28 September 2018 - SSC CGL BDK

English spotting error question answer for #aso #Odisha SSC GD examination 2018

Hello friends welcome to our channel in this video I have taught you English spotting error question answer for your upcoming Eso and SSC GD examination ...

hello viewers welcome to our channel

this is little bit icky cilantro has a podium a sporting error English sporting error we said you would a sentence they threw the sentence Ricky Collins with a part error through hella cool to talk abou correction Kariba sorry primers put even kinda yup or both question a co-op on over s so examine assembly our asses dude the again this will be a co la da moneh ASO aspirin or Chandi Tala I'm an amateur no go subscribe Gordon to and then Lily I mean your lectures provide good Rama summer lectures they keep are you hello I will election whatever happen ago complete prior course completely graduate old Aggie upon ago sufficient of Aki ASO Adam Noah by hello someone to start with audio question question Allah the tables legs the tables legs have been elaborately carved debris there are no error they're going to go part of bullets a part any balochi talents are on the a part of the veloce far to be three columns are about to the carved elaborately carved bulletin and sorrow three the Kwanzaa full ninth anaphora once an order flow avenue select korea border with ruble garage technically clearly look at the cow g the table selects table selects is he

wrong you just kinda they're going to go take money so go to look or analogy here are most leg samos hand méxico holla there are most hands samos hands for the locura loco buckaroo that s la vega me me tirado part of Amalek favor Hindu get a bull selects everybody idea about the legs of the table the legs the legs of the table ha hello terribly vulgar illa Tana part one available ha ha ha board I can do question number three the scenery's of Kashmir is very charming the scenery's of Kashmir is very charming the scenery's of Kashmir kashmira scenery Bravo both soon or la plazita condo señorita what a article no scenery water article know like scenario corners a plural form 9 señorita kala scenery never sceneries Havanna he ate Raja would come on up question part number one option number one a zero watch ridiculous in a risque Bahuguna every scenario scenery rock ownership plural everyone I hello I'm Linda cover legs

detail every legs cuddly hello please Roger telemetry your dog's goat rodeo Cucaracha level dog's capita in the scenery good a particularly something more that mercenaries like though Allah sceneries otters Allah so like you gotta uncountable of table they come to question number four I would appreciate if he readers would write to me about how they mediate their gonzo I would appreciate you appreciate current e hell are you - Monaco I would appreciate readers would write to me about Eddie would write to him Miha Bonnie I would appreciate a appreciate if readers would write to me never do I would appreciate more appreciate courante Jody it Lake oh come on a tourism the poem readers money la motte they let condi allah let come to the war ready only ever if a reader's right to double who travel Tura that even I I would appreciate if readers write to me then a part number two Rossi would neither of to children's neither of to children's said their prayers before going to bed these immense acapella so II back boo

boo boo room on a beach in Abuja Porou hello prarthana : ah he taught me nausea turn on the condo prayer Baccarin shared was even they were afford their prayer of photo Allah said their prayer Boulos eternal part number two mu legit attila for their question number six fella i sat down opposite him Mutasa marítima CEO lee and produced the packet of cigarette i sat down opposite him and a produced the packet of cigarette more thomna ritually among put a cigarette packet an electric oven they're going to walk over grab us a the house he got a particulars ever booty or the chills I had go to therapy Culver kitchen I though he managed the Omaha no the hella convene and Mahana the good I 9 p.m. on of the linear la mancha malaguti hello Sinn féin I did Allah Gucci in the cigarette pissing me the particular cigarette together coin and though I get the packet of cigarette can you a packet of cigarette oh I produced a packet of cigarette though I'm on a definite active not definite blast was you great a good a packet oak unless also packet Rajaraja brackets cone is equal to B equal to C tonic laughs you got all our

question number seven the condo this happened jort exactly five years ago I can do this happened George exactly five years ago with a llama condujo exactly did the same meaning bjergaard la George told lie gods exactly say to Camille a good super player such extra out now Jordan exactly Gallagher either just like you or exactly did has a bottle I tried ever bullets but to the hella tabula Rama smiled when he was remembering his hard our leaders and his long road to success Ramnath smiled Ocilla when he was a manipulator cotton up you know Bo Bo Bo Theatre cotton cotton in Oaxaca to hospital homage to the condo I remember all day activity product our progressive form nine remembering Jo formed Oh Graham deck even remember the key the key words Connery remembering goods holla and remember of canosa progressive for my a jogger Balaji practical distance and data corner the condo promise was smiling when he remember his her hard work della seta Terra what - boom on a popular see how shortly good heavens how has she grown good heavens

hey Balu in their diet endured speech you see anything on the good heavens how had she Havana he idea how see hits part number two Rayanne's bullets clearly Donna boots table doctor Murugan advised mr. Murugan the doctor advised mr. Maugham sir the doctor advised anything with dr. King luggage Harrell dr. la macchina dr. Ally EDD of travel in dr. Amin I put a particular doctor key say mr. Morgan advisor learn that because of his service sever cramps he should lie in the bed for a few days it is a condo doctor advised the lab or 1ku they tomorrow sever John throne upon bed rest new la 30 Conover it is a la vie y ou G OD l IE to our say past sins he had fallen asleep welcome to AJ would attends Boulos two hours have passed the Uganda particularly he passed monochrome present perfect just recent Oh Tito particular gonna put some effort on today they want about the UN techo two hours have passed since he had fallen asleep they want to present perfect ro a cure to do ballet Ella she do you want to be tyranny hello she's suing rich and

they want to put over Lucy so it really don't do you hundred idea to me play gentle perfect nature attack to keep a telegram corner a partisan Bulova Allah since he fell asleep ever heard of fallen upon a hula she bounced off and down excitedly the excited level she bounced off and down excitedly Eddie I'd heard that like well she bounced off staple a paella exciting put a good money would say daily but excitedly over on the bear so bad the patella excitedly he is one of those writers who has owned a clam the world over he is one of those writers they consider one of those luggable one of dudes like you go sir taken on top of one of the Opera do - Jose de garantie stand water those writers writers and teach Anatomy a a and treat antecedent accordingly in next sentence de barbarac Garagiola really sandwich there - right toaster because he - one manage on aquatic couch but say two writers trust in plurality those writers got the plurality plural like you who have one of the heads like one I don't know but number two bullets Tobruk question number 14 the mass son will not

do the work except give the order they want to know mystery de comic or even I set up on the throne upon order they don t accept like even I accept the bunam or thought oh gee ha ha except wanna be a Tito already gonna be a TWA lady upon our math son go or do not eat Alyssa comic or even I any except of an adorable Turner did part number three bullets hello friends if we do - Oh Connie Zito prepares only help cargo so channel will subscribe Gordon to be like with press called on to play ball I like from the friend Monica Shere Khan difference giant goodnight

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