is such a L going underneath is such an L yeah are you Rhonda oh my god I've just lost the whole wow never go under no matter I mean Timmy I'm not sure you wants to the whole thing Timmy's backpacks I think I'm coming for that booty dude no I'm not again not again I'm coming mind a lot this is fun a lot yeah can't believe I threw that come on no no your major key major key well I don't know what happened no no it's good you over there keep on stop they have nor the triangles groans Oh Oh No Vicky really Yolo get overtaken cuz I like a D sinking that like was I loud in front of you I was behind you that was that crazy or was that just me yeah dude he was teleporting on my screen and I I am sweating death race

boys the final one lap yeah when it takes all three alright now on gone 35 3 2 1 go bro I swear Lackey's card is like three times as big as it shows alright give me a red booster Redbirds treasures oh no all red boots let's go oh wow the redness is actually dangerous though am i kawaii alright I'm doing a guard life here boys I had it all no actually I file East a tinny that I really needed I in my car flipping whoa it's going hot yeah evolving course oh no honestly Rochelle the actual drift King like DK going to spend all bye okay I think we finished in the same positions every single you're really not home it's just like hid someone tried I just keep throwing the dog like I know you do know that we do this I got this I got this I got this okay yeah all right wait can I get back on somewhere bro you understand I can't see backwards right yeah yeah yeah okay now turn I was actually doing bits I'm just sad and then I went off I mean we weren't it was somewhere over here no oh my god I'm actually coming back not doing too

bad I've got this whole map memorized how actually doing best now hey where are you big loss again Mike I won't help me directly I don't permit okay yeah and there's like holes here somewhere the pyramids ah yeah that's one on audience your are you cheap as one on how I slip okay so that's right live through the arches though I know I gotta go all the way put it right here oh yeah do a turn yep nice bridge is coming up okay Oh would you look at that it made Wow think you're a god alright wait let's try and get the COTS in and do one more lap for the culture well let's go to be two right there's an extra car this yeah yeah TV - TV - all right where's my CD - three two one boy oh boy hey Janie what do you got your hand there - I got something better than shield parts actually there we go because I tried to put yeah you do that again wait do all these urns here knows things here oh no that was Sir Matt's just run the end and see if we're gonna be some there I'm getting there [Laughter] [Music] geez near there yeah Mario he's good

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