21 May 2018 - Christopher Moseley

Donovan Wells Honorary Doctorate Video

This video was created to recognize Dr. Donovan V. Wells - Director of Bands at Bethune-Cookman University who earned the Honorary Doctorate Degree on ...

the drums of Africa still beat in my

heart they would not let me rest while there is a single Negro boy or girl without a chance to prove his worth dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Donovan V weld is one of those boys in his heart in his soul in his vision is the determination to be that young boy and now man to fulfil dr. Bethune's vision while walking in the footprints of such creative genius as Valentine Pike Barry Bray Junior Powell and patia when the first Bethune Cookman band was formed in 1930 it had 30 members a proud legacy and a tremendous challenge but as with any great band if the journey wasn't challenging than the destination wouldn't be rewarding so what is it about this place that over the course of the last decade has produced the world's greatest marching band well it goes without saying we work harder we train harder we learn more we have a great work ethic we sacrifice we have the consistency of dr. Mary McLeod Bethune written in our DNA but you can't have a great marching band without having a great band director Donovan V Wells is a 1984 graduate of BCU he taught public school in Virginia for 14 years and then had a short stint at Hampton University

Bethune Cookman came a-calling in 1996 and he returned as assistant band director in 1997 he was promoted to director of bands and today he is arguably one of the most widely known and respected band directors in the world Donovan has raised the profile of the marching Wildcats of the Thune Cookman University the pride has been featured in numerous events including televised performances in 2018 the band performed in its thirteenth Honda Battle of the Bands showcase of HBCU bands in Atlanta Georgia as the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference representative in December 2005 a small group of the prized percussion section filmed a commercial unveiling the new Caroline DTS immediately following the band's 2005 performance at the Honda battle of the bands the events producers nominated the pride to be featured in the Superbowl special episode of the Emmy award-winning Ellen DeGeneres Show the pride also made an appearance in the 2002 film drumline the pride also performed for the NFL Tampa Bay Bucs Jacksonville Jaguars the Superbowl and the NFL Pro Bowl no former training led him to be the caring and compassionate

educator that is him his village consisting of his mother father siblings family and community said his feet on solid ground which enabled him to proudly produce productive young men and women at BCU his lifetime of accomplishments touch not only the lives of the students at bethune-cookman university but that of the BCU community and crosses the borders of many states in our great union donovan exudes a commitment to excellence that rests in the foundation of the core mission of bethune-cookman university he entered to learn and is devoted to helping his students the part to serve under the direction of Donovan Wells the marching Wildcats have a great legacy a legacy of faith courage Brotherhood dignity ambition and responsibility the words of dr. Mary McLeod Bethune is a guiding light for the faithful and in recognition of his many accomplishments with pride we ask that Donovan V Wells be considered for the highest degree conferred by bethune-cookman university an honorary doctorate degree in the pantheon of marching bands you can't mention marching bands unless you mentioned the

marching Wildcats a bethune-cookman university the pride [Music] [Music] so in the spirit and legacy of dr. Mary McLeod Bethune the next brick that we place in the legacy of bethune-cookman university should be that of dr. Donovan V Wells

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