18 July 2017 - Elshu Ye


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oh hey guys Isabel shame this is Ruth

and Weaver black Expo is back with Coco Pops and we're so excited it's like new toy 3 a.m. and everyone is sleeping and we don't know where what we're doing right now and I'm so excited though that I'll actually like the teachers have this so go through yeah and XO husbands have not been active for quite a while and like I don't even know what to expect but sister I know it's going to be lit really and also all thank you so much guys for the five thousand subscribers and please keep subscribing and definitely we'll try to put up more videos and let's start the video among i refresh hopefully fresh my gosh no more entirely so busy one two three okay okay okay [Applause] I don't know what to write huh dr. Seuss's mm-hmm Hartman for sentencing okay okay okay I'm a crying I can't help it okay get in [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the Mercedes again and someone drunk baby I just like doesn't go under smile so mr. sweet you okay you know like close okay okay

try the light please wait no seduction and then in a wooden vault this is it I'm gentle sorry Sam really okay Oh Cooper pop and I think cocoa puffs and I think okay cloves is all darkness oh boy I don't even remember what I said how do I get so much girl yeah I'm a very very catchy yeah it is a bit different than what they usually does my doing a wash the ladies version this isn't a movie it should be out here nope it's not comment do you know Jesus so we'll be ready okay see oh thank you that makes it an excuse me this is what it means to be a wash and then with all the tattoos top-earning I like it I already know what when they come in back you got it okay the sky in just like in addition of usual routine dinner is nothing but vision like this preference on table really father sister I borrowed it for loss okay I beg you like I just you know sir I think you made out of it okay just a minute yeah it's inception with the blonde hair desperate huh my captain also said dude

is like I need a moment I know what I'm tired of being too much okay what is that country with that asthma and your fancy a bit more I don't know as I say I'm still patchy belly Oh okay okay in a bowl of isaac did you sign it before editor I think it's to make a high maybe not we didn't leave it okay conned out to me you just big ass like this like I need to UM make a pair oh I think my innocence a second this time I feel like okay should look that they want yeah it's very much water type but I don't know how it's kind of like out just free and I don't know every yeah look like the tattoos and like that it's a bit like it's different I just like sir it just really pull it like that yeah I like a long way if you like to marry oh come on dude pecans voice was so good yeah one thing I noticed Pickens boys Jimmy's voice chains were a chance legs to Algeria the idea to but then do is go with this or like that then you'll just get you into sorry wife in you so cheesy like jellyfish within this time Saira anwer error gotten you like more like a statue

that's true that's definitely one thing I saw saying you got make more lines yeah and then he got more screentime a small and it looks like I'm a rolling sea like all morning rolls how would I know how to water all my potato like [Music] that's my crazy is sexy okay I think it's so early in the morning oh it's like late what am i calling it I don't even know this point and then effect that like the release time as well it stained here that's something to mess that up like I'm the trouble on my PJs like chillaxing yeah this is time to go to bed yeah and I'm like so tired but dang I would be watching this dude I gotta I really like it and I think I see that he cannot wait to watch the live video maybe I can't quite like grasp the storyline or less what I don't know I was a spoiler weary but I use a cocoa puffs oh no I got nothing I said everything really like cocoa puffs and I would just say what did you say to me soo Miah or it might be I need to banish you me cook something cocoa and Louie that was Coco car for the first time I like cocoa pod okay every oh you're

getting to the shimmy shimmy I so I know that's the probably that's like to mess me up Jana but dude just so good like I met Holly like I will do erection I think for a folded like video but I could see like what I was like yeah good to good like dang yeah I don't I don't know I didn't know what to expect but this is beyond my expectation and of it and I wish they was included in this but yeah that's true can't help it it's okay like I wish I'd me see I okay so I'm hoping that you'd at least perform with and make Australia yeah okay make I mean obviously is not going to be promoting with them but I want to see him perform the song as well like I feel like it would really suit him yeah I like it so much thank you for watching our video yeah please uh so far Nile to el ni--o and you might as well and comment what you guys think about it like what do you guys think about this video and what do you guys think of my our reactions as well we really love hearing but from you guys and yeah and then we can get more reaction to suggest any and then any video yeah yeah we've been busy with

school best schools over now summertime so we can do more videos whatever you guys like so please make suggestions the media's additions for us please yeah and what kind of things you guys would like to see us doing anything yeah for sure yeah well thank you for watching [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Applause]

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