21 October 2016 - EthoSource

Ethosource & NextGen Security - Testimonial

A short testimonial about an awesome project between Ethosource and NextGen Security.

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or so why did you come back so I don't know that we necessarily went away from either source to begin with right we uh we had a nice-size original project and then just grew slowly from there a couple desks at a time this just happened to be a pretty large expansion and those did a great job with the first one so many notations really he's definitely a daunting task having a relocation in front of us it's kind of like planning a wedding or playing your own move this time that was with 25 people on a warehouse and we need to do it in a sense that everybody had to keep work actually needed functional use of the space until about Thursday and then we did my son so that was certainly daunting task but Norwich was our main coordinator with everything very sequentially so in the end it worked out really well I think it was definitely easier to source everything including the the warehouse shelf and often one vendor because of all of those the meetings and coordination when was the furniture couldn't do ready ones the shelving of the writing room just had one person to ask to find out the status and we normal nursing so it was

certainly beneficial to have that media content Joanna was great yeah she couldn't get knocked off her game and we came here they're ready they're ready to go and there's contractors running all over the place there's electrical wires thinking down HVAC stuff isn't on the floor is it doesn't match painting everywhere and they're ready to set up the cubes and everybody I think it's just very dynamically throughout the process and able to kind of deal with challenges get over the obstacle and move on knowing that there's no way that we were going to stay okay you know what let's just let everybody working out for the night okay that wasn't gonna happen we were gonna finish no matter what what we liked most about the the furniture is certainly the look as well as the functionality tell what was pre-owned what's brand new can tell the stuff that we've been using for the last four years the prior space that we were in we're kind of limited on the whole meeting space and this one didn't really change in this area was to be able to blend a lot of smaller team based meeting areas so here we have I think about six six

different areas that you can do small to the base meetings in and overall that just makes the whole also a lot more efficient than it wasn't in the test phase if the source did a really good job of incorporating our company culture into the project not just with the look of the field but the overall office reading so we kind of pride ourselves on being a youthful energetic entrepreneurial company it's a little bit different than other places to work it's a very welcoming environment and first come through the door but it's interesting intriguing place to be when people want to be here their self become the work every day and certainly that comes from the design of the space and the furnishings there's a whole lot of effort that went into the design and space and placement of both new furniture and existing furniture Bob did a really good job thinking with our piggies throughout and ultimately the end result was exactly what everybody had envisioned definitely would recommend ether source to another business partner because of the way that ether sorsa partnered with us


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