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difficulty getting a good night's sleep

it is a great pleasure to welcome to Larry King Live Dale Cochran the widow of the famed attorney of late Johnnie Cochran also with us is dr. keith black one of the major figures in neurosurgery in this country's champa department of neurosurgery director of the maxine units neurosurgical Institute at Cedars Sinai and he was Johnny Cochran's doctor later we'll get into a major discussion about cell phones and will include dr. Sun our own dr. Sanjay Gupta Johnny died March 29th 2005 of a brain tumor this is Dale's the first interview since then what indication did he give you that something was wrong initially there was a loss of memory he asked his secretary to call me and get me on the phone because he just couldn't remember the phone number to the house and did he dismiss that or get concerned uh I got concerned right away that he couldn't remember my telephone number and we immediately went to see a doctor in the next day or two is that memory loss of a major cause of concern doctor blood I Larry memory loss can be a cause of concern I mean any function that the brain is responsible for it can be a symptom of a brain tumor so you should

check it out so any symptom in any symptom related to memory speech vision meetings headaches people at the CNN who saw a lot of them said he was on that phone a lot is that true yes he was on the phone a lot all right dr. black what do you make of the possibility well I think if we look at the evidence that we have now it's difficult to say that cell phones have a direct link to brain cancer but it's also difficult to say that they're safe there have been studies that have come down on both sides of the issue if you look at some of the studies that have been performed I mean one of the studies that is very concerning has been a study out of Europe that looked at a long-term exposure to the use of cell phones over a period of 10 years and when patients or people were exposed to over 2,000 hours or cell phone use which is about an hour a day for 10 years that study reported about a three point seven fold increase in the risk of developing brain cancer what do you read dr. Gupta well you know it's it simply because you look at all the studies out there and most people will say look that I mean they're fine a lot of scientists will

say that but you know I've read all these studies Larry I mean I've spent the last year or sort of really reading this and there's 16 really good studies out there a few since 2000 most of them if you really dis echt it down they really only follow the patient's along for just a few years and you know people use their cell phones for years and years and kids start using them they're going to use them their whole lifetime also some of the studies say regular cell phone use is using it one time a week for six months I mean who uses itself on that little nowadays so my point is this that you know if you read the studies of loans they'll say they're safe but if you start to say well look wait a second how about if it's ten years how about it's 20 30 40 years or no yet we don't know and if you use your phone all the time like I you know people the news business they have a cell phone to the year all the time is that really safe and I think particularly among young people who are logging you know thousands of hours of teenagers and even younger and they will be using cell phones for 20 or 30 years we do not have enough data now to say

that you know that is a safe device dr. Gupta dr. black says it's possible do you say it's possible yeah I do and you know when I when we're when I was researching for the book that you and I talked about I looked into all of this I started researching it and really understanding and I think when I had kids I became even more interested in it frankly and I think it's possible I how many times have you been told that cell phones are not bad for your health probably a lot hold on a second there's a new study out this week the challenges that notion researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have found evidence cell phone radiation does react with your brain cells and that could lead to cancer here to help us sort all this out all the facts in the fiction is dr. leavin okay thanks dr. for coming in absolutely so we heard for a long time that cell phones are not dangerous this study in israel says they may be how do you know what to believe well i think the older studies what they saw was heat damage that it caused a lot of thermal injury and this is the first study where they show some biologic effects it's not related to heat and

what they did is they decrease the dosage by one-tenth so heat wasn't a factor but the effect they saw was the start of an enzyme chain that sort of leads to cell division and cell growth but i still think there's a long way to go between normal cell growth and the abnormal cell growth that you see in cancer you know if anybody's actually had a brain tumor that's uh there you can definitely tighten cell phone use I don't think that they've ever been able to definitely tie it to a cell phone use but there have been people that have brain cancers but I think you just have to be smart about it you have a child that you've given a cell phone to let them use it for emergency reasons only don't let them be on at all the time what if they're using the hands-free device or the speakerphone well they haven't really looked at hands-free but you're still getting a signal close to your head so that's another place to do it but I think what they're saying is cancer is not normal cell growth it's abnormal cell growth and they haven't seen that in fact the researchers said they didn't see cancer-causing effect on it but they saw as it just promoted some

cell growth and it was very short time after we've it oh good thanks for joining us Oh

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