17 May 2016 - The Edge TV

EVENING 5: Financing woes for TRX, Bandar Malaysia

Finance Ministry admits tough getting banks to finance TRX, Bandar Malaysia; PM Najib says too early to conclude if there is fraud in 1MDB-IPIC deal; ...

1mdb project partners are having a bit

of a problem trying to get financing for the stone raza exchange and the bundle easy project second deputy finance minister johari abdul ghani said one MGBs joint venture with australia's land lease cannot move because they cannot get financing due to the issue with 1mdb likewise the JV with the IW h PR EC consortium is stuck tahari admits I it's very difficult for both local and foreign lenders to finance the project because of 1mdb flows 1mdb is wholly owned by mof Inc yep PM najib says it's still too early to conclude if there is fraud in a 3.5 billion u.s. dollar deal between one MTB and it's Abu Dhabi partner I pick years of course referring to the payment at 1mdb made to a mysterious british virgin islands-based abba investments to be confused with i pick subsidiary also named are by investments ma jeff says estates fun is currently studying the matter and that it will take necessary steps to prove the IP and its units are responsible for the billions paid to this big above 1mdb boss ARA honda earlier said that the fund might be a victim of fraud after I big denied any link to the doppelganger company

hold on to your wallets because the government is looking to tax people making money of digital businesses that means block shop owners cleaning services providers and uber and grab drivers a one-third are the finance ministry section says digital economy is expanding and that the government could face losing revenue if it doesn't touch them everyone says uber and grab drivers for instance can make up to seven thousand ringgit a month the IRB will be conducting a study on the matter it's probably the largest and most anticipated listing of the year we're of course talking about eco world internationals 500 million US dollar IPO and now it's parently going to get a major shot in the app in the form of a main shareholder singapore's and guac will and according to the audio is the company which is controlled by maletas third richest man quickman chance then to buy up to thirty percent of eco world international it's a big deal and thou jones point out Coquelin has a market cap of over 1.5 billion dollars and it is one of Southeast Asia's biggest developers so it would improve the prospect of the IPO to have such a

cornerstone marquee investor the listing is slated for August over in London eco world Palermo has sold more than half the units of its first residential block in embassy Gardens phase two ecolab Alamo is a JV between ECOMOG international which is currently enroute to be listed and UK's animal group embassy garden Satan is just one of these projects Heather partnership is embarking on and represent a single largest property project in London it comprises 709 luxury units and 163 affordable ones and has an estimated gdv of 950 7 million pounds the other two projects our ward in London and London City Island scattered along Landers waterfront with a total gdv of 2.5 billion pounds chairman Luki seen believes there is a lot of potential for equal world in London and formulation investors in the UK market embassy gardens faceless so far recorded 120 point eight million pounds in sales as an January after launching in September last year according to the company the rest of the units will not be up for sale fourth time being this is to allow some space to value add and increase their


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