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Did Jesus (pbuh) sacrifice himself for the sins of mankind 08/10 by Mohammad Shaikh

Mary (pbuh) the only parent of Jesus (pbuh) From the Series 'What Quran Says' delivered by Shaikh Mohammad in 2013 - A duty of any messenger is to ...

just like allah brother mohammad shaikh

now I open up the floor for Question and Answer session we have two mics one is on your left hand and the other one is on your right side if you have a question pertaining to the topic please come up to the mic and ask your question as I said the question should be pertaining to the topic and please one question at a time if you want to clarify on what the speaker spoke on the subject of his merrie the only parent of Jesus please come forward and ask your questions okay there is question now I invite brother Mohammad Shaikh in your belief what was the purpose of Jesus being born to Mary why did Jesus come to this earth in your belief why was Jesus born to Mary yes through Mary why did God have Jesus come to the earth was my first question and then in your second in the ending you said that Jesus was a prophet but he was the only one who asked for mercy for the people in relation to that do you believe that Jesus died in the cross for all people sins are you asking this question that Jesus died for the sins of mankind is that the question and why did Jesus who came into the world you see all the prophets that came to teach the the the

message of God the message of God is the same the book is the same the message is same Jesus was born of a woman because you know normally when you talk to people generally people say what our fathers were wrong they don't refer to mother that the mothers were wrong even the our fathers were wrong so generally genetically we are proceeding you from a male gender it is not it not the question of being made chauvinism it is generally concept is that they refer to a male gender as the progeny so now Jesus was born of a woman God gave birth to a from a man a Messenger of God to teach mankind that you are boasting from men you've got a you have come from this tribe and that man came from this tribe Abram was a prophet and these guys were all from male genders all Abraham Isaac Moses G except for Jesus so God gave birth from a woman from a male gender is Jesus Christ as the messenger of God and the messenger of God have to do the same duty as all the message others did not specific separate duty so as for New York says that the Christian world that Jesus died for the sins of mankind is not to be found in Islam and

this concept is also not to affirm in the Bible there is no verse in the Bible Jesus said I have come here because when he was caught he says le le lama sabachthani oh my father oh my god oh my god why thou has forsaken me so if he had come for the sins of mankind he would say God I am fulfilling what you have said he said let when he was he put his forehead on the ground before garden Gethsemane and he says let this cup pass away from me but as submit I submit as thou will so he did not want it to die on the cross even so what I am saying is that if he died he wanted where did he said that I have come for the sins of mankind it is the concept of the people that people are believing that he will take the sin he came for the sinners so if he came for the sinners then why are we doing good works we should all do bad works at the end and passed his buck to Jesus and let let him take away the sins so basically if you quote me a verse from the Bible that that Jesus did came and said that I have come for the sins of mankind in the first book of Genesis and the early chapters God said that he would I will not said that he would send yep

and he would put enmity between man and and yep sin and that was the indication that that would be the first that was the first indication of Jesus and from then on doubt was the purpose in Jesus come to the earthís ICS yep I'm just asking a simple question that Jesus is words they are let read that I got a Bible with red little red letter Bible well where you can see I will show you this is red letter Bible where quotation of Jesus are mentioned where Jesus is saying I my father is greater than I I can of myself do nothing as I hear I judge and my judgment is right this is Jesus talking I will pray to the Father that he will give you another comforter you understand I am saying because he's saying I will pray to the Father he will send you another comforter I have yet many things to say unto you but you cannot bear them now howbeit when he the spirit of truth is come he will guide you into all truth for he shall not speak from himself but what shall he hear that he shall speak and he will guide you into all truth the Spirit of Truth he is referring to some other day this is jeezy I am referring to Jesus

words there is not any verse in the Bible in his first person speech jesus said I have come here to take the sins of beyond all of you you do wrong I will take the sins and I crucify myself that is in his words not somebody else writing about him you said you understand what I am saying so there is no such thing he is teaching you take up arose and fall verily verily i said to you except your righteousness exceed the righteousness of the Pharisee you we shall no mean enter into the garden or the in heaven meaning that you have to do good works take up your cross and walk in the direction we have to do the right works we will do mistakes we will fall down but still ask for and God will forgive us that's the concept Islam and same-same of the Jesus he's not taking the sins of my that's the concept I understand that but this was not also a topic and he has any other question

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