23 May 2018 - Rep. John Curtis

Congressman Curtis Questions Secretary Pompeo - Foreign Affairs Committee May 23, 2018

mr. secretary I'm new here and haven't

had a chance like my colleagues to get to know you but they all speak very highly of you and you come with great recommendation at all not all of them many of them speak highly of you and I look forward to getting to know you and working we thank you as you as you know for almost two years you Tom Josh Holt has been detained in a Venezuela prison without trial and on superious charges it's my understanding that senator hatch has worked hard with you and and other members of the delegation congresswoman Mia love to bring him home with his wife Tammy with a heightened political turmoil in Venezuela I've received letters and phone calls continue to from from constituents just last week we saw reports of video of Josh who Facebook who feared for his life with the riots and the hello quad prison likes so many you tones I'm concerned about his safety and as in hoping that the u.s. deport State Department's doing all they can to bring him home mr. secretary can you give me any update or on his condition or any efforts underway to bring him home unfortunately I can't give you an update on his condition we were

following closely the the riots that surrounded the place that he's being unlawfully detained I have spoken to many in your delegation yourself senator hatch communicated with representative love as well our team is very focused on getting his return unfortunately we're gonna have two of our seniors kicked out so our capacity to reach them on the ground will actually be diminished I'm very worried about that know that that the plight of mr. Holt is on our minds and word we're doing the things we can with the tools we can to encourage the material regime to at least in this one instance do something right and and and and send this fella back thank you on behalf of Utah and his family I thank you for keeping it top of mind and doing all within your power last Monday you gave a bold speech and talked about pulling out of the joint comprehensive plan of action they are in nuclear deal you insisted that Iran knew and all of its nuclear enrichment and closes heavy water reactors you promise them that if they didn't that see the strongest sanctions in history recently I had a chance to travel in nether regions metaphors you promised them that

if they didn't that see the strongest sanctions in history recently I had a chance to travel a nether regions matter of fact have followed you through a few countries by a couple of days and without exception there's great concern in the region and interestingly I heard different opinions about staying in the deal pulling out of the deal but what was unanimous and and what's not contested is that the the the deal would lead to Iran having nuclear weapons maybe sooner rather than later but eventually having nuclear weapons and that was unanimous among all the countries that I visited which as you all know is totally unacceptable in addition to the sanctions what else can we do and and what else can I tell the utens to expect to move us towards a situation where we wouldn't have nuclear weapons there so there are there are many tools in addition to the economic sanctions there are designations of senior leaders that will impact those leaders capacity to move around the world our efforts in Syria are they're designed certainly to protect our friends Israel the Jordanians and others but to the extent we are successful in

the counter Isis campaign we also contain the space that in which Iran can move with great freedom and set conditions in Syria which will for the first time in a long time begin to call out around for what they're really doing there which is not fighting terrorism but rather working to expand their power Iran moves in lots of parts of the world we are aiming to build a global effort much like we were successful doing against North Korea to call out the Iranians so if there are Iranian working in countries we're gonna work to convince folks that they ought not be doing the things that create the wealth that frankly has been used in ways that the Iranian people don't want it used thank you I agree with that comment about their influence we hardly visited a country where you couldn't see an Iranian or Russian presence on a border or in some way impacting that country let me quickly turn to North Korea as a CIA director you visited there we we have these talks coming up it seems that the expectations have been elevated to anything less than world peace right is unsuccessful what would you have me take back to you tones

about reasonable expectations in just a really quick answer please at its core this problem gets solved when these two leaders both agreed that the solution were aiming for complete denuclearization North Korea in exchange for fundamental assurances for the North Korean regime if we can get the two to agree that that's the end state we're working towards we will have had a good day thank you over my time

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