05 June 2018 - Brian Advent

Coolest WWDC18 Announcements

My thoughts on WWDC18 and the recent announcements from Apple. GAME DEVELOPMENT COURSE - JUST $20 ...

hi and welcome to another very exciting

video today I'd like to talk about some of my personal highlights of depth of DC 18 and how I feel about Apple's most recent announcements and I must say that the coolest thing isn't even here yet I'm talking about the new developer framework for Mac apps that was announced for 2019 with this new framework Apple plans to merge the foundational frameworks of app kit and ey kit and thereby make it a lot easier for us developers to port existing iOS apps to Mac OS and from what I've seen in the new stock news voice memos and home app this looks very promising but let's talk about the things that are available right now my personal highlight is core ml - since it was introduced last year I have really enjoyed working with the caramel and vision framework and also different machine learning models not only did model processing become faster this year and the model file sizes can be drastically reduced this year apples simplified the process of creating custom machine learning models it was already easy with to recreate and a little Python code but with create ml the process of creating custom machine

learning models became incredibly simple and fun and I'll release a tutorial on create ml very shortly so be sure to subscribe if you do not want to miss any dub-dub bc18 related videos a second big update was announced for AR kit and here i'm still a little skeptical I haven't seen an augmented reality app that was really useful for me nor did I have any breakthrough idea for AR use cases myself but with the ability for shared AR experiences I think the possibilities for games are really lifted to a whole new level also object detection and tracking is really fascinating a arcade one-point-five added support for 2d image detection letting you trigger an AR experience based on 2d images like posters artwork or science and a arcade to extends this support to offer full to the image tracking so you can incorporate movable objects like product boxes or magazines into your AR experience but since I'm not a 3d artist I'm very much looking forward to the software that was briefly teaser dye adobe it is called project arrow and will allow designers to create a our

content using tools such as photoshop and dimension and for the first time they'll have the ability to layout and manipulate designs in physical spaces making AR creation more fluid and intuitive let me know what you think about AR and if you plan to use AR kid in the future and now before we talk about Syria and the workflow I mean the shortcuts app let me share one Swift related news that I've found particularly interesting and with Swift 5 coming in 2019 Apple plans to deliver Swift with the OS so there will be no need to include the Swift runtime with apps which will result in smaller downloads and faster launches and I think that's pretty awesome now what about Syria yet the most interesting aspect for me is that you are able to expose your own application to Siri in different ways now you can be visible in Siri suggestions and in the new shortcuts app formerly known as workflow and I really believe that these shortcuts app will make Siri a lot more powerful because you can add the features you want practically by yourself however I have mainly seen pro users using the workflow app and so I'm

not really sure if the average iOS user will find that shortcuts app easy and intuitive enough to really benefit from it what are your thoughts about this let me know it in the comments below and make sure to subscribe if you do not want to miss any tutorials that cover interesting depth up TC eighteen topics I thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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