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David Seymour discusses future of ACT on Morning Report

David Seymour's political benefactors the National Party once again delivered him and ACT their safe seat of Epsom on Saturday night. But forced to try for a ...

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well David Seymour's political benefactors the National Party once again delivered him and act their safe seat of Epsom on Saturday night but forced to try for a deal with mr. Seymour's arch political opponent Winston Peters the national leader Bill English based at no time in cutting act out of the picture we have to work with what the voters give us and the shortest path to stable government is a two-party coalition between national and New Zealand first well it's talked to the Act party leader David Seymour in some detail about this now he's in our Auckland studio good morning to you oh good morning gone officially you will result on the night you must have been disappointed with that just ten thousand votes 0.5% of the party vote oh look well let me just start by saying that for a first term MP to be reelected with an increased majority there's always a good thing and I'm grateful to my neighbors on the ipsum electorate who again have responded to the message that giving your candidate vote 2x is smart it adds to the center-right and then in return you also get someone who is a diligent

hard-working local MP so I'm very happy about that let's just remember that part now in response to your question obviously very disappointed in ex parte vote but you know we live again which is more than can be said for you know Kim calm : Craig our organ the Maori Party United future you know all tried and failed me but one of five parties in power yeah but you say that you live again but you but you're on life support for the National Party holding a switch no that's not true at all God is really that they've gifted you that seat and stood aside no that's just not how it works here's how I'd put it is that the ex party has a strategy we have a deal with the people of the ipsum electorate that if you vote for X Y or ed seats to the center-right and you get good local representation now you know people like you guy on always try to put it in the most desultory possible light and I think that's a shame but actually I think it's quite clever what X done there it's a win-win for the people of ipsum and eggs so what if they won't went for the center-right well in the last just did Bill English they're cutting you out

of any any deal well it's because that's the way the numbers were in the selection but for the last three elections Epsom voting for act and people up and down new zealand giving their party vote to act has allowed us to have sender right government without winston peters yeah but this is history now though isn't it yep so three out of four times it works and it's going to work again so i actually see quite a bright future you know there's a lot of negativity here morning report i mean you know i'm pretty happy about the next three years on the role that x gonna firemen how is it well I mean let's be honest guy on I mean you know we got a taxpayer-funded public broadcaster yep but when was the last time that you gave me an opportunity to put X proposition before the voters during the election well I would I would I would argue this one with him same thing with you've had extraordinarily good Naadam good night on being the five weeks leading up to the election I actually got better coverage on radio here he and the edge then I got from you and I think that's part of what happened at the selection is that you know we had a rush to larger

parties and I think that's a shame I think it would have been nice to have been had a response to the repeated pictures to your office more you might have got more than 0.5 oh look I I think that's definitely true and I think in the future it would be nice if our public broadcaster was prepared to give a range of different opinions rather than what we saw which was largely an if PP election why wouldn't you just fold the tent now because we've got a tremendous opportunity remember we're one of five parties left in Parliament so that's you know it's like the old eeeh New Zealand air but being there is everything the next thing I'd say is that what ever government forms with Winston Peters is gonna be a disaster how do we know that well again you know looking back at history that's how it worked the fact of the matter is that's you know every time he's been in government he's been sectors of minister he's been voted out of three different electorates and the ex parte will be there I suspect looking pretty good and three years you think national is gonna do you cut your deal again if you're not able to offer them

anything well look you know the National Party if they really wanted to could try and run me out of the Epsom electorate but two thoughts for you first it didn't work in 2005 when they tried it because actually you know if some people pretty smart and they won't seen the right government and they know how to use their votes but the second thing is that they'd be mad to do it because the the simple fact of the matter is X got a strategy that works we're very disappointed with the party results on the night but nevertheless you know we've got a big opportunity to build over the next three years and I'm actually feeling pretty good just remember being in government is actually a small part of the job I've done in the last three years I'm very proud that we now have over a thousand kids attending charter schools that's changing their lives for the better that is a huge achievement for Act in the last three years but also you know I've got the assisted dying or end of life choice bill you know we put that moral issue on the agenda when nobody else in Parliament was prepared to I still leader parties still serve the

people of ipsum so I think we've got a pretty bright future and you know maybe we'll even see some of that positivity and optimism on you morning report Monday thank you very much for coming in thank you Deborah shadows that is the party leader in Epsom MP David Seymour it's 6th

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