08 October 2018 - Light Sport and Ultralight Flyer

Chipper, Belite Aircraft’s Chipper STOL, taildragger or tri-gear with UL Power.

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but I'm Dan Johnson speaking with James we be what have we got here up front first and let's work our way back in this new thing sure at the very front we have a new synthetic 3d carbon fiber prop that we put on the plane we're so eager to give this a try out the shape and it's really handsome finish to it as well the prettiest beautifully Jane yeah so we're eager to give that a try and we're thankful that syn synack has provided that the engine now this is something new and different for us we've always talked about our support for ul power but since I had an opportunity to try one out I figured I would and I love horse power so we've put the hundred and thirty horsepower ul 350 is injected fully digital fuel injected engine on the front end of the plane yeah this is a very modern engine with full feedback on it and people know what that is now I believe but it looks like a nice sanitary installation here looks like it fits really well in the area perfect if you look at it the profile is yeah yeah I'm imagining the cowling around it and looks like you got the almost room to spare yeah we do so the engine fits really well we designed

a new motor mount to go with it the weight of the engine 130 horsepower in a hundred and seventy-three pounds is that right yeah yeah and power-to-weight ratio setting this does very well then this yeah and the benefits of the engine over Rotax is that it is direct drive and there's no coolant so if you want air-cooled of all of the engines on the market outside of continental and Lycoming this would have appear to be the superior choice in an air coil direct drive engine so I'm just thrilled to be able to give it a chance to perform well you're going to find that out pretty soon now this aircraft is not flying yet is that correct we're four weeks away from flying it we still have to finish the cowl okay all the airframe and the rest of it is done there's little instrumentation hookups and so forth but the airframe is ready to go all right so let's speak into the airframe let's move back a little bit further here I see something new on the front of this wing that I don't recall from your previous yeah well one of the things that we wanted to do this last major feature to add to it is the slats on the front end the benefit of slats is

that it improves your coefficient of lift and the benefit of coefficient of lift is that it reduces your speed both for takeoff and landing and also increases your safety margin for stalls so the deploys lat let's explain for folks that don't know a slide is not a movable surface it can be but in this case it is not we've got them fixed but what we've done is we've provided it with pins so that you can pull them off okay in the back of the plane when you're going cross-country reducing drag and increasing speed notice this construction up here looks like it would I lend itself to that sort of thing the way you've done that and you can see that there's well there may be a little hard to see but we've got hard points on the way yeah I could see the vantage point so a pin goes through there they come off you put them away yeah okay they're six a long distance like you did recently a better life canada whatever and then when you get there and you ought to do some outback flying yeah you got all this power up front that's gonna be a present its own had the slats to that and you're getting out of very small spans that you're guessing we

wanted to have a removable slats they're far less complicated than retract acting slats and they're also some have used fixed slots that are non removable why do that yeah no I like it well I guess if all you're gonna do is out back type line and you're never going across country then fix lots of you know they do work but having them be removable that's a nice feature then so we've been able to maintain the speed of our airplane we were cruising at a hundred and five miles an hour and now with slats you can remove them and keep those same high cruise numbers up even with all the other style features now you might even get a little more now that you got some extra power yes yeah we don't know where the numbers going to end I see the smile on your faces you're keenness to get this thing in the air I'm sure we'll see that soon James does a great job of keeping up with blogging if you will so tell people what you're doing so if you're interested in this you can follow the progress toward flight what do you think that's going to be again or four weeks away in the month of August alright and then assuming everything

goes well with your flight test program what are you thinking about the future does this have it in her name now you call it skipper you get all the stitchers a little tipper stall you can get in the basic configuration you can also get it in a tricycle-gear configuration ok all right so for those that are intrigued by this but nervous about the tail dragger don't have to worry about yeah no right and I see you got some interesting suspension on here and a big big chubby tires so you got a lot of ground clearance it looks here you could really be out back with this quite easily than you yeah that's the idea the suspension that's 7000 series aluminum spring aluminum in other words they're stronger than many Steel's it's called the Whitman gear in terms of its style what else is new about the airplane is it the same chipper we've seen before identically the airframe has changed a little bit and that is that everything that we're shipping and have been shipping has two doors so you can enter an exit from both sides all right yeah you were single door before and we've always shipped it with but we're

now for the first time demonstrating the rear skylight and we're also demonstrating for the first time the rear hat rack also we've got a complete baggage compartment it's always been there we've added a hat rack so you can store light items up right but how is that seats fold forward or that flip up or how does that work yes this comes forward we have to take the seat belt that it flops all the way through just well a seat belt that'd be easy to get those out of the way and then it folds flat yep okay it's there to 20 pounds limit 120 pounds okay it's like a lot of room back there yes for bulky things like sleeping bags or ten year or whatnot yes guessing would be some of the magic in this particular design let's talk about now that we're talking about development and so forth let's go back to the nitty-gritty where people actually get things yeah tell me how the kit process is going these days what time before this is might be available give us a summary a kid aircraft we've only been shipping now for less than a year or coming up on a year we've shipped around 25 kits is that far we're

averaging around two a month and we've been steady on that very steady good we're and even so we've cut our lead times down at first they were pretty lengthy but if you place an order we're able usually to get a kid out the door within sixty days is that right yeah yeah most everybody who's got these kids remember they've been shipped in the last year is working on building their airframes right now I don't know maybe one will get it done yet this year we expect to see several flying next year though well it's kind of the aviation version of gestation yeah you get them you get the stuff and then you work on the stuff that's all fine too but eventually they start getting in the air so we'll start seeing these pop up in the sky pretty it's been fun I've had at least five different builders who are actively working on their project come by day after day looking at things having fun asking questions and just interacting with me I love doing that they have great ideas it's like why don't you do this why don't you do that make it a little easier and think you know that is true yeah I'm always happy

to pass them on to other builders for you for listening to them and good for them for contributing in that way so that's great I want to also mention though you have a related company that also does instrumentation tell us just a few things about that to tickle people's interest well there's a couple of things the top of the chart for the instrument side is that we've just introduced a pocket radio I happen to have one in my pocket yeah it was that one look at those teeny tiny thing it looks like kind of like a slightly thicker smartphone but it's not it's a six channel receiver five channel receiver the most critical thing is that it receives the air band it weighs almost nothing yeah it's that's a couple of ounces of reality it's got a scanner built into it so it's fantastic for checking ATIS on the ground before you hop in the plane first reception is good and clear very tiny little antenna comes in and out and $80 it's a heck of a deal is that right that's quite remarkable another cool thing from this is from your other company yeah this is a radiant technology product okay we've introduced a couple of new fuel

sensors improved ability to detect when you're running low on fuel okay you have an ultrasonic fuel probe that you mount on the bottom of the tank outside the tank really so that's a brand new product as well they're really the feature points of what we're working on good fuel management and more products for pilots sounds great a lot of things there to follow in the be light organization aircraft or instrumentation tell us how we find you on the web games to get more information tways chipper arrow AER o be light aircraft BL ite be light aircraft comm or Facebook be light aircraft on Facebook is a fantastic way to get the latest and greatest I know you keep up with the social media very well so for the many people who follow that there's another steer how about the instrument company radiant but you can get there off of the B light aircraft so a light aircraft we get to all your stuff yep you can get everywhere off of that one if you want to go straight to the airplane go to chipper dot arrow okay sounds great lots of information on things that James have done over the years which has been many different

things and now culminating in this project we're standing in front of you can find all that and much more affordable aviation on by Dan Johnson comm thanks for joining James and myself here at AirVenture Oshkosh [Music] [Music]

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