28 February 2015 - 0# ~ Dj StarsCream

Entrevista De MetalHammer a Shawn Crahan y Corey Taylor

Todos Los Derechos Reservados a Metal Hammer y a Slipknot.

you know the cool thing about coming

down and headlining sound wave is that there's so many great bands you know it's it's one thing to come down and kind of tour on your own and do your own shows and have a package that you kind of put together but then you come down here for a festival like this you don't know who the hell you're gonna run into which is awesome you know there's so many great bands and so many great bands that represent so many different sides of the genre you know I mean we've got everyone for us to Judas Priest to kill or be killed you know Marilyn Manson I mean it's just it's just a fantastic you know fantastic festival my fondest memory of the the last time wave was just being aware that there was like 90 bands playing and bands from all different kind of genres and that's just a very cool thing to be part of to be able to catch this and this and this and all this different stuff in one day instead of a typical kind of festival where metal and hard rocks kind of together forever and you kind of miss the alternative stuff I mean smashing pumpkins are playing tonight you know that's cool you know what I mean usually that might be on a different day and I

love stuff like that to be able to keep keep your mind going with art instead of just the everyday business crap that we get clumped into in this career of ours ever since we came down here the first time in two thousand i mean the fans here and Australia have been so good to us you know I mean their mental they're passionate they love music they love metal music they left Slipknot music I mean every time we played here every show it's just been better and better and better and you know that's going on 16 years which is insane you know but uh you know we're really lucky to be able to you know to kind of get all the corners of the planet and Australia is definitely one of those places where we always try to get back down here something is dancing being a headliner a lot of bands might take that for granted you know and especially a band like in our situation but we've never taken for granted you know I mean there there have been times where it felt like we were at the top of our game and we've come down and we've been like you know direct support you know it you kind of have to keep earning it you know so when you get that spot

you never take it for granted you go for it with everything you've got and you're trying to make sure that you show that audience why you're headlining why you're there and why it's it's so special to us you know and it's it's just you know it's a gift you know the second you stop thinking of this as a gift that's when they take it away I'll be honest with you man I I don't really like the label headliner this or that only for the simple fact that I've never asked how many people are here I don't usually like to know even where I'm apt because I like to walk on stage and realize this is what I'm dealing with whether it's two people or 50,000 people whether it's rock and Rio are you know Bogota whatever it's just it's our dream is to be on stage but you know in up in all fairness it's always an honor to to be asked to you know wrap things up you know so to speak and we wrap things up pretty good I am you know I'd love to say I'm gonna get a tan I don't Chan very Irish so on the days off between between Soundwave gigs probably just do a lot of just whatever you know I mean the cool thing about Australia's there's so much stuff

to do you know we just spent two days you know we went to the aquarium we went to one of the like a zoo / kind of sanctuary just outside of Melbourne I fed a giraffe which is so metal you know it's you know after this many years being able to do it you just try to find the cool stuff you know how to embrace and you know I've got my family with me so we kind of all went and did it so that's what I'm going to do is just a bunch of really good family time because at my age what else is it can try go shark fishing first time first time it's kind of one of those things growing up as a kid really wanting to do and this is like the first time I might actually have a chance to let rock and roll give me a proper little vacation to do something I want to do besides being a geek doubt tourists you know see a big ban or you know blah blah this or blah blah I mean this is proper something I want to do because of the continent I need it's like I want to go out and I want to catch some big fucking fish you

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