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Craft Beer Review Oh New England Bru 1 (Hanging Hills)

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where's my what's up everybody I'm Big

Mike I'm brain Oh again Clinton and this brew heads yeah damn right and today we got another one from Hank Hills Oh New England hurts all right maybe probably ask you some hate do you guys already doing video of old New England they did ask and you know we did and it was what color wasn't the can was yellow and that was because those may was Citra in Idaho seven what's this made out of Mike blue one a broom one sorry in Idaho seven blue can India Pale Ale Oh New England yep rue 1 plus Idaho 7 1 pint 16 fluid ounces 407 3 milliliters 6.5 horsepower by volume 49 foot-pounds of torque IV use brewed in Hartford established in 2016 yep yeah black blue can crack it ready we give this Dutch was a tight cap all right ready I'm smoking but that's all right all right give it no oh man dad smells good I'm trying to think how we had a beer with through 101 no sir I don't think we thought that we'd known oh yeah isn't pretty sure we would call it blue every time yeah yeah call it blue because the blue can be are you I mean through what

deck that is unique that smells good I'm actually kind of excited to try it yeah just from the owner got a very low on hey Daisy cusp of 30 cusp of dirty right good carbonation yeah yeah so it is if it's got a small head but it just pop into it do it I like it holy shit there's that I've never tasted like that combination of house does it have a yeah feel it feels like yeah it's like almost like what you would get when you drink a soda that mouthfeel don't you get I'm not a fan the aftertaste I'm a fan of the fact that it's a soda ish type feel and it has alcohol what is that I can honestly tell you that I get zero aftertaste I get the same flavor throughout in it I still have it now I still have the same but that's why we always talk about pallets yeah has a crisp finish yes I don't get dry um cuz that's what it's like usually and I'm wait I was kind of wait to see a bit dry but no it's it's a clean finish he's very hop sensitive I'm very dry sensitive heart senses yeah target a little tart yeah you're yeah I can I get like a halfway like yeah 1/2 0 like I can't I can't do extremely happy I can't do extremely dry he cannot do

tart I can kind of do tart want I love target but this is a clean finish to me without dry yeah it doesn't drug that cuz I'm not had and I'm waiting for it and know it doesn't drive Chris we've had ones before where it's like yeah that flavors it where'd it go now I'm dry no this is good yeah this is to me this is way better than me a suture burg it is better than yeah yeah and we're very partial to the Citra I don't yeah yeah we like that Bicentennial I don't know England I don't know just this one is definitely better yeah this one I'm more looking forward to to getting okay you know it still doesn't beat heartbeat but this is good I heart beat is tough shit yeah this is this is really good when you put out a beer honestly like art beat the rest of yours could honestly suck I would so get your an awesome bro yeah cuz arpita's but no this one is good nice crisp finish the flavor is good like we said before we're not a hundred percent sure we've ever had a beer with brew one hop we've had a lot of beers yeah if we pan back you would see yep and the other grab this bad boy so

here's the other yeah the own England this is with the situation in Idaho seven kind of fans definitely deftly fans yeah definitely fans and obviously the heartbeat if you don't know that by now but this good game this is a good this is really good you finishing that cuz I'll fuckin finish it right now still have to taste this still it's just that yeah day after day I love the initial flavor but the aftertaste is really I don't know I just mean there's an aftertaste kind of tell you the biggest trick of getting rid of an aftertaste drink not drinking no you're not stopping there welcome just keep it moving yeah keep it moving keep it moving all right so let's read it well me I got um teetering bits three seven five three sometimes what's right what's your biggest why is it 375 top reason flavor is great yeah I mean the flavor is good it puts it up there nice I as well I'm wrong with the 375 I love the flavor I wasn't too too much blessing wasn't too too much of a fan of this I yeah I can't remember what I did to Mary you liked it I thought it was pretty cool pretty neat

this one I love yeah awesome awesome I love that you're doing variations because cuz I don't like it other people will people get like this but I do so 375 on this great color great aroma I don't good combination of hops never had one of those before good inventive kind of beer good job brings it down so much for me because I know the APB's I mean this is something on the low for you well I mean it's in that I'm a nice one you can drink yeah sure then you're pissing 10 minutes probably pisses between every other episode yeah yeah pretty much in the cans alright - can I would do it all right so all right to the quarter to the quarter yeah all right okay you know what though it's it's a type of flavor that makes you go let me see what else you got bring your shit here let me see it it's all right that the flavor is good right but I mean it's like everything aftertaste kills it for you but dry would kill it for him right we're dry won't kill it for you yeah it needs to be like like real real I mean like sand yeah there is a dry that I mean not well I mean with that saw I know what you're

saying like well you know Brandel covered it earlier like it's the same thing like hops like you know I can do a little bit more dry but uh yeah - two and a quarter definitely makes me wanting to see what else I have yeah so that's our thoughts on Oh New England from hanging Hills brewery in Hartford keep doing what you're doing guys cuz I think I think I'm not sure but do they have another one Mike they do they oh so keep watching uh-huh subscribe click there's a little like stirring yeah a little and we'll catch on the next one

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