29 April 2013 - Oleg Tatarnikov

Cordon Eng HDTV

New advanced photoradar.

we sometimes forget just how dangerous

traffic violations are our high speed adventure seems to be both exciting and secure like a roller coaster but sometimes we have to be reminded to respect traffic rules to keep going safely and to protect the health beauty and life of ourselves and the people around us for this purpose we present a new generation of Technology a multi target photo radar called quartet Gordan simultaneously identifies and observes all the targets and up to four lanes of traffic speed position and license-plate recognition are available for each vehicle Gordon can be installed on conventional land post or even on a tripod Gordon automatically checks the oncoming lanes and much more it uses infrared light which can never blind a driver this new technology combines the capabilities of radiolocation in optical recognition and allows the system to trace the movements of the vehicle to depend point a wide range of violations additionally online observation allows the system to keep a close watch on any kind of event in addition to this Gordon is able to execute some auxiliary tasks

it counts the number of vehicles in each separate lane and supplies data for traffic optimization in case the traffic jam the average speed in each lane is useful information for navigation systems while Corden has a convenient onboard adjustment system most of its management Diagnostics are handled remotely through dependable digital communications hoarding is capable of multiple tasks on various kinds of rooms and in volatile environments but the main benefit of use important is monitoring of gross violations and guaranteeing safety for everyone courting is designed and manufactured in Russia to make tomorrow sale Porter tomorrow will be saver

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