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European rallycross 2004 Belgium Division 2 heats MDK

European rallycross 2004Jussi Pinomäki Michaël De Keersmaecker Dave Van Beers Per Gustafsson.

in Division two out go the lights away

go the curls good star being made by Andy Martin with the Honda Civic he's got the inside line and as they dive for the first corner Dave and beers also well up third at the moment with his renault clio there's Marcel sires as well get to it Tish kovitch understeering his way onto the lose for the first time with the Opel Astra any fat tissue bitch they're getting pushed right down to the rear of the field a replay of the start here from onboard with Dave and Beresford into that first corner and you could see the tishka Mitch they're almost thumbs into the back of Andy Martin's car had to sort of back out of the corner in other words go wide and that reeling has hampered his efforts so it sees Martin leading Bambi a second muscles lie as it is inferred he's a pretty good lead this for Andy Martin the Belgian driver looking to win this heat on his own home ground accelerating his way now towards the completion of the heat crosses the line there's the checkered flag Andy Martin takes the victory another division to heat all line that ready to go Harold Zac way with number 102 the a strobe eaten away by Yousef in ìmake in

the Clio Pegg Gustafson nearest us another one to to the red Peugeot tucks it in second base then sat Vagos third Michael de kere smackeroos four and the cars that have been gone for that long first corner on the tarmac drop onto the loose it's been very dry here this weekend very dusty both indeed the tarmac still pretty dusty and an awful lot of Duff Kitsap as the cars go across the loose surfaces but it looked as though the thin usurp in amake that leads the division within the European rallycross championship is set for victory here over the line checkered flag Falls and he does the best time in Division two Division one actually out go the lights Division two action under wait once again once more por el Tish kovitch hang out to drive the outside line Snyder's driving into the side of Michael decares Macker Honda that and the kids macking here hard at work he's down to 30 gets all sideways works he's off manages to avoid everything solid here's the replay of it tagged into a slide I think there by Snyder's the kids Mac of sorts himself out but that could have been a whole lot worse for him frantic sandy Marty having a pretty good

time here on his own home ground he won his first heat he's leading his second he's got Harrell Sacre tucked up behind him then Honda versus Opel the Civic ahead of the Astra Marcel snow as it is first the authority's kovitch fourth and then fifth I got the kids matter as they come up across the line once again the kids back has a go on the inside clatters into the side that of tissue cheese car here's the replay there's the gap there's the bigger gap he says I'm coming through make your own arrangements down through the kids onto the new sponsor game and the kids maca they're hard at work frame the car sideways but that Honda is looking very dog-eared the mirror on the left-hand side is falling off you can see the damage on the right-hand side of it rallycross remember is a non-contact sport ho-hum meantime Andy Martinez is ahead of Harold sack fate there the top two is what's left of decares MacOS Honda Civic then looks for a way now past Snyder's renault clio and these two running together as they head across the tarmac decares Mack a much much quicker they're looking he hasn't look on the inside to get past this contact and off

coast lawyers into the gravel almost into the barrier and very definitely there was contact between the two two kids Makarov afraid as rather just muscled him off the road here's the onboard replay bang exit stage left that was hardly subtle from decares maka they gets noise out of the way but it won't with him any friends over line Andy Martin it is who takes the win well that's where it all started with Slayers bouncing into the side of decares MacOS Honda Civic let's stay there weird division too because of the lights get out the net grid of excitable drivers blast away your subpoena Maki had a pair Gustafson as they head toward the first corner there's Marcus Nielsen in there as well and Nielsen trying to go all the way around the outside of pillar Mackie but he can't do it Gustafsson big tapped into a big big slide there but he manages to control it so Gustafson his second Marcus Nielsen it's Burt there's Dave vampires in fourth great and Roman cast Ralph fifth and last at the moment more content that's Nielsen now being led by Dave vampires but up front you saw Peter

MacKay it is in the lead in the orange and white Cleo and a good it'll fly going on here his day vampires get up onto two wheels and his pursuit of Marcus Nielson he's also coming under pressure because casseroles with him in castro hates him and locks in sideways Castro's Astra up alongside the Renault and Dave van beers loses the place there through that tarmac right how do they go Roman Castro a date runs wide and van beers comes back through on the inside Dave vampires goes through and here is a replay on board with vampires he gets knocked sideways by castor out the Astra rounds round the outside gains the place back and Dave van beers hard at work then tucked up behind brother Castro now who locks up skates wide fam beers back up the inside little clash between the two going on for the dues but that's how Dave vampy has got the place back up front though Youssef inner Mackay is gonna win the heat but it's only good enough that time for third fastest within this round of heats it is Michael the cares matter in this race remember they cross swords there in the time they've done it again snow has touched

the kids backer into a spin this time off they go and snow as car ends up parked on the bonnet of Michael decares Macker car there's the replay of it the kids make it turned around off he goes they also involve Michael unmarked so this is the view from the cares maka he turns from the outside line into the core that big big whack smile turns him around and the kids maca then we damage to the front of the car ends up underneath the clio so that makes the Honda a bit lighter the marshals and the team will get rid of the bodywork and the cares Mack is saying to the officials just a racing incident nobody to blame so the restart underway [Music] lots of yellow perils versus the kids Mackin who goes round the outside and again he gets tapped into a spin he goes off because if the gravity goes over in fact this time there's the replay of it the kids Mecca Spears off into the gravel the car digs in the car goes over and if you want to know what it feels like from with him then this is the view de kere smacker turns into the corner bang round he goes so well I'm a third

restart and guess what Michael the kids back his car keys on the grid it looks very secondhand now there's not much glass left in it but my to the kids Mecca he's in the race and he's good himself a fan of his college rival Marcel Snyder's here flyers there he number 109 dodging round the outside it's a very subdued star four stars i think determined to try to keep out of trouble meantime michael dunn marquis ahead of his brother peter landmark and then michael de kere smacker its third the belgian in that ferret he battered on the Civic the to clear drivers looking as their they're running away with it at the moment Madeline Mark Peter Luhn mark the top two there is the key is makkad going through in first it's a good strong honda civic matters their game very very wide is michael learn marquis lost the lead is he gonna lose second because now the kids back to its right with him the two of them together the swede just losing out then decares makkad goes through Michael the kids mucking it up into second base down to third Michael done mark another dent in the Honda

another dent in the Honda two more bits in the back to cares Mac a big shovel along the body Michael hood mark and the clear I think is about to expire on him meantime Peter hood mark wins the he's Michael decares Mac of valiantly take second and he just qualifies for the B final the mecca with the most bruising race he's ever had and the stare

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